Monday, December 11, 2006

Oh man. PENS WIN.

"I almost went to sleep."

That quote sums up the first 26 minutes of this hockey game. Nothing is more disheartening than not getting off work until 7:20, racing to your car to turn the radio on...and hear the Penguins are already down 2-0. It was a long drive back into Oakland.

Five minutes into the game, Jaromir Beech scored a powerplay goal to give the Capilitos a 1-0 lead. Not to be outdone, Chris Clark (no relation to Dick Clark) scored 46 seconds later and the Pens were down 2-0 that fast. Holy crap.

Hey, it's me Dick Clark. My family let me humiliate myself on New Year's Eve 2004.
I'm not an ass, but that 2004 New Year's Celebration was the most awkward thing I've ever watched...
and I've watched my grandmothers make out.

After making some toaster strudels for dinner, the second period commenced. It only took three minutes for Chris Clark to score again for the Caps. It was 3-0, and it occurred to me then that the Pens would have to score four goals tonight to win. As I was putting the proverbial period at the end of that sentence in my head, Brooks Laich scored a shorthanded goal for Washington. That name sounds made up.

But, hold the phone. Just when I started praying Alexander Semin would score just so I could make Semin jokes in the recap, Maxime Talbot beats Olaf Kolzig to make it 4-1. The riveting Versus announcers made it abundantly clear with their call of the goal: "...yeah, I have a pet monkey and it likes to thr -- Hey, Penguins scored. Who is that -- Tallbott? The Penguins Hey, was Crosby on the ice? Crosby wasn't on the ice, but I bet he had something to do with that goal. Crosby is amazing. Him and Ovechkin are two young stars in this league."

That was only seven minutes into the second period. The Penguins had to weather more storms than New Orleans for the rest of the second...with Fleury making some big saves.
With less than two minutes left in the second, Erik Christensen (cough cough) snapped a shot past Ollie to make it 4-2. Oh, hey. The third period might be all right.
35 seconds later, Malkin gets the puck to the slot where Crosby is waiting to put it into the net.
Wow. 4-3 going into the third.

About three minutes into the third, an excellent shift by Malkin, Crosby, and Ryan Malone is awarded with a huge goal by the "game-breaker". Malkin's play has elevated dramatically in the last few games. Therrien, who showed Malkin naked pictures of himself in a recent conversation with the young star in order to motivate Malkin, has to be pleased.

Wooooo. We won. I can't wait to go to The Pensblog and see who they took an inappropriate cheap shot at today.

The rest of third period consisted of Versus commentators talking about Ovechkin and Crosby.
Reading the box score after the game, I realized that there were other players that played in the game tonight.
Pens had to survive a couple penalty kills in the third period and overtime.

Malkin gets called for a vicious elbow late in the third.

An uneventful overtime period brought the game into a shootout.
With the Pens donning rally caps, the shootout began with Christensen (ah-choo!) scoring on the first shot. A jobber defenseman came down for the Caps and Fleury robbed him like a chicken.

Crosby came down the ice and took a dump in the crease. Ovechkin responded with a goal.
Malkin came down, and with the brass of a riverboat gambler, deked Kolzig out of his pants. His wife is gonna divorce him after embarrassing his family like that.

Dick Clark makes another appearance as the final shootout participant. He aims for Fleury's catching glove and hits it. Game.

  • Crosby: 1 G, 1 A
  • Malkin: 1 G, 1 A
  • Dick Clark: 3 Points
  • Shots: WSH (33) PENS (35)
  • Powerplay: WSH ( 1 for 6 ) PENS ( 0 for 2 )
  • Toaster Strudels: 3
  • Paul Simon said it best about Olaf Kolzig: "Still Owning You After All These Years"
  • If the Versus guy would have said "stick-to-itiveness" one more time, I don't even know.
  • I don't think I missed it, but these guys fellatiaze all over Crosby and Ovechkin all game...and don't even mention the prospect of them playing on the same line in the All-Star Game?
  • Haha. Just turned to ESPN for Sportscenter and forgot there was football on tonight.
  • Brooks Orpik turned the game around tonight. He left the game after delivering a bone-jarring hit. Did the game change due to his huge hit? Or simply because he left the game? Hmmm.
  • Did you see Semin get splattered all over the glass with that huge hit in the second period?.............I couldn't resist.



