Saturday, January 20, 2007

8 - 2


Last year.

Right before the Olympic break, the season was over.

Its only just beginning now.

If you could of come up with a better ending to the first half of the season, you're money because the game tonight was as close to completely fulfilling as I remember in a long time.

Things started out dreary enough though, as the Leafs Jeff O'Neill scored and the large Maple Leaf traveling fan base was into it.
O'Neill, a guest performer at Ryan Malone's magic show, promptly disappeared the rest of the night.

Leaf Nation's celebration was short lived, as Geno Malkin took over. Malkin hit Jordan Staal with a pass in front of the net, and as he always seems to do, Staal finished. Staal is having himself an incredible year.
Thats a goal....sorry Leafs

This was only the start. The Pens would score 7 straight goals.
Anyone watching the game could tell Malkin was on another level tonight. Ever since he got off Crosby's line, he just seems better off. I almost lit myself on fire last week when I was reading someone on a message board actually complaining about Malkin.

Picture: A Maple Leafs' player touches Evgeni Malkin and melts into the ice.

Midway through the first , Jarko Rutuu got pulled down from behind on a breakaway. And you know what that means. Penalty shot time.

Anyone think Ruutu's move looked familiar?

Almost seamlessly, some jobber started a post on a message board calling for Rutuu to be included in all shootout lineups the rest of the year.

Mark Reechi got in on the act with a rare deflection goal on the power play.
Looking at the replay, its no question it went off his skate. No review needed though.

After another session of exchanging penalties, the Pens got another man advantage in the second. Mark Reechi got a sweet pass from Bing and smoked it past the hapless and generally disinterested Andrew Raycroft.

After some more penalties, the Pens got another 5-on-3 chance and finally scored. Crosby made a sick pass to Reechi... throw the hats.

After Reechi's third goal, you knew the Pens were gold. Crosby added a goal, so did Malone. My Dog Joey scored his second of the season.

Joey the dog, from Malkin and Whitney at the 13:55 mark.

The Leafs tried to get feisty and fight everyone.
Great job by Thorburn, Talbot, and Orpik sticking up for everyone.
Terrible recap tonight. Got a text from Adam just before I was getting ready to watch "Deep Impact" on TNT, so I was completely unprepared. If I missed anything, leave it in the comment section.

  • Reechi:3G, 1A
  • Malkin: 5A--Dominating performance
  • Crosby:1G, 2A
  • Gonchar: 3A
  • Ouellet: 1G,1A---starting to really come on
  • Pens 5 for 10 on powerplay
  • Fleury 26 saves
  • Tons of Leafs fans in town tonight
  • The Ref getting hurt was hilarious
  • How many times did the Refs get in the way tonight?
  • 8th straight sellout
  • Was there a fight in the stands?
  • Longest game of the season by far, almost 3 hours
  • If the playoffs started today, the Pens would be the 8th seed

Good night and Good luck


Jen said...

lol your dog is cute! Why are you always so hard on yourself on recaps?

the general, you salute me said...

there was like 4 fights in the stands tonight... i was in d7... the entire "would-be" student rush section was full of leaf's fans, and im happy to say that when they acted up, pens fans shut them up. a good bit of people were tossed out, and the last fight was during the 8th pens goal.....

this might sound sic.. but this actually made me happy... it shows that pens fans dont want out-of-towners coming in and taking over the arena... that seriously means alot... 'best fans in hockey' isnt a gift, its earned... congrats to the pens for the 'statement' game tonite and to the fans for stopping the invasion...

seth said...

first time in a very long while that we enter the all-star break currently in a playoff spot (8th in the East) GO PENS!!!

Anonymous said...

went to the game tonight section B 28...freebis, but the leafs fans tried their hardest to cheer thier leafs on early..behind me in front and to the side...but i stayed strong and chanted against...all they where saying to me.."them penguins gonna be in kansas city next year,EH"...and that is offically the most annoying word ever...EH....but they kept trying while down adn they had no buddy said it the best only good things from canada..Lemiuex Crosby and labat blue....and i threw in at least our cops have cars...most fun i ever had at a for fights there where about 7 or more and the real pittsburgh police had to come rip people out of their seats..crazy game crazy

Tee said...

nice job by thorburn to answer the bell against Hal "the jolly green giant" Gill and Orpik did a great job of putting an end to McCabe's shenanigans. I really wish we would have had Cairns for that game. Seems to be a trend here, we win and people try to take liberties with our stars.

Ok and no lie, I had a dream last night about Crosby getting boarded and laying on the ice bleeding his brains out ala Nick Kypreos. I hope to god I'm not one of those people that dreams the future.

All in all, the best game I've been able to watch this year. Bob Errey is absolutely hilarious. Steigy is starting to grow on me too, anyone else notice when he called Malkin a "FRISKY HORSE"? I probably laughed for 5 minutes at that.

Will, from Butler said...

everyone say it with me...


what a game, i had family in from Reno Nevada and they couldn't believe how young our guys were. I was a little bummed that i missed the fights in the third period but i listened to them, and thought that Bourque and Lange were going to fight someone next! I think the most impressive was when Malkin got attacked and Orpik came to his aid, that shows how tight this team has become since this last line adjustment.

Antonette said...

Oh fuck me, my VCR didn't tape the third period. Damndamndamn.

Nice recap. Sometimes these are better than watching the games.

Adam said...

Steigy is growing on me, also.

I laugh at Errey and Steighy at least 5 times a game now.

And not in a mean way.

Anonymous said...

i laughed when steigy had his little fit about ray ferraro and bob was like hey man, i respect him.

i thought steigy was going to kill him.


Anonymous said...

Ruutu!! Ray Ferraro is an idiot. Ruutu clearly has no business in the league (extrame sarcasim). I just wish that penalty shot took place during the Philly game. Would he of still had no business in the league then? Ferraro needs to learn to keep his big mouth shut. Bret Hull can do the same. Because he has some talent and he is a chippy player he sucks. That is dumbest thing I ever heard.

I could type all day this made me so damn mad.

Geeves said...

hey now, i think that penalty shot has at least earned ruutu a shot as the 4th shootout guy for one crack (instead of gonchar).

it would be nice to see you guys make SOME effort to spell ruutu and recchi right.

actually, thorburn fought mccabe, and i enjoyed mccabe falling on his tuchus when he finally took a punch.

wonder if Stall is approaching any sort of rookie record for "most lopsided season" (goals and assists)?

Stevens8204 said...

Congrats on the big win last nite...the blog looks really good..we have a lot of good posters and bloggers on Come check us out and spread the word. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

its recchi

Anonymous said...

Went to the game; sat in section C30. At least two fights broke out in the stands, we saw some leaf fans get kicked out over to our left, and a guy in our section got the boot too. Great game to see in person.

Arlow said...

DVE's Randy Baumann had a recap of his experience of the game on sat. this morning on my way to work. I hope I wasn't the only one who heard it. Hilarious! His quote: The fights in the stands started like the "wave", moving all around the arena. Man, I wish I could've been there for that. I guess the number of Leaf's fans present was sick.


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