Sunday, January 7, 2007

OK, we are out of control in the post department , but I was scanning the early editions of the Trib and Post Gazette and found some fun stuff.

Check this story out..

It is about Pens investor Ron Burkle. We started noticing his name when he went to KC with Mario.
I had no idea about this guy, but whats even more stunning about this is that this is actually a decent read by Shelly Anderson.

"Burkle is a college dropout who parlayed some early stock-market success into a grocery-store empire and has branched out from there."

The Penguins ownership is made out of a bunch of guys who didn't even go to college.
Excuse me for a second, I have to go mail my student loan payment. I may need to get involved in the stock market.

Moving on. This Burkle is beyond interesting.

  • He has tried to buy the Tribune Company, which owns the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune newspapers.
  • He is an investor with the apparel company of hip-hop producer Sean "Diddy" Combs.
  • He's an art collector.
  • He's a philanthropist, giving millions to Ronald McDonald House, DARE and other charities, and co-chairing the Burkle Center for International Relations at UCLA.
  • After the Rodney King riots of 1992, Burkle joined the board of Rebuild L.A., but didn't want credit.


Some more interesting points of Burkle:

In April 2006, Ron Burkle accused New York Post columnist Jared Paul Stern of attempting to extort money from him in exchange for more favorable Page Six coverage. Page Six, a popular and influential gossip column in the New York Post, appears to have increased their coverage of Burkle's private life over the past year. Ron Burkle secretly videotaped several private meetings between him and Jared Paul Stern, and has since presented the tapes to the FBI. During the meetings, Stern allegedly asked Burkle for $220,000 in exchange for better Page Six coverage. Stern and Page Six are currently under investigation by the FBI.-

This guy is great. He is really, really into the whole video surveillance thing.

And check this out. Apparently Ron went through a horribly messy divorce.

"Janet Burkle, meanwhile, says Ron Burkle has harassed her by conducting intrusive surveillance of her and her then-boyfriend."

Basically this guy needs to be more involved in the team. He is a "swimfan" (a term coined by my good friend Todd Lewis, referring to the movie Swim Fan. It is basically when someone stalks someone. If you didn't see the movie, move on.)

Ron, watch this movie. No, seriously. Watch it.

Some more tidbits...

  • One of his best friends is Bill Clinton.
  • My husband cannot tolerate losing--anything!" -Janet Burkle
Wonder how he felt about the whole 2005-2006 season?

And if all this wasn't stunning, maybe this will be: Bob Smizik does a nice little follow up column on this Burkle, and I think I agree with him.

Ron Burkle is worth $2.5 billion. Mark Cuban $2.3. So we really should stop searching for Cuban to save the Pens because Burkle is worth more.

And let me get this straight -- he invested 100 million dollars with P. Diddy, but can't spend some cash to build a new arena? I don't understand?

" Believe it cracka, its all about the Benjamins"



loralei said...

OK this has nothing to do w/ Ron Burkle but I was thinking about the rally today which i cant be at cause i'm in Boston.. There needs to be alot more focus on telling our politicians that they suck and we stand by Mario. Everybody knows that we love the Penguins, we have to show the politicians that they have something to lose besides a hockey team, like their political futures. I have some sign ideas:

DEAR MR. RAVENSTALL & MR. ONORATO: DONT THINK OF THIS AS A PENGUINS GAME BUT AS A RALLY OF 16,000 REGISTERED VOTERS. GOOD LUCK TRYING TO GET RE-ELECTED IF YOU SCREW THIS UP. (OK this is more banner size but i think it gets the point across-I would love to see this hanging from the F Level)



WHO'S GOING TO VOTE FOR YOU WHEN ALL THE YOUNG PEOPLE LEAVE AND ALL THE OLD PEOPLE DIE (ok this is a little harsh but that is the mind space that I'm in now)


Stuff like this. You get the picture. Have fun today guys!

Anonymous said...

Burkle is a mess,haha I love the movie swim fan

Andrew said...

You know what's weird...Ravenstahl was at W&J for two years while I was there...and I had no idea who he was. Now, there are only about 1300 people that go to W&J, so it's kind of weird, and it's not like I was a shut-in study all...

Needless to say I want a shirt something akin to to the Bush "Not My President" shirt, but with Rendell's picture. Then on the back "Lemiuex '08" (or whenever they re-elect governers).

Joshua said...


look for me!

Anonymous said...

damn i want to be there, and there isn't anything on local TV right now for it


Anonymous said...

it was nice that channel 11 took 30 seconds for the rally.


Tee said...

they just had a piece on the rally on the broadcast.. I'm watching a stream so its a bit blurry but I swear I just saw Adam

seth said...

dude.. fuck shootouts

Anonymous said...

martio st.louis,


Anonymous said...

yah the reason this burkle fellow bought into the team is so he can fly underage girls on his plane to the games as a way to impress them. he makes them jerseys with their names on them, introduces them to players, and he also brings celebs like christina aguilera out from LA .... basically as a way to get laid.

burkle also claims he uses his lajolla california mega mansion as a business retreat (just as the penguins are an investment) but really its a playpen for where he pays nyc party promoters to fly in as many young girls as possible so he can create a harem there. there are pictures online of this below. also he has a club in new york city called DOOR stoocked with young girls for him and his trillonaire buddies. wonder why his wife divorced him...


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