Scott said...

At 4-0 i thought i better just stop watchin and then 3 quick goals and im pumped. Malkin goes flyin through the crease as we tie it and later wins it in shootout...great game

ghost of randy cunneyworth said...

im starting to realize that it takes an hour or so to post recaps. it has become part of my routine.

great recap.
great blog.
great win tonight.

Anonymous said...

what was the racist joke dennis mentioned in the last blogs comments?

i mean, i thought bob and paul weren't that good of announcers, these guys are just pathetic.

first, they call malkin "malkin-in"
then, they said washington got a huge win against pittsburgh friday night???????????

it was philly idiots.

also, this "crosby vs ovechkin" thing those announcers keep saying. yea, it was cool last year the first and second time they met, now its just getting old. real fast.

another thing, if i would have heard that guy say "the penguins are in the white sweaters" one more time, i was gonna flip out.

not to rip on dupont, but did some of those goals look like he was at fault? also, how bout when orpik got owned by ovechkin turning that into the second goal was it?


Adam said...

yeah, dupont can be blamed for a couple, i think.

orpik "got served" by ovie.

Derek said...

I thought reechi was horrible tonight.... he blew two straight 3 on 1's

and that 4th goal I believe was his fault...

biggest win of the season.. 5 points out of a possible 6 on this road trip.. compared to were we were at last week... I will take it

Baker said...

Recchi had a bad night tonight.

Ovechkin bone collected Orpik.

Malkin and Crosby spend a good deal of time in the penalty box. A ref once told me (in reference to why i spent so much time in the box), however, that the best players bring the kind of energy and intensity to the rink on every shift that puts them on the border of either making a huge play or getting penalized. It's good to see that night in and night out they're playing on the edge and putting everything on the line so this team can win.

Dupont looked very shaky, so did Gonchar. However, putting Crosby and Malkin together, which I read on was a brilliant move by Therien, (I think they had brilliant confused with obvious) really changed the complexion of the game. Washington didn't have enough of a defensive presence to stop the two of them on the ice together. Combine that with Malone acting as a pile-on in the corners, you get a 4 goal comeback and a 5-4 Shootout win.

Screw the Flyers.

eh jeh said...

I love toaster strudels.

The cherry ones are my favorite.

Anonymous said...

2 words.... Eric Christensen

I'll admit, the first few games after he was called up, I doubted him, didn't think he was ready to be a consistant 2nd or 3rd liner. I realize after the last 3 games though, I, along with probably alot of other people, were wrong. The kid is stepping up. Hell with Oulette being the 3rd guy who puts the puck in the net, I think Christensen is ready.

Washington85 said...

I missed the game but it was about 10 something maybe and i just hear the PA announcer sau.."the Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Capitals in a shootout 5-4" and everyone just erupts! everyone was pumped

kempe40 said...

OK, here i go. i have been reading this blog for about a month now, love it. first time i have posted something.

anyways, i was at the game tonight. havent seen the pens in person for 3 or 4 years now. last game i saw in the igloo, they lost to the thrashers by the all-star game score of 7-4.

anyways, tonight was unbelieveable. after it was 4-0, i wanted the $80 i spent on two tickets back. then it was 4-1. then there was a great fight. then they made it 4-3 by the end of the 2nd. you guys watched it, you know the rest.

i was just going crazy, and i swear half the crowd at the verizon center were pens fans.

a few notes.

