Wednesday, January 3, 2007


As promised:

In this footage, I grabbed the national anthem, Jeff Reed, the wave, talked to a Carolina fan, and got Jon Barbero announcing Crosby's second goal.

Check out the national anthem etiquette of the guys in front of us.


Anonymous said...

ive heard of people yelling and and shit during the anthem, but those asses were pissing me off. i feel bad u guys had to sit behind them for all game.

great footage.

seth said...

need to respect the country a little more

seth said...

a little curious to see if you'll be posting more videos of interviews in the student rush line (provided you have more)

Tee said...

posting from a U.S. Military standpoint. I would have told them to shut the fuck up and respect the anthem, and demonstrated how to stand at the position of attention and pay tribute to the flag. On a side node, good stuff with the carolina fan, and the wave... made me envious of you, I'm coming home and buying a ticket for the final home game if it comes out that the pens are gone. I've seen too many games in that arena and spent too many nights with mikey lange not to be there when it all disappears. And it's nice to see Jeff Reed without his penis out.

Joshua said...

i think i came down with motion sickness after watching that...but good video and go pens!

Dennis said...

Aw damn, it looks like I was sitting right near you, maybe 8 rows up and over to the left. I wish I would have seen you there...great vid.

Andrew said...

I love how the on-ice action looks much better than any feed from the Islanders home action.

Adam said...

we're making a big video that includes footage from the rally on sunday.

tee, i wish you could have been there to kick their ass.
i just wanted to make sure i didn't get kicked out...(as i shoot video clandestinely in the arena...) comment. haha.

Dennis, I started the "We Love Orpik" chant to the Carolina fans. I was in the back row of B31.

haha islanders..


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