Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Little Miss NHL

Crazy times here at Pensblog, Adam's Computer is dead, Chris actually posted something, and now we have a message board or something. But that could be stopped quicker than Oksana Baiul can say DUI.

Oksana, have you meant our friend Dany Heatley?


But all jokes aside, we are days behind in news.

Off the ice, Mario is meeting with Dan O, recent high school graduate and Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, and the Governor of Philadelphia.

Hopefully nothing bad happens.

Jason Blake got fined $1,000..
..for his cheap shot on Bing.
Gee a whole $1,000 . Now Jason Blake and his boyfriend won't be able to go out to dinner for weeks.

Get used to Crosby getting speared. Especially if the NHL is going to let it happen for 1,000 bucks.
With the all the rumors of Malone getting traded, and whatever else people are calling for. The Penguins are going to need someone insane to protect Crosby, Malkin, etc. It is a shame that the Undertaker can't skate.

Your assistant coach, Paul Bearer

The next best thing you would think, would be Derek Boogaard. How would that not make sense? The"Boogie man," which he is known as, is the scariest player in the NHL. Put it this way, I would be afraid to boo him. He is nuts. Look at some of his fights.
Now I know there is no way the Pens would get a guy like Boogaard, but they need to get someone like him. If not, Malkin and Crosby better eat their wheaties.

Quiet night in the NHL....

Tomorrow's foe, Boston, got smoked by Buffalo

Detroit won, again. Dominick Hasek is getting older than "that" friend you have, who overuses Wedding Crashers jokes.

It was a funny movie, but really lets all just move on for a little bit.

Dallas beats the Flames 4-2.. Dallas is riddled with injuries. I have no interest in this game.

and last and always least,

The Gay One's team lost to the Av's 4-3..Got nothing.

Another big game tomorrow night. When is the last time we won in Boston you ask?
Feb. 3, 2003

Go Pens.

I apologize in advance for grammar issues, at this point in my life I would be lucky to pass the 6th grade.


Washington85 said...

at the game they played that "greatest fans in hockey" vidoe very sick its up on right now but my favorite part is when Chris Thorburn starts to go crazy clapping...and i had to take my favorite grab...THORNY

Will, from Butler said...

2 words, that i have repeated over and over on this message board.

Francois Leroux

heck i'd pay his $50 a week salary for them

Anonymous said...

that's talbot.

Gavin said...

In terms of protecting Crosby, my vote goes for promoting Daniel Carcillo from Wilkes-Barre for three reasons: 1) he has a very strong shot and actual hockey ability rather than simply serving as an enforcer, 2) it isn't like our wings are setting the world on fire right now, maybe he might be able to provide some type of spark, and 3) the dude may be certifiably insane, I think he legitimately has Billy Tibbets' disease, which would at the very least be incredibly entertaining to watch.

Arlow said...

Three words....

The Hanson Brothers

will said...

please tell me you aren't comparing Talbot to Leroux...

Talbot has TALENT!! Skating ability, and actually can pass and shoot. He has more shorthanded goals this season then Leroux had in his life.

Frankie was and probably still is a thug.

Joshua said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joshua said...

for much of an ass he can be sometimes...does anyone miss kaspar?

Adam said...

i love kaspar


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