Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"The Pens Are So Good." Pens Win.

3 - 0


There was no great goal.
There was no great comeback.
Two weeks from now, Pens Nation won't even care.
It was just another game on a bitterly cold Tuesday night in late January.

But, hey, that's what you get when you're in a playoff race.

6-0-1 in our last seven.

A simply stunning performance tonight.

The first period seemed like a typical first period during a Pens home game.
The Pens couldn't capitalize on a powerplay halfway through the period.

Michel Ouellet has answered the call of Pensblog Nation in 2007.
Late in the first, after great plays by Staal and Malkin, Ouellet took a pass in his skates and composed himself enough to get it past Eddie Belfour.

In an announcement that received little press, Michel Ouellet put in his two-week notice at Waste Management.

The jobbers (and we're using that term lovingly) are starting to really contribute to the success of the team.
Early in the second period, Jarrko Ruutu, who will soon be challenging Crosby for the points lead, went down in the corner and fed Moore the puck in front of the net.
Moore had time to smoke a cigarette before backhanding it past Belfour.

After that goal, the Pens started to really slide into their system.
Unreal forechecking, backchecking; the defensemen were making smart plays.

Seven minutes into the second, Florida's David Wilkes Booth started a Panther Train to the penalty box.

Two minutes for assassination

A minute after that, Ville Peltonen was sent to the box.
After amounting zip on that 5-on-3, Rostislav Olesz tries to take Crosby's head off and gives the Pens another 5-on-3.

Lord Therrien calls a timeout to give the big boys a breather.
This Crosby - Malkin - Staal/Recchi - Gonchar - Whitney powerplay is going to become a force, if it isn't already.

Crosby's move on the powerplay: Sex isn't an adjective, but that's as close as we're gonna get to describing that move.

After not capitalizing on the two-man, the Pens finally got the goal they wanted.
On a delicious pass from Michel Ouellet, Rich Whitney improved his chances of winning the governor race in Illinois with his usual goal.

The third period was a third period.
Nothing much going on besides everyone being on the edge of their seats, watching Marc-Andre Fleury keep his bid for a shut-out.
You could really tell in the third period that the Pens wanted this shut-out for the MAFer.
What a stupid statement. Why wouldn't they want it?

Is it just us, or is that a mullet sighting on Jordan Staal?

The highlight of the third period was the Penguins putting themselves shorthanded by two men on purpose just to show how good they are.
Mark Eaton continues his chase for the Pensblog Norris Trophy. That play he made during the PK is the stuff of legends.

With 15,000 strong cheering on Marc-Andre, he made save after save and preserved the goose egg.

  • Crosby: Only 1 assist (Overrated?)
  • Malkin: 1 A
  • Ouellet: 1 G, 1 A
  • Shots: Florida ( 32 ) Pens ( 25 )
  • Powerplay: Florida ( 0 for 4) Pens ( 1 for 5)
  • Mellon Arena handed out posters tonight honoring Recchi's 500th goal.
  • Steeler coach Mike Tomlin becomes the first African American since probably Bill Cosby to get a standing ovation in Mellon Arena.
  • Gonchar almost cost Fleury his shutout in the second period on an egregious giveaway.
  • The clutching and grabbing is getting more and more prevalent. It is a shame. Nobody wants this to turn into a garbage league again.
Speaking of garbage, a reader sent us this link: mykcpenguins.com
The name is self-explanatory.
Make sure you find time to go into their forums.
Go to the Kansas City Penguins thread and read the "open letter to Penguins fans".

Special hello to the gentlemen over at pittsburghsportsguys.com
Pensblog's Chris and Gabe met them at the game tonight.


CDY said...

First African American since...

Staal sporting a mullet? Don't engrave Geno's name on the Calder yet.

Great play by Ruutu on the Moore goal. I guess Hull and Ferraro trying to run him out of the league has really inspired him. Maybe those two can concentrate on getting the Flyers contracted now.

And I definitely noticed the increased clutching and grabbing at the Stars game. I guess the good news is that it still can't slow us down.

seth said...

Jonny Boy: grade A douche

Staff said...

hahah crap

we couldn't figure one out.
quick edit.

loralei said...

Fantastic game tonight. Sid's move was just sick. I had to rewind the comcast cable several times to watch it.

Jonny boy = douche bag.

I sent a really, really long letter to Bob Smizik basically rebutting everything he said. It took me most of the work day to comprise and i'm not ashamed of that at all.

PS.. Hines Ward goes to alot of Penguin games. well at least he used to. That doesnt have the comic twist necessary though..

Washington85 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Ryan Whitney is really stepping up big, much to the dismay of the haters. He is also my new favorite player. He stopped me and my friends in the street while we were heading for the Student Rush line and gave us 2 tickets in B-3. Really nice guy, really nice car, too.

