Tuesday, December 19, 2006

This was a very disturbing game to watch. The Pens had more issues than Sports Illustrated tonight.

I didn't catch the first period, and I was able to catch only the last ten minutes of the first period on the radio. As was the case with the Washington game last week, I run to my car after work to find the Pens already down 2-0. I hadn't hated my life all day (a record) until I heard Mike Lange say the Blues were up 2-0. Weight jobbed with a goal only 44 seconds into the game, and Dan Hinote scored five minutes later.

Considering the Blues were only 1-1-5 when leading after the first period, no one should have been the least bit worried.
Watching the first two minutes of the second period made me realize why the Pens were down.
Nothing was going right.
No bounces were going the Pens' way.
Their passes to each other were more terrible than the ones I make at the Sheetz MTO girl every day.
St. Louis was getting to every loose puck.
Is there any reason why the Pens didn't have a jump in their step tonight?
Is that Sheetz joke even funny?

While Pens fans were contemplating those questions, St. Louis scored again. Ryan Johnson made himself noticed (and put his name on the ballot for the NHL's most boring name contest) by making it 3-0. Fleury was pulled after that goal, and the rest of the second was garbage.

" Dude, I'll give you 20 bucks if you let us score a goal. "

If you didn't watch the third period, it's easy to re-create those 20 minutes: Go stare at a wall and have someone crap on your bed.

Crosby assisted on a Malkin goal semi-early in the third to pump everyone up. Right there, you know the Pens possessed the firepower to come back. You felt good until the Blues came into the zone with the puck and you realized the Pens couldn't give up any more goals.
Billy Guerin scored a little more than a minute after Malkin did to make it 4-1.
That was it.

  • Crosby: 1 A
  • Malkin: 1 G
  • Fleury: 3 GA on 12 shots
  • Thibault: Nice performance in relief duty.
  • Shots: 26 apiece
  • Powerplay: STL ( 0 for 3 ) PENS ( 1 -8 )
  • That Isle of Capri chant with 5 minutes left in the third was glorious.
  • There's really nothing to mention about this game...other than it seems like it took place in an alternate universe.
  • If we're 1 or 2 points out of a playoff spot this year, it's gonna be torture to look back on this game.
  • We hate to lose, but the Blues have been the Western Conference version of the Pens. I'm not saying we should be happy that they won tonight, but we know what it feels like.

Since the Pens game left us thirsting for NHL action, we've thrown in a tiny NHL recap.
Only a couple links because the games aren't finished.

Montreal went into Buffalo and left with a 5-2 win. The Habs are tough.
I'm glad I own a Montreal Canadiens t-shirt...just so I can jump on their bandwagon in the playoffs. That's allowed if your team doesn't make it.

Tampa Bay beats Washington 5-4 tonight. Kris Beech scores for Washington.

Carolina helps out...no one, really...by beating Philly 2-1.

The Islanders beat the Rangers 4-3. Jason Blake with a hat trick, Jagr with two goals.

Atlanta and New Jersey are tied at 3 late. If both the Rangers and Devils lose in regulation tonight, it would really take the sting off this Blues loss.

There are three Western Conference games that no one cares about unless you care about them.

Florida is owning Toronto 6-1 with a little bit of time left in the game.

And, finally, The Pensblog Curse aimed toward Dany Heatley has spread to the entire Ottawa Senators team. They get crushed by the Bruins tonight.

Dany Heatley drives to the net.


Anonymous said...

who was miked tonight?

my mom said somebody was miked and like said to crosby during the game: "so, you have a ride home tonight?"

anyone else know what was going on with that?


Adam said...

i have no idea.

Anonymous said...

10:00AM cant come any faster...........


seth said...

Three things:

1. I dont care what anyone says, I hate Thibault. The 4th st louis goal was probable the softest thing I've ever seen. Terrible

2. If we're out of the playoffs by 3 or 4 points, it's this game and the florida game. Two should have been easy wins

3. Isle of Capris baby

Elly said...

I think that was the worst game I have watched in a long time. St. Louis was playing like they were possessed...and the Pens looked very troubled and completely out of sorts. Very depressing.

Malone was mic'd tonight, and he asked Crosby if he felt old. I didn't hear anything about a ride home, though. Malone also had a gem of, 'win the battle, win the battle...we're not winning the battle'.

Colcloughs Hands said...

after watching that game i wasnt sure whether it was pens vs blues 2006 or pens vs blues 2003.
i dont even wanna talk about this game.
i wish i could sleep :(

seth said...

A few things i forgot to add:

1. This was the worst game i have ever been to since the minnesota 5-0 loss last year. That game still hurts

2. Recchi and Malone.. unimpressive

Colcloughs Hands said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Colcloughs Hands said...

if this decision gets delayed this towns gonna be more unsettled than john steigerwalds moustache.......

Adam said...


props to seth being at possibly the worst game of the season

Tippy said...

someone mentioned elsewhere that the pens had their team xmas party the night before last, so maybe they were all hungover, who knows. it's as good an explanation as any.

what was UP with dominic moore being a healthy scratch??

And Lange Will Lead Us said...

Jesus...I didn't even realize Moore was out until I read that and I watched the entire game.

I'll be in the corner punching myself in the nuts if anyone needs anything.

dogwithshftyeyes said...

correct me if im wrong but i believe the pens snapped their 17 game losing streak in a game against the blues a few years back. the ironing is delicious.

Chris said...

I wanted to throw my Nintendo Wii-Remote at the screen every time I heard that piece of crap announcer say," Man-Power Advantage!" WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SHIT. I seriously hate that dude. I usually give those guys a break, but not tonight, not after watching that crap. F.

Anonymous said...

I'm an exBurgher that has to get Center Ice to see all the games, and I thought this was interesting...

I happened to flip to MSG to watch the opening of the Rags/Fishsticks game. The Rangers were honoring Jags and Shanahan for their 600 goals. They gave them nice looking silver sticks. They had Shanny's mother, wife and kids out there as well as Jarda's parents and smokin blonde girlfriend.

Then they had surprises, members of the 600 goal club. For Shanahan they brought out former Detroit teammate Steve Yzerman. Then for Jagr (who I haven't seen smile for years and years) it was none other than the Big Guy, Mario Lemieux.

Mario looked downright pale during his last press conference, but on the eve of the huge slot announcement, I thought it was cool he'd go to Manhattan for Jagr. Like I said JJ was so happy, you could just tell and they had several hugs, handshakes and were talking obviously a lot.

Lemieux also got a very nice ovation by the Ranger crowd, something that surprised me.

It was a very classy tribute for Jagr and Shanahan.

Adam said...

holy crap.

dominic moore. that didnt even occur to me. wow.

that's cool about that jagr thing in new york.
sad thing is jagr is gonna surpass mario's career totals in the next couple years.

it's 9:27 AM right now.
my shirt is drenched in sweat.
i'm peeing every 5 minutes.
i've vomited on my keyboard 4 times.
biggest day that the bible never mentioned.

loralei said...

If anyone else is sadly stuck at work like me, there is live video on kdka.com. There is nothing happening yet though... Just a whole lot of Jon Delano setting up.

wes said...


wes said...


scott said...

Fleury's save % has plummeted to .897, 30th in the league. This is a huge issue no one is talking about. So much for "taking that next step."


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