Sunday, December 10, 2006

Jagged Little NHL

" All right, it's Sunday Night. Where are you?
Just kickin' back from the things that you do. "

-- Pink's Sunday Night Football intro

" A football fan knows the anticipation of waiting all day for the big game. When you hear this song on Sunday nights you'll know the big game is about to kick off. ... We chose Pink as the signature voice because she is a tremendous talent with a crossover appeal that makes her relevant to all segments of our audience. "

-- NFL on NBC producer Fred Gaudelli



We're getting sick of the Atlantic Division, so we're gonna rock an NHL recap.

Who's the hottest team in the NHL right now?
Excluding Anaheim: We're giving the nod to the Edmonton Oilers, who have gone 7-2-1 in their last ten games to earn a share of first place in the Northwest Division.

Who's the saddest team in the NHL right now?
Columbus is starting to make some strides; can't choose them. Philadelphia is always in the running, but we have to give the award the St. Louis Blues.

What's even sadder?
We had to consider the Penguins when contemplating that question.


Anaheim is a disgusting 23-3-6 this year. 52 points.

Jagr is leading the league with 43 points.
Crosby is a nose hair behind him with 39 points.

In 21 games this year, Dominick Hasek has a 1.84 GAA. We went to the Detroit-Pens game this year; they are the Devils of the Western Conference.

You wouldn't think it, but Montreal has the third-best powerplay in the NHL ( 21.8 % ).

Ovechkin has bounced back from his bad start and is tied for third in goals (18) with Dany Heatley.

Make sure you pick up Dany Heatley's new video game in time for the Holidays

Evgeni Malkin is starting to pull away from Anze Kopitar, in terms of points scored.
If we have some fun with math, and give Malkin an extra 5 points for the four games he missed at the beginning of the year, Malkin would have 33 points and would be tied for 18th in the NHL.

Philadelphia's Kyle Calder has played 26 games and is a minus-20.

In case you were wondering why Yanic Perreault's name was mentioned in the Pens' post-lockout shopping spree: His 60.3% in the face-off circle is first in the NHL.

Speaking about rumored Penguins (at least on message boards), the Chicago Blackhawks signed winger Peter Bondra to a US $500,000, one-year deal.

Chicago is ranked 27th in goals for with 67... Buffalo leads the new NHL with 115 goals scored.

...In some somber NHL news, give this article a quick read...


Monday Night Hockey on Versus

PENS @ CAPS - 7:00


dogwithshftyeyes said...

would it be in poor taste to yell "that ain't bringin' snyder back!" if and when heatley scores his next goal at mellon arena?

Adam said...


I laugh at how no one in the media recognizes what Heatley got away with.

I don't laugh at the tragedy.

Derek said...

haha in case no one has figured it out, we are going to make fun of Dany Heatley as much as possible... travis roy is on vacation for the holiday season

wes said...

anyone else excited for the pens/caps in HD tonight?

Derek said...

I am really pumped for this game.. If the pens win.. it won't look like such a bad road trip.. washington is a trash team too, they will take some cheap shots....

and by the way post gazette. confirmed that there was a mistake in the 3 stars in atl.. armstrong was number 1.. I guess they got rucchin, who wears 20, and Army who wears 20 mixed up..

Go Pens!

Adam said...

An error in communication, not a lapse in judgment, appears to have been responsible for Atlanta center Steve Rucchin being named the No. 1 star in the Penguins' 4-3 overtime victory at Atlanta Saturday.

That honor apparently was intended for Penguins right winger Colby Armstrong, who scored the winning goal. Trouble is, both Rucchin and Armstrong wear No. 20, and there apparently was confusion over which was to be honored after Armstrong ended the game abruptly.

Of course, while that would explain how Armstrong was snubbed in favor of Rucchin, it doesn't shed any light on why Thrashers defenseman Shane Hnidy was selected ahead of Malkin as the No. 2 star.

----- Post-Gazette

Gavin said...

Just remind the Caps that they are still our playoff bitch and always will be.

FYI, I would rather have the fat guy from the original Nintendo Hockey than the Blades of Steel guy - he had a rocket blast from the point which could help the power play. And yes, I am analyzing fictitious video game players from 1990 and yes, I also realize just how sad this truly is.

chris said...

that nintendo hockey game was bad ass skinny dude..two medium sized..and one large guy


go pens

Teej said...

Good call gavin, on both points (about the Caps and Nintendo Ice Hockey). Almost all the time my team on Ice Hockey would be nothing but fat dudes... they were slow as balls, the kid on Paperboy was faster than that, but they could run up the score...

i need a girlfriend.

dogwithshftyeyes said...

is this pens/caps game on comcast hd tonight? i hate to be a downer but it says on mine that i'm getting a basketball game in hd instead :(

Andrew said...

The best Nintendo Ice Hockey team consists of 3 Medium Guys and a Fat Guy...the skinny guys are worthless. Maybe that's just because I'm prejudiced against them. Oh...and it has to be the Czech team.

Gavin said...

I always kept one skinny guy on the team along with my constant stable of fat guys because when you were preserving a lead, the skinny guy would just fly around the ice untouched for a good two minutes before anyone could catch him. He was just so much faster than everybody else, almost like LT in the original Tecmo Bowl when you couldn't even kick extra points without him blocking it. It was the equivalent of having Sid skating against a team of Francois Lerouxs.

And there goes five more minutes of my life I will never get back...

chris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chris said...

haha that game had a great tune too...

Teej said...

Don't be ashamed Gavin... it's fun reminiscing (sp?) with people you don't know.

wes said...

i still have adelphia... somehow... even though comcast was supposed to take over a month ago.

they always broadcast the versus games on INHD1 live which is channel 774 in pleasant hills. recently they have been simulcasting the FSN HD games on 769 (FSN HD) and 774 (INHD1) which weirds me out.

i heard comcast HD sucks. id love to stick with adelphia even if i don't get FOX.

so..... anyone remember the olie hot dog card? wasn't it posted here once?

Dennis said...

Holy hell we just got scored on by a crap goal. And then the announcer made a racist joke. And before he could even finish we got scored on by a guy in a mask that made him look like an effing 10 year old.

Wow. Great start boys.

Anonymous said...

i hate those two announcers. the penguins score: oh the pens scored


seriously, we can all tell who they are rooting for.


Adam said...

yeah, it's kind of ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

what was the racist joke dennis?

i mean, i thought bob and paul were that good, these guys are just pathetic.

first, they call malkin "malkin-in"
then, they said washington got a huge win against pittsburgh friday night???????????

it was philly idiots.


Scott said...

Comeback anyone...

Anonymous said...

what was the racist joke dennis?

i mean, i thought bob and paul weren't that good, these guys are just pathetic.

first, they call malkin "malkin-in"
then, they said washington got a huge win against pittsburgh friday night???????????

it was philly idiots.

also, this "crosby vs ovechkin" thing those announcers keep saying. yea, it was cool last year the first and second time they met, now its just getting old. real fast.

another thing, if i hear that guy say "the penguins are in the white sweaters" one more time, im gonna flip out.


Scott said...

Hell ya!!!! Rally caps baby!!


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