Thursday, December 7, 2006

Very Poopy. Pens LOSE.

I am sick after watching this game. Physically ill.

Remembering the preseason expectations for the Pens this year always keeps me from throwing my left shoe through the television. It would cause serious damage, too, because my left shoe is pretty much the same size as my TV.

I didn't catch the first and second periods because I was stuck on the parking lot known as Interstate 79. Brutal traffic in the Pittsburgh area tonight.

From what I heard on the radio, it was a very physical game tonight. The Pens were killing penalties left and right early on.
Nils Ekman received an enema on a breakaway in the first period, which led to a penalty shot that he converted on. Some sicko saves by Fleury tonight, too.

Yeah, that's right.

Don't know much about the second period other than Crosby's coast-to-coast goal that gave the Penguins a seemingly comfortable 2-0 lead going into the third period.

Going into the third period, how could you not feel at ease with the game situation?
The Pens had basically run the show for the first two periods and were still doing it in the first part of the third. The boos were raining down from the cheap seats at the Garden as everything was going the Penguins way.
The Penguins got awarded a powerplay and that was the beginning of the end...for the Pens.

The Rangers scored a shorthanded goal on a deflection to make it 2-1.
After that goal, I farted and touched myself...and all of a sudden, Shanahan broke the sound barrier with a slapshot that got past Fleury to tie the game up.

The rest of the third period was very interesting hockey. The referees stopped calling penalties, and the game became roller derby on ice. Fleury made some key saves to (earn?) at least a point for the Pens.

The overtime period was all right, nothing to write home about or write on a blog about.

The shootout lineups were Malkin, Ekman, Crosby.
Shanahan, Matt Cullen, and probably Darius Kasparaitis.

Malkin came in and was stopped.
Shanahan came in after that and scored the only goal the Rangers needed.
The Pensblog has been forced to eat our words all year when it comes to Brendan Shanahan.


  • Crosby: 1 G
  • Fleury: 1 A
  • Shots: NYR (22) PENS (30)
  • Powerplay: NYR (1 for 6) PENS (1 for 3)
  • Micki DuPont looks like he belongs in the NHL. That might be a biased statement simply because he is right-handed.
  • What happened to all that "game-breaker" talk that surrounded Malkin before he came here?
  • When Sidney Crosby is possessed...and you still can't win...some changes have to be made.
  • Someone's gotta teach Fleury a new shoot-out move. The poke check is gay.
  • Orpik was laying everyone out tonight.
  • I applaud Malone for his hit on Jagr.
  • Speaking of which, Ryan Malone kinds looks like a different player after his injury.
  • Did I miss anything?


Eric said...

One thing, or rather player that really ate at me all game long, was Ryan Whitney. He had at least two key turnovers in the neutral zone, he was constantly out of position, and oh, he was on the ice during the shorthanded goal during which he skated around and PAST the net instead of staying in front to clear it out for Fleury. An earlier post by the Pensbloggers i think applies to this situation, Fleury can't be expected to box out the opposing team's forwards and make saves, that's what you have defenseman for. P.S. Mark Eaton, get better!

eh jeh said...

are the wheels officially off the wagon yet?

The ghost of seasons past has been rearing his ugly head... It is getting harder to keep the chin up.

I know... still a lot of hockey left to play.

and one other thing... why can't they EVER seem to clear the defensive zone when they need to?

Seth said...

4 wins in the last 17. I know I know, it happened after Eaton left but come on.. thats not ONLY because of Eaton. Even if he was around i'd give them maybe 2 more wins. There are a lot of holes we need to fill:

1. Scoring Winger
2. Defense
3. Special teams (quit dumping on the powerplay)

A few game notes.. Ekman made a nice move on the penatly shot. Crosby is a one man show. The refs tonight where horrible, missed a lot of calls. Penguins shootout = awful. I mean come on, make some kind of move please. And a note to fleury, if they shoot high, lift up your glove

Andrew said...

There is one thing you missed...

You missed the chance to use "Linda COHNED."

Oh, and you also missed me snapping my neck with the velocity my head fell in disappointment when Crosby missed in the shootout.

Anonymous said...

crosby cant do it all, bring in a veteran scorer! What happend to the Naslund talk?

chris said...

following this game, i almost felt as disappointed as losing four straight to adam in nhl 07.

expect some changes very soon...somebody's gone

Adam said...

I was yelling at Whitney all game.
He was guilty many times of this next topic:

Defensive zone woes...
One thing I learned playing defense at Bridgeville Hockey Arena: Look for somewhere to get it to before you get to the puck.
The Pens just blindly throw it to places where the other team is standing.
It's frustrating to watch

Yeah, it's convenient to blame this whole thing on Eaton.
No question it is a major reason why we're losing.
But there's other factors.

i went and threw cohned in there.

that is gold.

Derek said...


You want to talk about frustrating, try losing 7 straight EA sports baseball games to adam, I had this happen to me 2 years ago and I am still hurting.


Horrible loss tonight.. Brendan Shannan is on something, I could of not been any more wrong about one person. Unreal.

Ryan Malone was sick tonight..Whats up for Bob Errey and Paul Steigy-wad openly blaming everything on either Gonchar or Fluery...terrible they suck all the fun out of games.

Baker said...

Our wingers get caught cheating too far to the middle on just about every breakout. The puck gets wrapped around to the half boards when it's supposed to be but the wingers aren't getting there. I don't know if it's Therien's system on D that has the off-side winger collapsing so far into the middle, but they have to got to improve on getting the puck out of the defensive zone on the first try.

wes said...

Guys, I am embarassed to say that I fell asleep during the 3rd period of last night's game. However, my embarassment pails in comparison to the embarassing Pens and how they played in the 3rd period. I am genuinely heart broken for Crosby who is definately there to win the games night in and night out. I cannot say the same for some of these other schmucks who don the black, white, silver and gold (silver and gold). Recchi needs to pull a Ziggy ASAP. He is as worthless as tits on a bull. Dupont was so friggin close to getting that goal... unreal. That guy's got mad skill. Finally, someone needs to calm Yo Melichar down. He's taking penalities at all the wrong times.

Shorty said...

As soon as they scored the SH goal i think we all knew what was coming, espeically when the refs gave the Rangers their 79th pp of the night! And also ur right about Fleury, you can't just expect to poke check every shooter in the shootout. Use it sparingly to suprise shooters. That bush league crap may have worked in the AHL but not here.

Also thank god Sid has figured out that some1 other than Gonch needs to lug the puck outta the zone on the PP so they can take advantage of the team speed.

Anonymous said...

If you didn't see the first two periods then it should be re-iterated that Orpik was taking no prisioners. Easily the most physical game of the year for him.

Crosby's good, the rest of the team isn't. That about sums it up. You can really tell Malkin's going through an adjustment period getting used to the grind of an NHL season, the smaller ice, the faster play, the language, the culture, etc. It's not cause for concern, but he's not going to score 100 points his first year like Ovechkin or Crosby.

Nasreddeine, I thought did a very respectable job in his stint last year in the NHL. This year, he's looked nervous and a step slow. I hear prospect Ryan Lannon was playing better than Naz lately in the NHL, I wouldn't mind trading those two between the organization.

Dennis said...

So far in this year's shootouts we've hit the net like twice...thats horrible.


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