Saturday, December 23, 2006

Jingle Pucks

Well, since the last 72 hours have completely blinded us from anything going on elsewhere in the NHL, we figured it was time to move to some other news around the league, if only for therapy.


We missed the story of Rory Fitzpatrick, and shame on us for 6 weeks.

Apparently a fan website named, started writing in votes for Vancouver defense man Rory Fitzpatrick. And now Fitzpatrick is second in voted for d-men in the western conference. Unreal stuff.

Here is one of the commercials from the Vote For Rory Campaign:

We should have did this for Joe Melichar.
We are making our prediction, though. Fitzpatrick will be "injured" come time for the All-Star game.


The NHL talking about changing divisions up.

This would be the worst idea since Macaulay Culkin decided to grow up.

Was anyone bigger in the early 90's then Macaulay Culkin? Now he is eating dog food.

"The new divisions in the East: one would feature Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Buffalo, Boston, Pittsburgh and Western Conference alumni Columbus. The other division would include the New York Rangers, New York Islanders, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Washington, Tampa Bay, Florida and Carolina. The Caps rejoining their old Patrick Division rivals was a popular sentiment at Wednesday's meeting"

OK look, I don't remember a whole lot about the Patrick Division, being that I was like 8. But the Caps had bigger rivalries with the Flyers, Devils, Rangers, and Isles then the Penguins do? I am serious, someone explain, I have no idea.
Scott Nichol from Nashville got suspended for 9 games for his sucker punch on Jaroslav Spacek of the Sabres.

I couldn't find any video of it that I could get the link to. But watching it. I would have done the same thing Nichol did, and then I would of slammed Lindy Ruff 's head off the boards out of principal. Mind you this all changes if Nichol did this to a Penguin.

I guess Micheal Winbon from PTI wasn't happy, saying if this happened in the NBA people would be flipping out.

Mike, were fine on this one. No seriously we heard Lebron James took a dump, so you should go cover that, or something...dick

A brief look around some scores:

New Jersey over the Caps..4-1
Carolina takes a dump on the Isles
Columbus is red hot.. they beat the Canucks 3-2...Anson Carter with a goal against his former team.
Detroit wins 3-1 over the Wild
and last but not least.. the Blackhawks win over the Maple Leafs Peter Bondra scored his 500th career goal( I feel like 250 where against the pens)

Good night all and Keep your head up.


Scott said...

hey guys...i was at mellon arena tonite cause my younger brother had a basketball game and dan onorato was there for his kid and he walked past me and i said to my mom and not to him but i meant for him to hear it "that new arena would be nice" and he replied its on the way...i was about to start the save the pens chant but he left...and i got a new phone...all and all it was a good 16th b-day

CDY said...

These new divisions make total sense... why would the Devils, Rangers, Isles, and (most of all) Flyers want to be playing the Pens 8 times a year in the coming seasons. They know we're on the verge of a dynasty and don't want any piece of us. Or they didn't hear Jimmy Balls isn't buying the team and still think the Pens are moving to Hamilton.

I think it's classic that all the old Patrick owners are "excited" about being back in the same division as the Caps. Just like I'd be excited if the Pens were put in the same division as one of the worst franchises in the league. Then again, we are getting Boston and Toronto...

Joshua said...

(from pittsburgh)

There is a rally set for January 7th at 3pm. Right before the sold out bobblehead Malkin game.

There's gonna be a good amount of people there. Gate 1

Adam said...

Scott, that is excellent news.
Finally, we have something to chill us out a little bit.

CDY said...

Wish I could be there. Maybe I'll hold a one man rally at the Dallas game.

Anonymous said...

gate 1?

why not gate 8 where the student rush is going to be?

or maybe not. its up to you dude. just an idea.


Anonymous said...

The rally is 4 hours before the game starts. I think you'll be able to attend the rally and then go get in the student rush line. Except that the game is sold out and so you'd be student rushing for nothing.

loralei said...

Man you can mess w/ the old Patrick Division... It was brutal. It was the current division the Pens are in now and just add in the Caps. Everybody hated each other. They still do.

They tried this once before. They moved the Pens to the "northeast division" it was retarded. The Pens were w/ Boston, Montreal, Toronto etc. That lasted like 2 years and then they changed it back w/ they added Nashville & Atlanta to the league. Then they went to this 3 division format. It didnt work before and it wont work this time.

K-Block said...

About the division switching, can someone please explain the last part of this quote (from Yahoo) to me?

What remains to be seen is how the Thrashers and Jackets will feel about switching conferences. For Columbus, it appears to make sense to be in the same division as Ohio-based Pittsburgh...

Since when is Pittsburgh Ohio-based?

Joshua said...

Gate 1, there's more room there. Plus Gate 8 is like in the perverbial shithole, theres nothing back there. It would be more noticable to do it at gate 1.

3PM. Bring signs, your voice, warm clothes, friends, and some beer.

B.Bell said...

I am definately coming to the rally on the 7th. For now I'll jot it down (in pencil) on the ol' 12 month Millcraft Calandar.

Brother's (and Sister's) in Arms.

Adrienne said...

The new divisions are a TERRIBLE idea.
Yeah, it makes sense in regards to time zones and everything, but I hate what it would do to the playoffs.

Washington85 said...

I am saying lets do a "Vote For Eric Carins" campaign..his only stats this season 5 penalty minutes from the Ottawa game

Harry said...

The Rory Fitzpatrick thing is kinda like when the pirates launched the "Vote For Freddy" campaign. And see what happened. We CAN get Rory in the all star game. WE Will!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, except Freddy Sanchez was actually good

Harry said...

Good point. But it is a nice idea, a strong push for a blue collar player.

gercohen said...

Good coverage of the Rory Fitzpatrick phenomenon. See my catalogue of press and blog clips on the Rory all-star movement at


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