Friday, December 15, 2006

A couple of months ago some jobber on made a list of best players by uniform numbers.
So of course that got us thinking about a Penguins version, and thanks to Pensblog friend Stephanie S., we got our hands on a 2006-07 Penguins Media Guide, which includes every uniform number that has been worn by a Penguin.

So without further teasing, we present the best, the worst, and basically some funny names that have worn Penguins jerseys. And since we are such nice guys, and have an incredible amount off free time on our hands, every player is linked to hockey database.

Enjoy, and if you think a certain player deserves to make the list or if you just think our blog sucks, let us know in the comment section.

Worst player in parentheses

  1. Wendell Young and Johan Hedberg (Hank Bassen? love the name Hank)
  2. Jim Paek, Chris Tamer (Chris Dahlquist)
  3. Grant Jennings (Stefan Bergkvist)
  4. Kevin Hatcher (we have a Gord Dineen mention)
  5. Ulf Samuelsson (Brad Werenka, I just vomited on the keyboard)
  6. Bob Boughner (the running joke Neil Wilkinson)
  7. Joey Mullen (Rob Buskas)
  8. Mark Recchi,Rick Kehoe (he was huge) ( Gary Valk, enough said)
  9. Dan Quinn, Len Barrie, Andy Bathgate ( Andrew McBain?)
  10. Ron Francis (Ron Duguay, great name)
  11. John Cullen, Daruis Kasparaitis, had to. (Lasse Pirjeta,Shawn Antoski)
  12. Bob Errey (Billy Tibbets, and look at this name: Mitch Lamoruex -- does he exist?)
  13. (Jim Hamilton, Charlie Simmer).. only two to ever wear 13
  14. Stu Barnes, Jock Callander(gold)..( Chris Kontos)
  15. Shawn McEachern...(Robert Dome, Dimitri Mironov, really bad, Wayne Primeau)
  16. Jay Caufield (Jay Caufield, Kris Beech, and the immortal Joe Dziedzic)
  17. Tomas Sandstrom, one of the Pensblog favorites..(Tom Chorske, Toby Petersen)
  18. This Hurts, Francois Leroux (Steve Webb)
  19. Jean Pronovost -- apparently this guy was money. (Rico Fata)
  20. Robert Lang, Luc Robitaille. ( Roman Oksiuta)
  21. Michel Briere
  22. Rick Tocchet, Paul Stanton (Sven Butenschon)
  23. Kjell Samuelsson (Steve McKenna)
  24. Troy Loney, Ian Moran (Bob Paradise -- best name ever)
  25. Kevin Stevens (Alex Stojanov)
  26. Syl Apps (Landon Wilson)
  27. Alexei Kovalev (Jim Morrison - Number 27, too. That's bizarre.)
  28. Gordie Roberts (Jeff Christian, Craig Muni)
  29. Phil Bourque (Krzysztof Oliwa)
  30. Les Binkley (Jean Sebastien Aubin)
  31. Ken Wregget (Rich Tabaracci, Rich Parent)
  32. Peter Taglianetti (the lovable Dick Tarnstrom)
  33. Jim Mckenzie, Zarley Zalapski (Alex Hicks)
  34. Scott Young (Ted Nolan -- yeah, that Ted Nolan)
  35. Tom Barrasso (Darren Lowe)
  36. Matthew Barnaby (Brad Lauer)
  37. Kip Miller (Micah Samuelsson, Ryan Vandenbussche)
  38. Jiri Hrdina (Jan Hrdina)
  39. Mike Needham (Joel Bouchard)
  40. Frank Pietrangelo (Patrick Lalime)
  41. Shane Endicott (Shane Endicott)
  42. Tuomas Gronman (only Penguin to ever wear 42)
  43. Jeff Daniels (Thomas Surovy)
  44. Rob Brown (Drake Berehowsky)
  45. Mike Needham (Playoffs only)
  46. Pavel Skrbek (Pavel Skrbek)
  47. Maxim Galanov, horrid
  48. Jeff Serowik (Jeff Serowik)
  49. Greg Andrusak, great player... well not really.
  50. Martin Brochu
  51. David Roche
  52. Rusty Fitzgerald
  53. n/a
  54. Greg Hawgood
  55. Larry Murphy
  56. Sergei Zubov
  57. Chris Ferraro of the Ferraro twins
  58. nope
  59. nope
  60. nope
  61. nope
  62. nope
  63. nope
  64. nope
  65. nope
  66. Mario Lemieux
  67. nope
  68. Jaromir Jagr
  69. nope
  70. nope
  71. Evgeni Malkin, Jiri Slegr
  72. Eric Meloche
  73. nope
  74. nope
  75. nope
  76. Richard Park
  77. Paul Coffey
  78. nope
  79. nope
  80. nope
  81. nope
  82. Martin Straka
  83. nope
  84. nope
  85. Petr Klima
  86. nope
  87. Sidney Crosby
  88. nope
  89. nope
  90. nope
  91. nope
  92. Rick Tocchet
  93. Petr Nedved
  94. nope
  95. Aleksey Morozov


Teej said...

