Wednesday, January 3, 2007

"....To the left, to the left, everything you own trying to go to Kansas City to the left...."

You most likely heard about Mario's trip to KC.
In case you didn't, Here's the Kansas City Star's take.

Huge article from the Post Gazette

  • "If they come ready to do a deal, we'll do a deal,"- Dan Onorato
  • "Hartford is looking for an NHL franchise to be a symbol of revival of this city. I believe the Penguins are that franchise," -Mayor Eddie A. Perez
Hey Hartford don't even start with us.


On Thursday, Lemieux and the Three Horsemen will sit down to discuss some things.

We're on the Eve of the biggest sit-down since The Last Supper.

Rumors floating around the internet are saying a press conference will take place in KC tomorrow, probably to talk about how Kansas City people do their sisters while eating their own poop.

* Also a report from KDKA has said the NHL is looking into a 3 -way move. The Pens to LA. The LA Kings to KC. No idea where this story came from. If anyone has a link, leave it in the comment section.

Also...apparently Marty Griffin of KDKA radio is on an anti-Mario tear.
If this were 1945 and I listened to AM radio, I would have known this.

You call yourself The Real Deal?
I wonder who your manager is.

...Thought so...


Welcome to all the new-comers to the site.
And hello to all the old friends.

(This is Adam) -- Derek's recap was gold. Haha. I can't believe Adrienne called him a dick.
There's a difference between finishing a sentence with "dick" and finishing a sentence with "you dick".
Adrienne is still superb.
Anyone who posts a comment at 4:40 AM gets our love.

...Ducks challenging the Rangers for the Most Former Penguins on a Roster Award
...They acquired Ric Jackman...

...Surreal story here. A 17-year-old former employee of a Chris Chelios restaurant stabs and murders two people. Who wants to bet the kid's last name is Heatley? (1)...

...Edmonton Oilers acquire Petr Nedved just because his wife looks daringly into cameras while being scantily clad...

That's what you get for scoring in quadruple overtime. Look at him. He knows it.

...Forsberg is hurt again...

...Canada beats U.S. in World Juniors...

...New twist to the tragic story of Laura Gainey. Apparently, the captain of the ship ordered her to go below deck right before she got swept away to sea. The coverage of this has gone a little overboard...

...Scott Burnside says the Caps, Panthers, or Predators should move before the Pens should...


Pens - Sabres on Friday.
Look at these standings...
Every game from now on is a playoff game.


Derek said...

hahaha I love it, I got served. haha But Adrienne you never told me what i missed?

hyzdufan said...

I feel a little better now that even the KC paper viewed this as a leverage move, nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Marty Griffin is a cocksucker. Marty Griffin was sued by the Dallas Cowboys for making up shit, then came to Pittsburgh and his "investigative reporting" led to a minister's suicide.

He's been on an anti-Pens, anti-Mario kick for a long time now. Back when the Pens first partnered with IOC he had OnoRATo on his show, people were calling and asking about the arena situation and Cocksucker Griffin said "What is this Pittsburgh Penguins hour? Why don't you people ask about something important?"

In closing, fuck Marty Griffin in the ass with the Mayor of Kansas City's dick.

hyzdufan said...


Tell me how you really feel. Come on now, don't hold back.

PittCheMBA said...

The Real Deal Marty Griffin's manager is actually KDKA's lovely Kristine Sorensen. Yes, they are married in real life.

Andy Sheehan, KDKA investigative reporter, had a story on the news tonight with a possible scenario where the LA Kings would move to KC and the Pens would move to LA. Mario is a good friend of Boots in KC, and Ron Burkle has just built a new arena in LA. Hollywood (and the NHL) might just go for the Crosby, Malkin, Flurey show. Interesting...

Andrew said...

I work at KDKA and have no idea who Marty Griffin is.

He can suck my cock, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

I am a first time blogger on this site and I have to say that epitomizes what sports blogs should be like. AWESOME, and its just getting better. Down with KC. Lets take a bunch of wiley college students and start a riot down there WOOOOO

Derek said...


Dude I saw that. Does anyone have any clue where this story came from?

That would be the wierdest thing ever.

Joshua said...

I haven't been offically scared of this whole mess until now. The more this drags on, the worse it seems to get. You guys, this meeting tomorrow is bigger than anyone thought. What sucks even more is it's the three morons that screwed us over in the first place.

Derek said...


I agree 110% with you.

No one knows how hugeeeeeeeeeeee this meeting is tomorrow

seth said...

i agree with the 'every game is a playoff game.' every team is extremely close.. except the flyers (god does that feel good)

Adrienne said...