that was the second greatest pens game i have ever seen in person. the first was this particular game on either dec. 27 or 28th of 2000 i think against the maple leafs where one mario lemeiux came out of retirement. he had a goal and two assists and garth blow had 40 saves in a shutout.

i saw a caps fan with a #28 jersey. the name on the back said Jizz. i swear i am not lying.

they put pictures of sidney that said "im thirsty" in all the urinals. stay classy washington.

the jumbotron had the fans text message who was the biggest rival of the caps. their choices were the pens, flyers, and thrashers. i like how two of those teams are not even in their division. by the way, the pens won that vote handily. apparently they are our rivals. losers. seems they still havent gotten over the 90's yet.

chris said...

haha...thanks for postin, and thanks for all the great comments everyone :)

Jay...the racist comment was, "Well, Cap's fans of all colors are joining in the celebrating of that goal." (or something like that) He continued, "Caps fans of all JERSEY colors that is, those red, white, and blue jerseys blah blah blah." haha

food for thought - anyone else notice how many times MALONE falls over during a game??

huge wins these past two nights

go pens!

Derek said...


Unreal man.. thanks for reading the blog. I cannot believe they put sids picture in the pisser.. great stuff..

Did anyone else think tonights game summed up the Pens-caps series quite nicely. Caps jump out to huge lead (like when they lead 3-1 in what seemed like every series) Pens come back, break their hearts..I was waiting for Joe Juneau(sp)to blow a scoring chance.

I love it

Derek said...


Malone falls over 6 times a game,

But I think he has been playing pretty well.. but I am so tired I am drunk with pens madness.

Joshua said...

Yeah alot of pens are falling down for some reason. They are all falling trying to get the Konstantine Koltsov award at the end of the season. He was a man who truly fell 3-4 times a game.

Great game tonight. Unfortunatly I was ref'in games at the ice center. I looked through the glass, through a door window to a TV to see Malkin score.

Derek said...


One thing you may not know is that Adam and myself to a much lesser skill level are umpires in the summer... ref'n ain't easy man.. what skill level do you do?

Seth said...

Just a few short things:

1. The Pens defense played horrbily tonight, especially in the beginning stretch of the game. Fleury can't be blamed at all, he played very well.

2. I agree with Jay, the announcer said at least 5 or 6 times "The Penguins are in the road white sweaters." Thanks captain obvious, you just made all of us collectively less intelligent

3. Read on ESPN that tonight's game was not a sellout in Washington. That just shocks me. How can the next big rivalry of crosby v. ovechkin, throwing in malkin and semin, not attract a sellout crowd? Especially the first meeting of the year. Shame on you, Capitals fans, shame on you!

seth said...

To add to my 3rd note (forgot to mention it).. that's like saying, "oh lemieux and gretzky are facing off tonight? Nah, i dont want to go." I'll leave it at that

wes said...

great game. one of the most entertaining all year. the pens beat the caps last year by a similar score the first time they met. i can remember sitting in the F section and at the end of the first period everyone gave a standing O because we were winning 4-0. at the end of the game, we were all breathing heavy because we barely won 5-4. this was back when the pens would play a period a night, at most.

i am pretty sure in the game last year that recchi sucked, but not as bad as he did last night. talk about an all time low. did you know he is the leading vote getter amongst forwards for the ALL-STUNK GAME?

back to last night... i turned to my fiance after christensen scored the 2nd goal and i said to her "we are NOT going to lose this game, we can't"

i'm glad it worked out. since half the team is now younger than me (just turned 24 the other day) I can safely say these *kids* worked their asses off to win this game.

i cannot wait until feb 3 and the next meeting with alexander "the jungle animal" ovechkin. thanks for the nickname, bill clement. doofus.

Anonymous said...

the game wasn't a sell out? God I remember when they banned Pens fans from Washington. You couldn't buy a ticket witha western PA zip code. But we still went down there like this remind me of a couple of things...

1. the 4 overtime game when Nedved won it.

