Sunday, December 31, 2006


Hey, it's me -- Kansas City.
We offend Native Americans because it's fun.

The Kansas City Chiefs are in the NFL playoffs. They will play Indianapolis on Sunday at 1:00.

From now until Plan B is finalized, it's open-season on anything related to Kansas City.

Go Colts.


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Colcloughs Hands said...

happy new year pensblog nation

Scott said...

im sorry but i cant cheer for the colts...happy new year to u guys

Joe said...

colts' run D vs. LJ

but with Herm Edwards coaching

so he gets 31 yards on 7 swing passes or something

screw KC

buccoboo said...

Colts will blow it. You can't rely on them for anything. Think about last years Divisional Playoff game with the Steelers. Yeah, that went well. The officials even kept the Steelers from getting a turnover. Jerome Bettis even fumbled the ball.

The Colts will blow it.

Anonymous said...

kansas city scouts................
enough said


CDY said...

How do we get a New Year's Eve post without mentioning Mario's 5 goals 5 ways game against the Devils?

Happy New Year! Keep up the good work guys!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, that is sooooooooooooooooo offensive. Please stop!!!!!!
Give me a break! Lighten up and forget the p.c. crap.

Anonymous said...

If the city of Pittsburgh wants to ensure Pens don't leave, they'll get a deal done. If not then they'll have to deal with the fact that the city is another Buffalo. It's the city fathers who must get this achieved. Don't get pissed at the people of KC or Portland or Houston or whatever city may jump into the picture. Pittsburgh would do the same thing if roles were reversed.

Adam said...

we're just joking.

don't take anything on here seriously, please.

Derek said...

"Don't get pissed at the people of KC or Portland or Houston or whatever city may jump into the picture. Pittsburgh would do the same thing if roles were reversed."

Ok just because you told us not to , we are going to rage war against KC...

And I digress, I know speaking for myself, I would never seek to get another pro team via moving an entire franchise. ESPECIALLY if I had one, the scouts, and lost it.

and yea yea blah blah, you can rock the " don't blame us" card, but bottom line is Kansas City sucks.
(haha what a well educated setence)

Joshua said...

(from pittsburgh (AND DAMN PROUD OF IT))

You tell em Derek!

btw, nice graphic on the top of the page

Jas said...

Why did OJ want to move to Kansas City? Everybody shares the same DNA.

Did you hear that the mayor's mansion in Kansas City burned
down? Almost took out the whole trailer park.

How do you know when your staying in a Kansas City hotel? When you call the front desk and say "I've gotta leak in my sink" and the person at the front desk says "go ahead."

What does a girl from Kansas City say while she's having sex? Roll over Dad, you're crushing my cigarettes.

Chris said...

Don't get pissed off at KC because we are going to steal your shitty hockey team and bring it to die here.

steve speicher said...

four NHL fans are walking up a mountain, a pens fan a flyers fan a sabres fan and an ex scouts fan. they reach a cliff about 1000 feet up. the sabres fan says" im a sabre fan" and jumps off the cliff, next the flyers fan says, " im a flyer fan" and jumps off the cliff, finally the pens fan says im a PENS FAN DAMNIT and throws the guy from KC off the cliff


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