Tuesday, January 23, 2007

East Infection

The Eastern Conference Mid-Season Recap
(If we did this for a living, the recap would be much more extensive.)

These 15 teams are the only things that are important in the world for the next two months.

33 - 12 - 4 (70 points)
Leading Scorer -- Daniel Briere (18 G, 39 A, 57 P)

After starting the season 27-0 , the Sabres have kind of cooled off.
But blessed be the soul that has to face them in the playoffs.

29 - 14 - 5 (63 points)
Leading Scorer -- Patrick Elias (16 G, 28 A, 44 P)

The Devils suck.

27 - 15 - 8 (62 points)
Leading Scorer -- Marian Hossa (30 G, 33 A, 66 P)

If we didn't despise Ilya Kovalchuk, we would really respect Atlanta.
They're a good team.
Marian Hossa has 66 points? Are you kidding me?

27 - 17 - 5 (59 points)
Leading Scorer -- Saku Koivu (16 G, 26 A, 42 P)

We only played that one game against Montreal so far this year.
We play them twice in a span of four days in early February.
I never forget that they were up 2-0 on Carolina in the playoffs last year.

28 - 20 - 2 (58 points)
Leading Scorer -- Dany Heatley (30 G, 35 A, 65 P)

Same old story.
They're gonna push hard in the second half and get home-ice in the first round.
They'll end up losing in six games.

25 - 19 - 6 (56 points)
Leading Scorer -- Ray Whitney (19 G, 34 A, 53 P)

They're still too dangerous for my liking.
I don't want to see them make the playoffs.
But that doesn't mean the Pens couldn't take 'em.

26 - 22 - 2 (54 points)
Leading Scorer -- Martin St. Louis (30 G, 36 A, 66 P)

Tampa Bay is definitely relying too much on Vinny and Marty.
If one goes down, boom.

21 - 17 - 8 (50 points)
Leading Scorer -- Sidney Crosby (24 G, 48 A, 72 P)

WOW. The Pens sitting pretty in the 8th spot at the All-Star Break.
What a huge month February is going to be.
Biggest month of our lives.

23 - 21 - 4 (50 points)
Leading Scorer -- Jaromir Jagr (18 G, 42 A, 60 P)

The Rangers are gonna be a nuisance until the final game of the season...when we play them...

22 - 21 - 6 (50 points)
Leading Scorer -- Mats Sundin (18 G, 24 A, 42 P)

I'm glad we have Toronto's number.
They're gonna be a thorn in our side right to the end.

22 - 20 - 4 (48 points)
Leading Scorer -- Marc Savard (18 G, 44 A, 62 P)

The Bruins cap off the Northeast Division's dominance so far this season: All five teams in the top 11.
All with a legitimate shot for the playoffs.
Marc Savard with a quiet 62 points.

22 - 21 - 4 (48 points)
Leading Scorer -- Jason Blake (24 G, 19 A, 43 P)

They were hot for a while and have sort of cooled down.
Still, I hate them.

20 - 21 - 7 (47 points)
Leading Scorer -- Alex Ovechkin (29 G, 36 A, 65 P)

We've got Washington on the predictable NHL on NBC game on Sat., February 3rd.
Ovechkin vs. Crosby.

18 - 22 - 10 (46 points)
Leading Scorer -- Olli Jokinen (22 G, 30 A, 52 P)

Florida is hanging in there.
14 teams in the playoff race.
NHL loves it.

11 - 31 - 5 (27 points)
Leading Scorer -- Simon Gagne (23 G, 13 A, 36 P)

The diarrhea of the Eastern Conference.


seth said...

good comment on philly

what do you think about what rendell has to say?

Adam said...

i'm still numb from lemieux's statements.

Anonymous said...

duno if anyone tuned in for the Skills Competition tonight, but Sid went 3 for 4 in shootouts.


Will, from Butler said...

that was the worst, most boring, shitty all star cray festivities EVER. I watched it in fast forward and it sucked. What the hell does VS. think they are doing with this stuff. If tomorrow night is anywhere close to tonight, I'll throw up.

More to come, i am pissed, thank god I bowled tonight and didn't watch this live.

Scott said...

Was that the worst Skills Competition...horrible coverage and it was incredibily boring

Anonymous said...

man from the sounds of it I didn't miss much from the end of the youngstars game to the final shootout group. good thing i had a driveway to shovel.


Derek said...

yea we planned on recapping everything, but it put us to sleep.

Anonymous said...

