Saturday, January 13, 2007

Staalkin. Pens WIN. recap

In what almost felt like a "Pens are going to blow this" type of game, we got a huge win.
It was strangely nice to see afternoon-hockey back, and I must say I was impressed by NBC's coverage...
for like 5 minutes.

More on that in a moment.

Things looked bad early as the Flyers got the first goal. But then Gonch evened it up with a nasty one-timer goal.

Picture: Sidney Crosby is blown into the corner due to Gonchar's blast.

If you didn't know the Flyers were mud, you would've thought they were a first-place team, judging by the energy in the crowd.

Malkin shut them up, though, after the Pens kept the puck in the Flyers zone for what seemed like a half an hour. Aided by a missed hand-pass call (Edzo wouldn't let it go, but the Pens had no problem letting him go), Malkin cleaned up a Michel Ouellet rebound and got it past Niittymaki.

The rest of the first period was pretty much Pierre Mcguire talking about how Edzo got fired.

If you're Edzo, why not make up an excuse to get out of doing the game or, better yet, just say you don't want to do it?
It would be like being the photographer at your ex-fiance's wedding. Not good times.

During intermission, Ray Ferraro sent me into rage by openly questioning why Jarko Ruutu has a job in the NHL.
Sorry, Ray.
Not everyone can make a living hanging all over people like you did. What an ass.

You're a clown.

As the intermission from hell continued, world-class complainer Brett Hull said the NHL's idea to make the nets bigger was the "stupidest idea he has ever heard."
Regardless of your feelings on this, you'd think NBC would try to promote the game and talk about positives. Instead, you have Ray Ferraro and Brett Hull talking about how this idea sucks, or how this team sucks.
I think NBC should just call the intermission report "bitter ex-athletes humiliating themselves."

And this wasn't even the most bizarre thing to happen: We get word that something called the Bellowing Moose on is reporting Michel Therrien is going to be fired.

Fast forward to midway through the second, and Pierre Mcguire is in between the two benches talking about how Ray Shero said Therrien isn't a perfect coach. Did he forget where he was?
I felt like I was watching a bad high school drama show.

How gay was this show.

...And then we find out Malkin gets jobbed from the All Star game. Just a strange intermission.

The second finally starts with the Pens cycling harder then a roided-up Lance Armstrong. Colby Armstrong lights up Jeff Carter. Carter takes a stupid penalty. Reechi scores.

Pierre Mcguire reports that Peter Forsberg stood up on the bench and screamed at Army.

If you breathe on me, I'll be injured again.


On the way to Blowout City.

Wrong. The Fyers score 2 straight and all of a sudden we are tied going into the third.

I blacked out during the second intermission, couldn't take it.

Midway through the third, Malkin comes down on a 2-on-1 with Jordan Staal. Sick pass. Great finish, Pens up 4-3. The rest of the way was all Fleury, all the time.

Picture: Marc-Andre takes a dump on the Flyers bench.

Edzo openly talked about how last year he begged Craig Patrick to keep Fleury up, but CP didn't. It was awkward.

Malkin adds a mid-ice empty-netter to cue Rosie O'Donnell to sing her song.

Game. Hope the Eagles lose too.

  • Malkin: 2 G, 1A
  • Crosby: 1A
  • Reechi: 1G
  • Staal: 1G, 1A
  • Ouellet: 3A!!!!!!!
  • NBC's audio is second to none. Very nice to listen to.
  • But that's it. Horrible announcing by Eddie O. And if you're going to go to Pierre Mcguire every 2 seconds, just put him in the booth.
  • Pierre Mcguire talking about how Sid needs to win more faceoffs almost led me to light the TV on fire( assist to will from butler)
  • The Staal, Malkin, Ouellet line is money in the bank
  • I hope Jarko Ruutu heard Ray Ferraro say that about him
  • Welch was OK in his return
  • I hope Peter Forsberg's other spleen gets removed.
If the Eagles lose, Philly will be a mess.