First off, fuck the Rangers and fuck Glen Sather. I want Straka and Kasparaitis back. They can keep Jagr's bitch ass though (hate that guy, hate that team. They suit each other. Well.) However, I can see where the ducks are headed.

Wow, I got my own paragraph.. wtf. alrighty:
Derek says, "I am sure I missed a lot of crap, call me a dick in the comments if I did."
He did, so I did.

There was no mention of Recchi's failure, or more surprisingly Gonchar's being totally on point. And where the hell Melichar gets an assist from, I don't know. That took me by surprise just as much as him getting a goal in the home opener, against Philly no less. Malone furthered his trend of being totally unproductive, and Crosby almost got a goal hitting the puck out of midair.
Malkin and Crosby finally being put and kept on the first line is an orgasm in a can. :D

Everything else… I dno. There's so much even I'm forgetting. I'm a dick as well apparently.

BTW- Way to not visit during the game! Tampa is my last game and you fail to say hello before I'm out. SO fired

Jon said...

I saw the Pens-to-LA-Kings-to-KC thing a few days ago as a rumor on espn's Pens board. Maybe Sheehan reads blogs and wanted to say something new about the whole situation (not unheard of with news reporters--Gotta get the scoop!!) I personally have read the terms of Plan B so many times I repeat them in my sleep, or so my dog tells me. oh and by the way, if u thought that KC fanboy the other day was bad there's a few of 'em on that board...always good for some laughs and cyber insults.

Jon said...

And here's an interesting point of view from another website (there may be nice boobies on the page)

I guess an investment in Diddy's clothing line is more fiscally responsible than helping contribute to the next NHL dynasty's arena.

Adam said...

adrienne is still awesome.

Huge meeting today.

This PENS-LA-KC thing is making me nauseous.

Los Angeles sports scene may need a visit from the Pensblog.

Thanks for the compliment, first-time blogger.

Geeves said...

shame on you, adam and derek.

simple explanation for the pens-kc-la rumor.

A. E. G.

They are the new owners of the LA Kings, and built/will manage the Sprint Center in KC.

p.s. shameless plug for my NSR article about the demise of forsberg.

wes said...

NICE, rally on sunday! AND Malk-dog bobbleheads! good thing i am going to the game. perhaps i will show my ugly face to the pensbloggaz.

Stoosh said...

Some thoughts...

1. Not sure how many of you heard it, but Junker & Crow (ESPN Radio 1250 here in Pittsburgh) had this Covitz clown on. He's the one who wrote the article in the KC Star. It took him about three minutes to try to spit out an explanation of the way this agreement would break down, but it comes down to this...Pens pay $27 million to enter into a partnership with AEG. Pens and AEG split all revenues from arena events (hockey and non-hockey) 50-50. Pens also pay rent to AEG. Again, this clown took three minutes to say what just took me less than one minute to type.

2. Covitz admitted that most KC sports fans couldn't even name one or two players on the Pens, and he didn't know who the Pens head coach was. I hope to God that Gary Bettman heard that.

3. This is being almost completely driven by AEG's need for a tenant. He said the fans there don't care what team they get in what sport. If they miss out on the Pens, they'll merely turn to the NBA. Again, I hope Bettman gets a copy of that interview.

4. Mark Madden came on afterwards and said he heard the KC deal gives the Pens 100% control of all arena revenues and a 50% ownership share in the arena. He said if that's the case, the Pens are gone.

5. One problem with that...AEG invested $54 million of their own money to build the Sprint Center. If this deal happens, they get $27 million of that back from the Pens in the form of the Pens initial investment fee. After that, they get nothing other than rent payments from the Pens (the Pens would control all the arena revenues). So basically, AEG just forked over $54 million to build an arena they can't make money off of. Something tells me they aren't that charitable.

6. Onorato, Ravenstahl and Rendell better not "f" this up. If this joke of a hockey town called KC ends up with this team, I'm not sure what I'm capable of.

hyzdufan said...

I'm from Pittsburgh originally, but had to move to NC to find a job (microcosm?) a few years ago. This whole situation parallels with what Charlotte, NC went through recently.

Charlotte Hornets - "Hey, the coliseum is falling apart, we need a new arena"

Charlotte - "We'll get around to it"

Charlotte Hornets - "No, seriously, we need a new arena now"

Charlotte - "We're working on it, we promise"

The next year, the Hornets move to New Orleans, and the rest is history. The messed up part about it all is that Charlotte eventually got the new arena 2 years later, so it was stupid to screw around and lose its NBA team over it.

I see the same thing happening in Pittsburgh. I mean, when the Mellon Arena actually becomes an unsafe facility, falling apart, where maintenance costs outweigh the costs of building a new arena, I'll bet we'll build a new arena - if not now, probably in 5 years or so, after the Pens are long gone. Maybe then we can wine and dine some other team's owners into moving here, because I don't see the NHL expanding anytime soon.