2. My favorite player Francois Leroux getting into a fight and then clothlining Kolzig.

i am still the only one (including his mother) to own his jersey.


Gavin said...

A rare serious question: How do we manage to get at least one Too Many Men penalty every single game? Is it because Therrien loves to play musical lines or some other reason I haven't contemplated? In all my years around the game of hockey I've never seen anything like it - it really isn't that tough to change lines without getting penalized, especially at this level.

Great win. Good move putting Malone on the first line - he did all the dirty work in the corners and won a lot of fifty-fifty battles allowing Crosby and Malkin many good scoring opportunities. I really hope Christensen doesn't hit a dry spell this time around, the kid has way too much game not to be a top two line player in this league, plus he's sick in shootouts.

And Lange Will Lead Us said...

Thank you for confirming my suspicion that I did in fact hear the VS. announcer say "Stick-to-itiveness."

I've heard rumors that Mike Lange punches his own nuts when he hears "sportscasting" like this. If so, there can't be much left down there after listening to those dudes last night. Maybe two sunflower seeds and an eyelash sized pube...Maybe.

Anyway, great recap from a fun game. Can anyone confirm if Recchi participated in the rally cap madness? I somehow suspect he didn't. Partially because he hates Christmas.

Adam said...

i loved malone on that top line, too.

Capitals didn't expect it, so when Terry put Malsby on the top line, it was money in the bank.

I bet Recchi didn't do the rally cap thing, either.
because "he hates christmas" haha.

Teej said...

some personal stuff went on last night so I couldn't catch the game... looks like I missed a good one... anyone have a gun?

Wasn't the game when Leroux fought Kolzig the same game that Alek "Markus Naslund" Stojanov and Mark "Troy Loney" Tinordi bloodied each other up pretty good? The latter is what I remember most, because my dad and I were at that game and snuck down to the glass at the end and it happened basically right after we got there... it all went down right in front of us, one of the most memorable games I've ever been to. Other than the 7-6 OT win I went to when "Downtown" Rob Brown got the winner...

Steph said...

Good to see I'm not the only one who was sick of hearing about Crosby and Ovech about five minutes into the broadcast. God those OLN guys are awful--I think the shining moment for me is when they proclaimed Ovechkin's little shootout goal victory dance as something that could have caused "slipp-age of disc-age".

At least the game made up for it.

Joshua said...


I'm not USA Hockey certified, but I ref an adult recreational league and a competitive leauge.

You'd never guess that the Adults were the more competitive ones.

A quote from sundays adult game: "Ref Im really pissed at you, drop the damn puck"

Shorty said...

WOW! What a glad i upgraded my cable yesterday to make sure i got it! So this was my 1st ever VS game i've watched but heard how bad the announcers were but couldn't imagine they were that bad. At one point they said how Oeullet was one of the Pens other weapons b/c he was a left handed shot!!! um...he's like one the 3 righties we have.

Also i think this was the 1st time i ever saw AO get an assist where he attempted to pass the puck and not have some1 bang home one of his rebounds...kudos to him, he's learning to be a team

Steph said...

Oh and let's not forget "shooting utensil" as a synonym for "stick"

Tawm said...

I know everyone says it, but god do i hate the versus guys. they are horrible, except Eddie O. of course. I swear Brian Engblom is trying to be like Barry Melrose with that god awful mullet. Looks like something died on his head. You think someone would say something to him.

Gaundi said...

I had quite a night with this game.

First of all, I love talbot and got a little semi when he rung one off the post for a 5 on 5 goal.

The goal by Christensen looked like kovalev and I had fin with it as i desperately called out, "GOAL" at the moment he pulled up to shoot.

Crosby's release is too fast for me to predict on the fly, but I managed to prove a buddy of mine by predicting a goal before the end of the period while they skated down the rink after the washington icing (I'd rather take a penalty than ice the puck with Crosby and Malkin on the ice against my... ANY line).