Here is the AIM away message of Todd Lewis, my good friend and lifelong Eagles fan:

Auto response from Notorious Tod83: the hell with New Orleans....we're gonna finish what Hurricane Katrina started.

Go Saints!


Adrienne said...

Nice recap. Go figure I missed the radio stream :(

Will, from Butler said...

nice recap, lighting the TV on fire wasn't one of my ideas, but shooting it 37,000 times was, have they watched a Pens game in the last 2 years, we never win faceoffs

Andrew said...

1) Did you notice how they PRAISED Forsberg for his horrendously dirty play?

2) I loved the Edzo quote "Then we lost 7 of 8 and then I lost my job." It was almost kinda sad...but it was definitely hilarious.

3) Ouelette had 3A.

4) I hate Peter Forsberg.

5) Hatcher sucks and that is funny.

Andrew said...


The nonsensical argument of "Who is better, Crosby or Ovechkin?" during the 2nd intermission made me vomit in my shoe. Completely sober.

How can any hockey analyst say that AO is more of an asset to the game than Sidney Crosby. Their argument was that he brings a physical presence to the game that Crosby cannot.






Justin said...

someone needs to pound it in to doc emricks stupid head that its not MAXIME OULLET. how many pens games have you heard him do where he says that........thats right...ALL OF THEM
and the only fire burning in peter forsberg is probably from his strained groin, or another bad ankle, or maybe a hemorhoid.
fuckin hacks

Christina said...

wait. crosby is bad at faceoffs??? seriously?? i didn't pick up on that, especially during the second period.

my complaints about the NBC broadcast seem to be shared by all, so i won't repeat, but i must say, that was the first hockey game i watched in HD and it was sick. wow.

the malkin-staal-ouellet line is awesome.

as i said when the game was over, if that was the last Pittsburgh Penguins game i ever get to see, it was a damn good one. i'm off to italy for the semester, so keep the great recaps coming guys!

Adam said...

well, this week, ray ferraro has called not only for the head of our dear jarko, but also that poor sould from Dallas, Mr. Patrick Stefan. as if blowing an empty net goal and watching the other team score the other way wasnt bad enough, ray suggested the poor dude dint belong in the NHL. And did anyone notice during the intermission that ray also knew exactly how many goals more he soed in his career than bill clement? wat a jerk.

Hull seemed like the typical dumb jock who ended up on TV. Kind of like micheal irvin, but lacking a personality altogether. God save NBC if he is a permanent "analyst".

Anyway, its important to keep in perspective that our penguins were the first team this yearbeamed into the homes of people around the world today. It wasnt that Versus crap, this was broadcast TV. and who did NBC want? our penguins.

Scott said...

i wonder how ur friend todd is feelin rite probly resembles every single flyer player frame of mind

Adam said...

have fun and be safe in italy, christina

Greg said...

The Penguins beat the Flyers, the Ravens and Eagles BOTH lose, and Kevin McClatchy is no longer the owner of the Pirates. Could we have had a better weekend for Pittsburgh sports? (obviously yes but it's tough, maybe if Bonds were to be suspended for life for being a douche and if Pierre MacGuire would've been hit with a puck while he was talking about Therrien)

Derek said...

Will I gave you the assist on that one...

Talking to my friend todd after the eagles game was top 10 funniest convos I have ever had with someone. Even though blogger is not censored, I would feel horrible printing what he said about New Orleans...

Andrew The 7 or 8 comment was embarassing by edzo

Ray Ferraro is an ass. Nothing I hate more than ex- athletes who complain

CDY said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CDY said...

I almost threw my remote through my TV after that whole Ruutu thing. Nevermind that 20 seconds earlier they showed him make a sweet play out of the cornernto set up the Gonchar goal.

