Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hey, Now

Being that we haven't seen an all-star game in, oh, about 3 years, every NHL fan is excited for the All-Star Game on January 24th.

The game is all well and good, but the Skills Competition is one of the best night in sports.
Better than the home-run derby.
Better than dunk contests.
Better than flag football in Honolulu.
Better than the gold-medal night in pairs figure skating at the Olympics.

Any thoughts on which competition Crosby will be in?
Probably not the shootout, since he is 1-for-life in NHL shootouts.


Here are the rosters as delivered them:

BUF - Daniel Briere | PIT - Sidney Crosby | WSH - Alex Ovechkin

What a line this is going to be. We don't even need to elaborate.
This is the only for-sure line combination that we know of.

NYI - Jason Blake | CAR - Eric Staal | CAR - Justin Williams

This line would house two of the biggest Penguin killers of the past five years.
And Justin Williams sounds like he was a shooting guard for the Tar Heels last year.

NYR - Brendan Shanahan | PHI - Simon Gange | ATL - Marian Hossa

Simon Gagne pays off the NHL to get onto the team.

OTT - Dany Heatley | TB - Vincent Lecavalier | TB - Martin St. Louis

" It's a fun weekend, and it's an honor to go."
-- Dany Heatley

HA! Is he still drunk?
All-Star weekend takes place during the week...

TOR - Tomas Kaberle | NJD - Brian Rafalski | BUF - Brian Campbell
BOS - Zdeno Chara | FLA - Jay Bouwmeester | MON - Sheldon Souray

Can't complain about these blue-line corps.
...although we must ask ourselves if we think Zdeno Chara is an all-star in the NHL.

MON - Cristobal Huet | NJD - Martin Brodeur | BUF - Ryan Miller

Martin Brodeur is overrated.
I, too, would be the best goalie in the league if the ice-hockey equivalent of the Gestapo played in front of me.


SJ - Joe Thornton | COL - Joe Sakic | SJ - Jonathan Cheechoo

Joe Sakic is 300 years old. Still a pretty sick line, though.
...Unless Cheechoo decides to hit someone from behind. Moron.

SJ - Patrick Marleau | ANA - Teemu Selanne | CBJ - Rick Nash

Not sure if this will be a line, but pretty solid with Marleau.
And Selanne has been money in the bank since the Olympics last year.
Rick Nash is the 85th ranked player in the NHL. Just saying.

CHI - Martin Havlat | DET - Henrik Zetterberg | EDM - Ryan Smyth

NHL: Hey Martin, you are an all-star.
Havlat: What? Who is this? Smashmouth? Is this a joke?
NHL: Just make the check payable to "Gary Bettman".

MIN - Brian Rolston | PHX - Yanic Perreault | STL - Billy Guerin

Yanic Perrault? Bill Guerin?
Brian Rolston has been great all year, top 10 in scoring.
But Bill Guerin and Yanic Perreault aren't all-stars in their own houses.
Just a really bad job by the NHL.

CAL - Dion Phaneuf | ANA - Scott Neidermayer | LA - Lubomir Vishnovsky
DET - Niklas Lidstrom | NSH - Kimmo Timonen | DAL - Philippe Boucher

Can't say enough about Scott Neidermayer, and Phaneuf is scary good.
Not a whole lot of complaints about these guys.

VAN - Robert Luongo | CAL - Mikka Kiprusoff | DAL - Marty Turco

Roberto Luongo is right on Brodeur's back for best goalie in the league.
How does Chris Mason from Nashville not get into this game?


seth... the chronic complainer said...

as i said in the last post and will continue to say until the day i die:


(unless next year or afterwards can get any worse)

Will, from Butler said...

i will be called a homer on this one, but why is Malkin not on this team?

seth said...

he didn't make it cuz he's not getting paid as much as blake or gagne so he couldn't afford to pay bettman off as well

seth said...


Adam said...

hahah watch them beat the colts next week, and then dismantle either the bears/saints in the super bowl.

CDY said...

Every team needing an All-Star explains some of those guys. But how does Perreault make it? Has he even played more than 10 games? That Western Conference team is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Shit man, I was all curious to see if Malkin could break 100 in the hardest shot. Oh well, I'm guessing Puck-Control Relay and possibly Fastest Skater for Croz.

Anonymous said...

martin brodeur isn't over-rated.

Look at his stats.
Look at his Cups.

You morons are just jealous that we have a goaltender that dominates the Oklahoma City Penguins every time we play you guys.

He has never had a GAA over 2.45 in any season of his career.
Save Percentage has never been below .900%

Your Fleury wouldn't survive a week with the Devils.

Anonymous said...

your site sucks shit.

Washington85 said...

its almost like they pick these these rosters out of a bingo machine sometimes....minus SIDNEY CROSBY

Justin said...

fleury would die of boredom with the devils, thats why he wouldnt survive.
if it sucks shit then dont come here.
everyone else, one of bob pompeanis lead stories on sportscall tonight was about a rumor floating about a trade wth the rangers......ryan malone for petr prucha........discuss

Derek said...


Pomp cleary reads the lets go pens message board. Larry Brooks, complete douche,wrote a column about it. I don't see this happening

Anonymous said...

hey fucktard, Oklahoma City isnt in the running anymore.

check your fucking stats tool.

also, nice article on the post gazette:

"Crosby's a Yinzer," "Malkin likes Kennywood" or "Kansas City is for Jagoffs."


seth said...

i checked.. and even though they changed it back to east and west, there is no rule saying that every team must be represented.. thanks to dave molinari from the post-gazette for answering my email

Adrienne said...

So what exactly happened here with Malkin and Fleury not getting in?

And I like Brodeur, he's not over rated- he's old. (Hasek doesn't count, shut up)

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice the glaring absence of Jagr? Is he hurt? I'm assuming he must be considering he's been amongst the league leaders most of the year. If he isn't hurt, what a snub. And good call on the Brodeur comment. Screw the Devils and fuck the "Trap". It's made him what he is.


CDY said...

They must be going by that rule. That's the only way Perrault would be an All-Star.

Elly said...

I heard that the Rangers specifically asked that Jagr not be in the roster this year, although I am not sure what the reason would be for that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Elly.


Tee said...

jagr is nursing an injury and asked not to be put on the team, as for Brodeur being overrated... he's a great goalie, but come on... he's had the grab and tug trap in front of him his entire career.. he averages like 23 shots against per game, it's not hard to put up big numbers when no one can get a clean shot off against you

Justin said...

he has to be solid, because they dont have enough skill to score more than a goal or two per game

Anonymous said...

will those of us without access to versus channel be able to watch

seth said...

i'm gonna guess that without versus, you cant watch

Anonymous said...

you dumbshits martin brodeur is the best goalie in the league. aint that why hes up for another vezina you dumb fuck?


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