Friday, January 5, 2007

Pensblog GameDay

Pens - Sabres

Marc-Andre Fleury --- Ryan Miller

Pens haven't won in Buffalo since 2003.
Buffalo got smoked by Ottawa 6-3 on Wednesday.
Buffalo plays Saturday night against the Rangers.

With the rally coming up this weekend, tonight would be nice game to win.

Game Recap will come late, late tonight or tomorrow morning.


2000 NBA All-Star Game in Oakland, California

" Singing the Canadian anthem were the Moffatts, a quartet of teenage boys who were for some reason wearing hockey jerseys. "


Four brothers, three of which are triplets.

Along the same line as brotherly bands like the Beach Boys and Bee Gees, it explains how they can harmonize with each other to near perfection.

It's just a bad-ass rendition.

Go Pens.


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Anonymous said...

there mothers don't know who those kids are.


Adam said...


Christina said...

Barney Rubble's hairdo is priceless.

Go Pens!!

Adrienne said...

The game should be good. I hope the Pens win. (side note: RMU > Notre Dame ...I hope)

This made the greatest birthday gift ever:

Mike said...

Nice Win!

Anonymous said...

huge win


Andrew said...

Actually watching Buffalo in action (I missed the last game) is a definite eye-opener. They're an amazing team. But...WHOOOO!!!! How bout dem Pens?!

Tee said...

fuck yeah, I'm hammered and I don't regret staying up until 4:30 am to watch that game. On a side note, Will from Butler, whereabouts are you from? I'm 22 and I grew up on North Elm Street sort of downtown, sort of near the Hospital/Institute Hill Area/Boulevard area. By some strange chance we may have crossed paths.

Philly_Greg said...

Hey guys, I've been reading the blog for a few months, finally decided to get off my ass and sign up for one of these here blogger account dealies...actually, I remained on my ass whilst signing up.

Drunken impressions of tonight's game

1. Impressive forechecking the whole night
2. Staal wins almost every loose puck along the boards. He's getting better at using his size to create space
3. Sabres D-man "Sissy" Spacek got trucked by Ruutu in the first. I found this most enjoyable.
4. Looked like Orpik was drunk in the first period.
5. All in all, a huge win that should give them confidence that they can play with the best the East has to offer.
6. Gotta root for the Colts to take out Spermin Herman Edwards and the Chiefs tomorrow. Screw you, KC.

Keep up the good work with the blog, guys. It's the only thing that keeps me sane at work.

Adam said...

thank you everyone.

i'm drunk. and loving it.

go pens.

best recap in history in the morning.

what a win tonight!!!

Adrienne said...

Clutch win tonight gives me high hopes for beating Tampa on Sunday. (What would make a better end to my season then that?)

Staal played amazing again, Malkin's goal was awesome. And the greatest factor is the Sabres first loss to the atlantic division is against us. :D yay!

Tee said...

seriously, I wish they had a radar gun for malkin's slapshots... that one he put in had to have been doing close to 95


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