I'm personally sick of all this arena bullshit. I hate owners of professional sports. I think that each league should have a board of owners that has as many members as there are teams in the league, this board will make sure that every franchise is run properly, makes sound financial decisions, and sound personel decisons. This eliminates poorly run franchises such as the chicago blackhawks, Arizona cardinals, pirates, and KC royals. Why would i want something like this??? For two reasons, one: when a team is poorly run in the way pirates are who suffers? not the players or the owners, but the fans, the reason the league even exists in the first place, we have to suffer through terrible season after terrible season for the pirates and why? So blow a nutting on me can make $14 million, fuck him, Two: While technically, yes, the pens are mario's and burkles and whoever esle owns them, the team DOES NOT BELONG TO THEM, it belongs to pittsburgh, to the fans, to you and me, And now burkle, who is a billionare, by the way, and mario who was owed about $33 million by the pens and will probably make double that if he sells the team if its in KC or Pittsburgh, could possible move the team over what could end up only being a few million dollars. Yes alot of money to a normal person, but not to them. If the penguins move, its not just a team that moving, its a part of my life and a part of my childhood, and im sorry but taking the "best" deal just to make a relatively larger profit does not justify moving a team that means so much to so many people.

Anonymous said...

so, basically everybody should boycott the allstar game due to the fact that the only interesting person on the ice is going to be the wizard of croz.

everyone else is going to be boring. i've seen enough of these older hockey players in the game. fuck them. if they suck, do not let them in because of the last name. that is total bullshit.
simon gagne? are you fucking kidding me.

but of course, they have to let each team have atleast one player on the team, even if they have only 31pts. seeing the same players every year has become boring. bring in some new, fresh talent.

whatever happened to the NHL wanting to save hockey in america? i mean, NHL on NBC isn't really that bad, take away all the announcers and put mike lange in, then it would be great to watch. other than that, they have no idea on what the fuck is going on.
also, why not have the game on sunday on NBC so all of america can see it. not the 1/3 that have versus.

but then again, its versus. i rather watch the game via youtube.

end of rant.

Arlow said...

I absolutely hate the NBA, but the picture of Steve Nash on the front page of SI.com has to be the gayest thing I've ever seen. Check it out!

Bert said...

The young stars game and skills were a joke. The electronic timing didn't work on the fastest skater drill, so they used a guy holding a stop watch. The announcers, Eddie O, Clement, and a couple of other tools--including Messier, were awful to listen to.

The Vs. coverage of regular games has not been that bad, but this was the worst.

I'm debating whether or not to watch the game tonight. I doubt I'll miss much.

Who wants to watch Brodeur stone the West for a period? After looking at him last night, I see why he has so many shut-outs this year, he has to be 20 lbs heavier than last year.

Elly said...

The Young Star game and the skills competetion was a little tame, but the CBC coverage wasn't bad. It would be nice to go an hour without hearing about how the Penguins are going to be without a home, enough money to keep Sidney and Fleur, and how much some place without ice wants them.

Elly said...

Oh, and since I forgot to comment before, your coverage of the divisions and the rundown of the goalie helmets was a nice series. I hope you do more of them!

Anonymous said...

roller coaster much?


Geeves said...

by the way jay, if you missed it, they DONT have to have someone from each team. so the roster makes less sense.

GQbed said...

Lost in all this "will they or won't they move" talk is what history will actually be gone if the Pens move.

One of the pittsburghsportsguys.com authors has a good piece on just that:


EmDubs said...

I think the thing that annoyed me most last night while watching the skills competition was the stupid cameras inside the targets. You couldn't see where the shooter was trying to aim, then once he hit the target you were looking at, it fell down or turned sideways, so then you couldn't see anything. Dumbest idea ever.

Dennis said...

Guys, the retiring of the jokes was...

....simply the best.

Great job as always, too bad it comes after a horrible skills competition. The clock for the fastest skater doesn't even work? The whole thing is just boring. Jeez, the NHL didn't look too good last night.

hyzdufan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hyzdufan said...

A few observations from last nights Young Stars game...

*Bill Clement commented on how when the Bruins beat the Pens in a shootout, "Phil Kessell was the best player on the ice."

*The rail cam looked like a damn battleship speed boat, skimming across the ice

*Ryan Whitney's first goal was chalked up to the Western Conference on the scoreboard, to be corrected several minutes later

*Commentators has no idea who played for which side - "We have a tie game, oh wait, that's an Eastern Goal!"

*Game clock freezes at 9:12, jumps to 9:10, 9:08, 9:05, really jittery

*At the end of the game..."The West has won it!"

Friggin idiots - what an understatement.

Joshua said...


CDY said...

How long before Travis makes a Mario-esque comeback and that banner comes down?

RicoFatastic said...

That retirement movie made me laugh more than anything else this year. Thank You, Pensblog. Thank You.

Adam said...

KASPERITIS IS ON WAIVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joshua said...

in the words of dumb and dumber: "PICK EM UP!"



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