Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Simply The West

The Western Conference Mid-Season Recap
(Nothing better than watching some good Western Conference hockey.)

34 - 12 - 3 (71 points)
Leading scorer -- Paul Kariya (19G, 37A, 53P)

No one is surprised they are good, but this good?
The seven people that go to their games must be really excited.

30 - 12 - 8 (68 points)
Leading scorer -- Teemu Selanne (30G, 29A, 59P)

This team is just nasty. No reason they shouldn't at least make it to the conference finals.
If you're ever as good at your job as Teemu Selanne is at his, then you're big time.

26 - 17 - 4 (56 points)
Leading scorer -- Jarome Iginla (23G, 30A, 53P)

If the Flames can get healthy and get home-ice, they could do damage in the playoffs.

30 - 14 - 5 (65 points)
Leading Scorer -- Pavel Datsyuk (13G, 32A, 45P)

No rebuilding year for the Wings.
Hasek is 130 years old, and he's nearly unbeatable. Of course, he only faces 3 shots a game.

32 - 16 - 0 (64 points)
Leading scorer -- Joe Thornton (13G, 47A, 60P)

Maybe the most physical team in the NHL.
Would hate to the play them in a 7-game series.

29 - 18 - 1 (59 points)
Leading scorer -- Philippe Boucher (13G, 20A, 33P)

Not sure about this team.
We'l get a good look at them on Friday night after the All-Star break

27 - 19 - 2 (56 points)
Leading Scorer -- The Sedin Brothers combine for 90 points

Talk about dangerous hockey teams.
Roberto Luongo is lights out, and if they could sneak into the playoffs, a high seed would hate to play him.

25 - 20 - 4 (54 points)
Leading scorer -- Brian Rolston (23G,18,41P)

Tough team to judge.
Nevertheless they are well coached.
If they had a guaranteed scorer, they'd be a lock for the playoffs.
Until then, they are on the fence.

24 - 20 - 3 (51 points)
Leading Scorer -- Joe Sakic (20G,32A,52P)

Tough times for the Avs, but they aren't out of the chase yet.
Does Joe Sakic have one more magical spring left in him?

23 - 21 - 4 (50 points)
Leading Scorer -- Petr Sykora (17 G, 22 A, 39 P)

The Cinderella run of last year is still not forgotten.
Especially here in Pittsburgh where we'll be using it as our rally cry.

22 - 24 - 2 (46 points)
Leading Scorer -- Ladislav Nagy (8 G, 29 A, 37 P)

The Coyotes have made a silent climb since being tick terds early in the season.
Is Wayne starting to do something?
Can the Coyotes make the playoffs?
Why is there an NHL franchise in the desert?

19 - 21 - 8 (46 points)
Leading Scorer -- Billy Guerin (20 G, 15 A, 35 P)

I've always felt that the Blues were the Penguins of the Western Conference, but they forgot to start winning this year.
They're making strides, which is excellent.

18 - 25 - 5 (41 points)
Leading Scorer -- David Vyborny (10 G, 30 A, 40 P)

Uh-oh. The bottom-dwellers of the Central Division are starting to fight back.

17 - 24 - 7 (41 points)
Leading Scorer -- Martin Havlat (15 G, 17 A, 32 P)

No idea what the Blackhawks have done this year.
If we didn't have their logo in our logo bank, we would have forgot about them.

16 - 28 - 6 (38 points)
Leading Scorer -- Alexander Frolov (23 G, 24 A, 47 P)

The commode of the Western Conference.


seth said...

yeah.. why have an NHL franchise in phoenix?


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