"Oh, this guy only has one goal so he must suck"

They should have slipped in some old Brett Hull highlights so we could hear

Hull: "this guy can't skate to save his life!"
Ferraro:"Yeah, I don't think he has any idea that his team has a defensive end too."

Whe you look up "Old, bitter athelete that was run out of the game instead of leaving on his own terms" you'll see a pic of Brett and Ray.

I have to be honest though, I thought Emerick did a good job trying to take advantage of working with two coaches. Too bad one of them was Eddie.

Derek said...

I really like Doc Emerick. One of the best play by play guys around. But edzo was wierd, and Mcguire is overbearing.

I just cannot get over ferraro jobbing Ruutu. Sorry not everyone can score 20 goals a season. No idea why NBC would want him representig the new Nhl.

Just awful

loralei said...

Love the recap. Justin, ditto on the Maxime Oullet thing..Doc does the games for the Devils (i think) and he calls him that during those too. Drives me crazy.

Is it me or is Pierre in love w/ Colby Armstrong?

Brett Hull and Ray Ferraro are very angry men. Why are they so angry? All they did was bitch the whole intermission. Jarko is from the Kasparaitis school of pissing people off. These guys have been around for years. If they are on your team you love them.

I'll admit it, i'm a big fat homer, but when Sid was making some crazy passes that a 19 year old shouldnt be able to make, they were totally missing them.

Max played another great game. Love him.

I didnt think Noah was looking too strong today. He seemed to be caught out of position alot and on that first goal by the Flyers he didnt have his stick on the right side of his body. He'll be alright though. It was his first game back.

Um, why do people make Peter Forsberg mad? You dont poke the lion in the eye while he is sleeping. Max got leveled. It wasnt dirty. That was classic Forsberg. Hurt or not Forsberg is still one tough mother.

I hate Derian Hatcher. And i hated his brother even when he was a Penguin.

The Bellowing Moose guy is a jack ass. I've read his column on occassion. I dont think he actually watches hockey. Kinda like Adam Muir from SI. He doesnt watch hockey either. I think he just makes stuff up.

Sorry this is a bitchy comment from me tonight, i tried to go bowling w/ my friends (we were meeting a group for a drunkin bowling birthday celebration) and they wouldnt let us in the door cause we were wearing hoodies and boots. They told us we had to "check" our hoodies and go in the back way to get bowling shoes. I looked cute damn it. I even wore my Penguins hat. I became angry and yelled at the girl telling her that that was the "gayest" thing that i ever heard (i.e. a dress code to go bowling). Oh and when we tried to leave the parking garage which we were literally parked in for 10 minutes after getting kicked out of the bowling alley, they charged us $4. I have much hatred for them. So if you are ever in Boston, at Lucky's off of Boylston near the Prudential Center, tell them and their dress code to suck it. Next time I go there I'll bust out my prom dress. Dont hate me after you read my rant. Just needed to get that off my chest. I just wanted to bowl dammit...

loralei said...

Oh and did anyone notice that Malkin didnt make the allstar team? Him, Staal & Whitney got on the young stars team but whatever. I was hoping for Fluery, Malkin & Staal to make it but I knew i was dreaming about that. I was a bit incredulous when Malkin didnt make it though... Alright I'm done w/ my angry comments, I swear..

Derek said...

loralei good stuff, sounds like this place is one great bowling establishmet. Never say your sorry for bitchy comments, we welcome them.

Anonymous said...

forsberg reminds me of a cross between an ugly viking and a monkey.

i almost threw a remote at the sportscasters too - but then i put it to good use - put the tv on mute and turn on mike lange. cause if anyone knows hockey and the pens its mike lange.

i loved staalkin. that line needs to stay together and keep it coming.

sid had a couple f u's going after his scrap. i think i remember reading on here a while back about his potty mouth in one of the first posts i read on this blog...

that sucks you couldn't go bowling loralei - i've never heard of a dress code for a fuckin bowling alley but then you mentioned boston and i wasn't surprised.

nice recap tonight : )


loralei said...