And after we tied, and ultimately won in the shootout I got some satisfaction in shunning the nonbeliever, who declared the game over at 0-1 in the first period.

Another HUGE win, and yet another multipoint game for crosby and malkin.

Baker said...

Yes, Recchi did participate in the rally cap proceedings. I watched the game with the boys up here at PSU and we all witnessed it and afterwords all stated that we were checking to see if he had.

And in response to an earlier quote, when did AO try to pass the puck for an assist? Both times he took shots and the rebound was put in by Clark.

Alexander Semin=WOW. That kid can shoot the puck. I really hope that the Caps-Pens rivalry heats back up. With the offensive fire-power both teams displayed last nights and the fights and the chirping after the whistles, this could turn out to be one of the top rivalries of the new NHL.

Jas said...

I like how the OLN announcers went on for a couple minutes about how well Recchi has been playing lately and how he has done such a trememndous job this season after having difficulty re-adjusting to hockey after the labor stoppage. Meanwhile, the images OLN presented on my TV screen portrayed Recchi as a midget amputee with the decision-making ability of a retarded Patrick Swayze.

Anonymous said...

ha last game i mentioned how the "skies opened" because the pens won, and i dunno wut its like in pittsburgh but the skies here in altoona literally opened, its one of the mildest days in december ive seen in my 25 years...

chris said...

you guys all crack me up....great comments :)

Shorty said...

On the 2nd Clark goal AO i guess passed the puck after Fleury stopped him 2x and he had no angle w/ a dman all over him it looked as if he threw it to the slot for clark but ur probly right, it was most likely a shot attempt turned pass...he never passes

seth said...

i hate to be a dick about the stats, but malkin's at 15G 15A, not 14-16

seth said...

i shun you gaundi.. shunnnnn

chris said...

thanks seth

Dennis said...

Someone mentioned it earlier but it needs to be said again: the Pens fans in the crowd were just as loud as the Caps fans.

Sorta like when WVU comes to play Pitt at Heinz Field and 60% of the stadium is Mountaineer people.

Adam said...

how awesome was it waking up this morning...and it suddenly hits you that the pens won the night before.

Steeltown Mike said...

1) This is the first time I've read/heard the expression "robbed him like a chicken"

2) Lots of posts here, but no one mentioned Alain Nasreddine. I was working the radio shift so I didn't "see" it, but according to Lange and Bourque, it sounds like he played lights out after Orpik got sent off.

3) Anyone else (who listened to the radio broadcast) think the question during "Crash the Net" was almost defeatist? "Do you think the Penguins will be a Stanley Cup contender in 5 years?"

Personally, I hope it's a mite sooner than that. If there isn't instant success, pieces start going elsewhere rather than growing strong together as in the old days. Coaches bring in new philosophies, players have to develop a chemistry, etc.

4) Excellent job again, guys.

Anonymous said...

About fifty Pens fans and I went to the game, we're all transplants here in DC. Man, it couldn't have been better, the Caps fans' attitudes just made it all very amusing. The Pans:Caps ratio was honestly even, as usual. The Sid pics in the urinals was a classy touch. It's like "yeah, we get it, for some reason you don't like Crosby." Never underestimate the power of a twelve-year-old's mind. I guess when you don't really know the game all that well you start spending time around the men's urinals making jokes.

It's too bad we only see each other four times a year now.

chris said...

yeah, I never got how some fans boo the other team's good players even when they have no affiliation to that team (as in a previous player). I've heard Crosby booed in a few arenas...just because he whoops their ass?? haha

love it...go pens

Anonymous said...

shelly anderson writes another amazing article about mark recchi and how old he is.

good one shelly, bravo............................


Trent said...

Outstanding recap.
I've been to many Caps games.
They don't have fans, and the few they have, major inferiority complex.
They think roller and ice hockey are the same thing.
White trash.


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