When I look at PNC Park and Heinz Field, and the way money was thrown at them to build those venues, it upsets me a lot because a viable arena is much more than just a sports-specific facility, unlike those other places. Arenas host concerts, shows, and other events that employ workers and give money back to the economy of the area. Heinz Field is used 13 times yearly if you count Pitt and Steelers, and PNC Park is the home of our perennial 6th place Pirates. Why are they so special?

None of this makes any sense, and it's truly upsetting.

Christina said...

a little more info from the KC people regarding their arena deal...sounds to me like the ball is totally in onorato's/baby mayor's/rendell's court with regards to keeping the team. here's hoping they really step up.

video from the press conference in KC today...
should be somewhere on the main page

Antonette said...

Not sure if anyone's mentioned it, but KC is offering the Pens free fucking rent.

ESPN Article

Shitshitshitshit. I'm sick to my stomach with all of this, because it's looking worse every day. This team is getting better by the day, and if they become super-successful not in Pittsburgh I don't know what I'll do.

Adam said...

these are trying times.

Rico Fatastic said...

Link of Doom:



CDY said...

Wow, those guys are saying all the right things. Even going so far as to say most other teams would not get a deal this generous. It would appear KC realizes the Pens are on the verge of becoming an annual powerhouse and they want a piece.

Local officials are going to have to come up with quite a deal to top this. Here's hoping Mario can find a way to stay and stick it to them for dragging this whole thing out!

MakeGretzkysHeadBleed said...

Come on everyone. Step away from the ledge.
You guys are making it sound like KC is a done deal. We should be happy that Luke, et al have some numbers to compete against.
Look again at the ESPN article:
Tim Leiweke, president of Anschutz Entertainment Group, said "We gave them our best shot today," he said. "There's not much left to negotiate. I never underestimate a community's wherewithal to save its team, and I fully expect Pittsburgh to save its team, and I respect that."
He might just be politiking, but he has given Mario his final offer.
Free rent is not the end all, be all in the decision process for the Pens.
What is the revenue breakout for the Pens if they build a new arena in Pittsburgh?
It has got to be better than 50/50 that KC is offering. And remember this is just a starting point in the negotiations.
What offer would you take:
For argument’s sake, lets say that revenues each year are $100 million.
1. Under the KC Plan, the Pens would pay nothing up front but would get $50 million a year from arena functions. Over 30 years that would be $1.5 billion.
2. If under Plan B, if the Pens can get even a 60/40 split of revenues, than they would get $60 million a year, or $1.8 billion over 30 years. That is a $300 million difference. Pittsburgh is currently asking for $128.5 million (8.5 million + $4 million X 30 years). So for an investment of $8.5 million up front. The Pens would get extra revenue of approximately $6 million a year or $180 million over 30 years.

That is just a starting point. The terms of Plan B are “negotiable”. As long as Plan B’s terms are “negotiable” and the KC deal is fixed, there is hope.

Adrienne said...

I refuse to believe that the Penguins will leave Pittsburgh. As terrible and grim as everything is looking, hockey is the only thing that's good here, and it's impossible to see the franchise in any other city.

IoC was too good to be true, and that was proven with the North Shore getting the license. Now KC is making offers that are just as nice, and better, but they are definately too good to be true.

It's all marketing and publicity with lots of rumors to power both. Now is the time that everyone should really just sit back at hold their breath.

Granted, this still won't keep me from being at the rally Sunday :p

seth said...

I was listening to mark madden on the radio tonight and they said Lemieux came out of the meeting tonight saying the government officials "stepped up." And a reporter that it's the most optimistic that he's seen lemieux in a while.

Also, Mr. Leiweke, president of Anschutz Entertainment Group, which invested $54 million to operate Kansas City's Sprint Center had this to say (according to the post-gazette): "This by no means is a sure thing for Kansas City. Chances are better than not they work this out in Pittsburgh."

I really like how this looks!

Anonymous said...

anyone see rendelphia rip kansas city a new one lastnight on the news?

he said something like:
"kansas city had a hockey team, now they do not. that means something."

not the exact quote, but around those terms.


Joshua said...

Jay, if can find that quote it will be gold.

I was out of the house for 5 hours and all of this happens again, shows how sensitive this whole thing is.

seth said...

“When you factor in the tremendous fan base here and the fact that hockey has failed in Kansas City, I think we will beat it,” Rendell


what's with O Canada at the top?

Anonymous said...

thanx seth.
i was in the other room when i heard that and nobody else was around the tv to hear what he really said.



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