Thanks guys, you make a girl feel much better for being home late on a Saturday, being on the internet and watching Star Wars (no lie, its on HBO right now... I dont care if Hayden Christensen is possibly gay, he's hot. Sorry boys.)

seth said...

I want to take a break from the game and comment on how bad the NHL fucked up the All-Star rosters. How does Jason Blake, Simon Gagne, and Justin Williams make it over world-class players Jaromir Jagr, Ilya Kovalchuk, and Maxime Afinogenov... or even Mark Savard? I'm not even going to address the Western Conference (Iginla didn't make it but Yanic Perrault did!). They really made a mistake there.

Absolutely ridiculous.. shame on the NHL. Worst All-Star roster ever

..except for last year's

Derek said...


You beat us to it. we are working on a post with the all star rosters. Although I did read the rangers requested Jagr not to be in it..

nothing wrong with sitting at home on a saturday night.. star wars is great.. I feel like if didn't help run pensblog I'd run movieblog, or loserblog

CDY said...

Ah yes, the good old every team muust have a guy on the all-star team rule. Gotta love it!

loralei said...

Damn... I was so pissed off about Malkin not makin it that didnt pay attention to the others that got the shaft. Good call Seth, they really screwed the pooch on this one. How exactly do they expect to build viewership of the NHL when the biggest stars of the game arent even playing? I heard that Jagr didnt want to play, so he asked not to be included (at least that is the rumor on TSN) but still, no Iginla? No Kovalchuk? Wow? PS. who is Justin Williams?

Derek said...

Horrible job by NHL PR. You cannot base these games off old guys anymore. No reason Malkin or Kopitar shouldn't be in the game.

Another example:

Sackic vs Hasek next week? Ok good players, good teams, but come on. Give us something else.

Elly said...

Great recap. My tv, internet, and both radio broadcasts (the Pens and the Flyers) spited me from watching most of the game. Nice to know that something is consistant.

The intermissions were ridiculous. I almost bit the tv during the Ruutu thing.

Is there any word on why there were some rather obvious omissions to the all-star roster? I was sad that Fleury didn't make it, although I expected Brodeur to get the starter, but no Malkin was a shock.

Justin said...

amazing how malkin was in 5th place in the east voting right before the cut off, but he doesnt make the team. but jason blake does.
the only consolation is that jagr didnt make it.
oh wait,,,,,,its an ALL STAR game, not an OLD STAR game :)

Adrienne said...

Thank you Justin, and fuck Jagr. :)

Christina, have a safe flight. Make sure you get up and walk around a lot, or you'll feel it for days.
Hit me up if you ever come to London

EmDubs said...

I also thought it was fantastic that while the intermission crew was harshing on Ruutu they said he was actually more of a danger BECAUSE he can skate?!?!?! So, because he actually has some talent, he's worse than a one-dimensional thug. Fantastic coverage, fellows.

Will, from Butler said...

Derek, about the New Orleans thing, i understand your feeling about what you typed. However my mother lives in Gulfport Mississippi which was hit just has hard if not worse then New Orleans. (ask the guy from the weather channel who almost died)

So I loved the comment because i am so sick of hearing ONLY about New Orleans and nothing about the Mississippi gulf coast. Trust me when i say this, I have been there right a couple of months after the storm, and NOTHING was left I have pictures.

plako said...

Been reading the pensblog for awhile now, first post though...

Just wanted to point out some strange shit that NBC pulled with the "national" coverage of this game. A friend of mine lives in Atlanta, and hasn't been able to see a Pens game all year. He was pumped to watch this one...but at 2:00 the freaking Rangers/Bruins game came on. Who the hell wants to see NYR/BOS??? A few minutes later we realized that the Pens were on the regular NBC channel, but not the HD version. (Mine switched to the Pens in HD about 10 minutes later) Anyways, at least he got to watch the game.