Markus Naslund wore #29 I think. Oh and how could you have already forgotten (Konstantin Koltsov)? I did too, btw.

Caucasion Invasion said...

#58: My boy Letang!

loralei said...

They have this show up here in Boston called "Be a Bruin" its a reality show based on a bunch of guys trying out for a spot in training camp with the Bruins. Billy Tibbets won it, but then was cut at some point during training camp and i think he got arrested
again but i'm not sure. A friend of mine grew up with him. Apparently his escapades are stuff of legend up here.

Joe said...

on the grounds that Malkin has almost as many points with the pens at this point in the season than slegr did in any whole season....well, just sayin...#71 might need to be changed...

loralei said...

Because i am hung over as i had my last final last night and i am stuck at work (and dont actually want to do any work) I will provide you with my thoughts. You are so lucky...

4. I hated Kevin Hatcher. One of my favorite Penguin game memories was at a Pens v. Dallas Stars game. Kevin Hatcher (then playing for the Penguins) went behind his own net to get the puck and Bob Errey (then w/ the Stars) came full steam ahead and just obliterated Hatcher against the boards (take some notes Colby cause this is how its done). It was awesome. People cheered too. Everybody loves Bob Errey.

9. Dont forget Ron Francis wore 9 too for the 1st Stanley Cup year. Get Danny Quinn outta there. He so doesnt belong in there w/ Andy Bathgate.

10. Ron Dugay was a pretty awesome defenseman in his day

33. Jim McKensie d/n belong in the same breath as Zarley Zalapski. Besides the fact that he had one of the best hockey names ever, he was one of the anchors ont the "Double Trouble" power play of Paul Coffey 77, Robbie Brown 44, Mario 66 and Dan Quinn 10 (we forgive Dan Quinn for messing up the scheme).

71. You put Sid on here by not Evgeni? I think you can get Jiri Slegr out of there...LOL

chris said...

haha....i don't know why he left malkin out...on purpose maybe

ill fix it so we don't get raped

as for the other ones, ill wait for those jobbers to get back from work so we can have some nice wholesome arguments haha :)

go pens

HUGE game tonight

Anonymous said...

how many Samuelson's did we have?

and did they all kick peoples asses?


I need a pens win tonight to make my sickness go this sucks...i am throwing up so much that I feel like a Flyer.

Colcloughs Hands said...

what, no love for joe beranek? #18

wes said...

you guys have wayyyyyyyyy to much free time on your hands.....................

would you mind sharing any of it? i am busier than a one-armed paper hanger with the crabs.

Anonymous said...

Les Binkley may be the best penguin of all time, maybe only second to Artie (not Sam Mckenna from dirty work).....The Big 25! and Talbot needs to take it off because it should be retired...

Biggest game of the year tonight,i'll say it, we win tonight we make playoffs
(0-4 on Friday night games this year)

the flyers are to crosby
as the Islanders are to malkin?

Anonymous said...

Endicott wore 14.

Anonymous said...

Ron Dugay had a great looking wife too. Carol Ault is/was a model.

seth said...

READ THIS!!! I heard on Mark Madden's radio show that Balsillie pulled out his bid because the league made him guarentee that he wouldn't move the team. In a way it's good news because it pretty much guarentees the pens will stay in the 'burgh, but Madden made a good point to say we may end up with a bad owner who, in a few years, may not have the dough to keep Crosby. What does everybody think about that? I think it's HUGE news and i think the pensblog guys should do a blog about it, but thats just me.

Colcloughs Hands said...

remember a few months ago mark cuban said "i made a mistake, i should have bought the pittsburgh penguins?"..........

Joshua said...

Yeah you guys beat me to it!

He has withdrawn his offer!
Good sign!
Pittsburgh owes Gary Bettman a little favor now!

seth said...

i say pittsburgh owes bettman a bj.. a really good bj

Jas said...

Where are Wayne Van Dorp (22) and Mark Kachowksi (26)? And Gilles Meloche deserves a shout-out at 27...

Anonymous said...

I'm actually working on the exact same thing, albeit for all of Pittsburgh sports. You can read it soon at

Anonymous said...

wait a minute, you hated to put Leroux for the best player. Yea thats a tough one, but there actually was one worse?


wes said...

i commented back in the day... never trust a canuck.

wes said...

and what is the freaking problem with too many men on the ice every game? do like the lady in D2 said and CHANGE IT UP!!!!!!

Adrienne said...

43, surovy. Ouch :(


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