Sunday, December 17, 2006

We're gonna take a look around the Atlantic Division, but first...we are proud to bring you the second round of Pensblog Sticker Book Scans. ( Click here for the first round )

1989-90 Calgary Flames -- ( Page 1 ) ( Page 2 ) -- Special request from Pensblog friend Bryan Bell.
1989-90 Montreal Canadiens -- ( Page 1 ) ( Page 2 )
1989-90 New York Islanders -- ( Page 1 ) ( Page 2 )
1989-90 Buffalo Sabres -- ( Page 1 ) ( Page 2 )

Any requests?

-- Thanks to commenter Seth for giving us this article: Penguins starting to entertain new buyers.'s Darren Dreger asks if Therrien should have let Crosby make history in his 6-point performance against Philly.
The Pensblog asks if Darren Dreger would shut up.

Hey it's me Darren Dreger. I make a living by throwing poop on

-- Jordan Staal makes's All-Surprise Team.

-- Could the slots license announcement be delayed?

The last time a slots license announcement was delayed, Jason Voorhees went nuts on people. Just a thought.

...Just pass the license, and let's avoid any mess.

-- Check out the poll from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette...
As of 9:00pm est, 2,486 votes for the Isle of Capri.
About 150 apiece for the other ones. But public opinion doesn't matter, huh?


The Rangers have been red hot, but the Devils smoked them like a (Mark?) Cuban tonight.

Kevin Weekes makes up for his horrid performance by breaking down to Michael Sembello's "Maniac".

As you can see from that awesome .gif image, the Pens are in the thick of the Atlantic Division race. Compared to last year at this time, you have to be pleased with where we're at.

The big news in the Atlantic this week was the Islanders trading defenseman Alexei Zhitnik to the Philadelphia Flyers for a box of Gushers.

Word to the wise: Don't Google image search "gushers" with kids in the room.

Pens play at home on Tuesday against St. Louis and at Atlanta on Thursday.

They don't play on Friday the 22nd, which is good because I'll be checking out my friend (and Pensblog commenter) Andrew's stand-up act at The Improv in Homestead. The show starts at 8:00. $10 gets you in.

We at the Pensblog are praying that our Christmas present for you guys is ready this week.
If you've been reading the site lately, you probably know what it is.

Sunday Night Awesomeness:

The look on the guy's face at the :24 mark is gold.


Anonymous said...

those sticker books are incredible.

was #99 ( didn't want to mention his name, haha ) with the kings or the oilers that year?

if i must make a request, it would have to be edmonton and detroit.

great site.

Anonymous said...

i almost pissed myself when i watched that "ayds" thing.

Andrew said...

Thanks for the shout-out. I've been pimpin the site on the sweet chalkboard wall at freestyles in washington every time I go...except, I'm pretty sure that Washington cokeheads are not your target demo, unless, well, they are.

seth said...

just a few small comments while i suffer from insomnia:

1. Hey Darren Dreger, you're a douche bag. Can't you be happy with 6 points? I couldn't even score 6 points in a season in high school hockey and sid has 6 in an NHL game (i'm not afraid to show my lack of skill)

2. The picture of the giraffe: priceless

3. Didn't notice until now, but in the article about Frank D'Angelo and Barry Sherman, it says they could finance a new arena if the IOC doesn't win. I'm thinking about proposing to those two.. any suggestions on where to get some rings?

Teej said...

The Gushers trade might be worth it... that stuff is the bomb.

Joshua said...

I would trade Ryan Whitney for a box of fruit roll-ups and a half eaten box of Teddy Grams if they turn down the cattle offer.

Gavin said...

You guys must have been pretty pissed after Upper St. Clair dismantled Bethlehem Liberty in the PIAA football finals. Between that and Malone's HT, it has been one heckuva week for the Panthers. Have you guys disowned Doug Rheam, pride of Canon McMillan, is rooming with the pride of USC, Sean Lee, up at Penn State. But the random giraffe is enough to make anyone laugh.

Anonymous said...

Xmas present for, all i got you was this stupid comment!


seth said...

It's official, Frank D'Angelo announced his bid. I have a really good feeling about this guy

Anonymous said...

I still have the 89-90 book myself, although I never completed it. The best was the 88-89 book with Mario on the cover; Clint Malarchuk appeared to have changed races in it.

Jas said...

I loved those sticker books... looking at those makes ya miss the old buildings from back in the day, like the Forum, the Aud, the Garden, etc... The cookie-cutter arenas nowadays are a bit of character lost by the NHL over the last 15 years... Chicago Stadium, the Cow Palace, Hartford's arena in the mall - all classics...

Adam said...

good ol' Doug Rheam.

Chris and I think Gabe played with him on the Canon Mac hockey team.

Those stickers books were everything to me. You can see on the silver logo stickers that I was repeatedly tracing over them while perfecting my drawing skills.

That 88-89 book sounds sick.
I always heard about the one where Lemieux graced the cover, but I thought it was a myth.

The omnipresent recap coming later tonight.
I'd estimate the time, but I'd be wrong and piss people off.

loralei said...

Check out the website guys, ( Mario released a statement today and had a press conference about Ball-Silly. He is PISSED. Ball-Silly is history...


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