I was as outraged as everyone else about the Ruutu thing...but I was just as outraged by the Forsberg elbow on Talbot that the announcers said was "just a great hit" by a bigger player. Absolute BS.

The Omelet had 3 assists!?!?

One final note...the best part about the Saints/Eagles game was the blonde chick in the front row with the "FUCK DA EAGLES" shirt. Hopefully you all saw it. I can post a link if anyone wants.


Anonymous said...

Guys the Playoff goals thing is amazing. How the hell did you make it? I am almost in tears watching it.

Justin said...

go look at the buck toothed pic of martin brodeur on the yahoo NHL page.

Justin said...

i saved it in case anyone misses it, its a classic

Ryan said...

Welch was OK in his return?? Huh? He was terrible...two of those goals were on him because he stood there in the zone and didn't make an effort to get on somebody or block the shot. He showed why he was sent down.

Joshua said...

Thats right Ryan, exactly what I was thinking. He needs to work harder and improve his speed when skating backwards. On the plus side..Malkin didn't fall down!

Justin said...

malkin was an animal yesterday

Alex said...

can you put up the link of the girl wearing the fuck da eagles shirt i missed it cause i was at the pitt gtown game and ive heard that girl was hott too (if thats the case i might want to marry her) I wore my fuck philly shirt all day and night yesterday and i almost get as much pleasure watching philly lose than i get from the burgh winning

Justin said...

i dont think they showed her long enough to figure out whether she was hot or not when they realized what her shirt said.
how about that hit on reggie bush......he got DESTOYED.
i thought he might have been dead

Justin said...

there she is in slow-mo

seth said...

i noticed cdy mentioned the rule of every team must be represented... is that actually in effect? i remember a few years ago when the pens didn't have a player in the All-Star game

Philly_Greg said...

Hey guys.

I'm a displaced Pittsburgher living in Philly. Also a former Syracuse Orange(man). Yesterday couldn't have gone better for me and worse for Philly...a double bonus.

Cuse over Villanova, then
Pens over Flyers, then
Saints over Eagles.

God took a huge dump on Philly yesterday. I woke up feeling like a pig in shit.

Adam said...

i know for a fact that the MLB makes it mandatory that each team has a player.

i'm not sure about the NHL.

but i'm previewing the eastern conference for the site, and every eastern team has someone going.

philly has gagne....go figure.

Justin said...

simon gag-me

Anonymous said...

Jagr and Iginla are not on the All Star teams due to injury, not snubbing.

Adam said...

i read that today.

we read an article last night that said they were snubbed.

Jon said...

Hate to burst your bubble, but I was looking forward to watching the pens for the first time since their november swing out here on the west, but lo and behold, I get the blues and kings, but thanks to this blog i can still read about how Chicken Parm (Ferraro) is still an ass. We can see the kings play out here every friggin game, why the hell would i want to see them play on NBC? ...bite me bettman. can't wait to see the all star game, at least i'll get a chance to see the Kid play then.

Tough day for Philly, my favorite hobby of late has been reading philly message boards. Those poor, poor fans.

and to the chick spending semester at sea, watch out for the guys, they're smooth, or as some would say suave-ay. They'll ply you with drink and then read you poetry...or so i've heard

CDY said...

They got rid of the every team have an all-star rule when it was North America vs. the World. They brought it back when it went back to East vs. West.

Mike said...
Save the Pens T-Shirts!

Save the Pens
Save the World

Adam said...


you should have had pushed these shirts two years ago.

i'm not even deleting that comment.

i hate people.

Adrienne said...

I couldn't agree more Adam...

Teej said...

For loralei... drunk bowling is fun! :) and to answer your previous question, Justin Williams is the guy who is famous for scoring the empty-net goal in game 7 of last year's Cup finals... other than that I haven't heard anything about him since then, I thought I saw him behind the counter at Wendy's last night.


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