Staff said...

that's awesome about whitney.

i remember someone on here talking about how cool whitney was during an interview on Mark Madden.

Tee said...

Bob Errey was overtly sexual in his call on Dominic Moore's goal...

"He opens his legs up and slides it in like he's done a million times"

seth said...

Continuing with my trend...

10-3 with eaton in the lineup

Adrienne said...

I heard the penguins have been doing a lot of shit involving the student rush line, like colby and whitney jumped out of a van and brought everyone pizzas? You can tell our team is young doing all the random shit they do.

On another note, the highlights of the game looked awesome. Nice recap++

Christina said...

right now, i'm really, really wishing i had chosen another semester to leave the 'burgh....i really want to see (and rush) these games!

anyone know of video where i can see the crosby power play move? the only thing on the highlights at pens.com was him getting scalped (steigy's word) before whitney's goal.

nice recap, guys

Will said...

the one thing that was nice about this game was the jobbers on the team gave Sid the night off. Even though Sid had a point, it was jobber night at the Igloo.

I can't wait for Thursday night, i finally get to another game!!!!

Arlow said...

The greatest Pens sign. Ever.


Derek said...

The video of bing should be up somewhere on the net. We will link it up tonight.

Christina and Adrienne,

What is the exact time difference where you guys are at?

Teej said...

Good call on the Penguins being be-Deviled more and more (clutched and grabbed)... I was hoping I wasn't the only one seeing it, but I know I've seen it. God damn it...

And also, good call on Ruutu being fired up after Chicken Parm was calling for his exile... he's definitely playing with some kind of passion and working harder every night, I love it.

Gavin said...

Whitney's dad is also one of the coolest guys ever - we hung out with him one night in the wives room for most of the evening, he's your typical down to earth Bostoner. It doesn't surprise me that he son is the same way.

By the way, I've been using the word "sex" as an adjective for many years and I believe I used that very same term to describe El Sid's goal in Phoenix.

seth said...

i hope they continue with student rush surprises cuz i'll be there early tomorrow

Christina said...

Derek - I'm 6 hours ahead of Pittsburgh. Majority of games start at 1:30 am my time.

Shanna said...

Very nice recap guys, as always.

What a great game? Not overly exciting (except for Fleury, the man is ridiculous), but very well played. I was at the game with my dad and brother and we had a great blast.

Good to see Mike Tomlin has jumped on the Pens bandwagon. Great way to be accepted by Pittsburgh fans. He got a standing ovation too, huh.

Anyway I got to mee Michel Ouellet after the game and congratulate him on his goal. He called me "honey." I almost laughed in his face when he said that, with his accent, it just sounded funny. He is definitley one of the nicest guys on the team.

Looking forward to tomorrows game. Go Pens!!

Adrienne said...

+5 hours for me. Games start at 12.30 for me on average, but I'm usually asleep by 11-11.30. But we have like, 6 games coming up that are before 7pm so I'm looking forward to it.

I'm with Christina though, we really picked the WRONG semester to study abroad.

My grandfather had the audacity to tell me that the pens should pay me to stay out of the city so they can keep winning. :mad:

Adrienne said...

And why the hell is that 5 hole picture just making its way around now?

Adrienne said...

last post for this one. Finally dug up when that 5 hole picture came from. January 26th game against the Caps where we had Lemieux's celebration thingy.

Tee said...

+6 hours here for me too, how's the tv coverage where you are?

Adam said...

I, too, was wondering why it took so long for that five-hole picture to make its way around the internet.


Christina said...

tee - i haven't even attempted to check. don't have a tv in my apartment here (i'm in italy), so i'm relying on my best friend the internet!

looks like a jordan staal mullet to me

Tee said...

christina - if the tv coverage sucks (which it probably does) look into getting a cable package with NASN europe which shows a lot of hockey (though you only get the pens about once every 2 weeks or so) or if you have a good internet connection (1mb download or more) then look into streamtvnow.tv, they've literally been showing ever pens game the past couple weeks and theres a new streamer who streams the FSN pittsburgh broadcast so you get bob and steigy. If you go that route and need help setting everything up let me know and I'll give you my email address or something.

Anonymous said...

Good news???


Justin said...

johnny boy better go ahead and buy the domain for mykcpredators

Scott said...

hey i was just wondering if anyone knows the name of the song the pens play when they go off the ice at the end of the period and one of the songs they play before the puck drops for the 3rd period...i kno its the same as pitt footballs song this year but i dont kno the name and im tryin to make a cd with a bunch of songs like those

Adam said...

haha i'm buying the domain name kansascitypenguins.com just to piss people off.

king said...

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