Monday, December 18, 2006

The Island of Dr. Capri

Before we get to the recap, we'd like to share something with you that we hope can become a recurring theme on the Pensblog.
We got an IM today from commenter Tee from Butler, PA.
He is a member of the U.S. Air Force and is stationed in Ramstein, Germany. He is also a graphic design artist. He has started the trend of user-submitted graphics.
It is my desktop wallpaper until someone dethrones him. Thank you, Tee.


Some quick links:

-- Mario Lemieux owns Jim Balsillie.
Mario is irate. Don't cross 66.

--- John Buccigross knocks out a huge column about everything that is going on in Pittsburgh. Haven't had time to read it yet. Thanks to Bake for the link.

--- Canadian brewery owner Frank D'Angelo expresses extreme interest in buying the Pens.
If you don't want to read the article, here is all you need to know:

" We have absolutely no intention of moving the team, " said D'Angelo.

D'Angelo said he and Sherman could finance an arena, if necessary, because one of his products, Steelback beer, would benefit from the rink's naming rights and being able to supply beverages for the facility.

" SteelBack Center "
I kinda like it.

Hell, at this point, I would take " The Homo Center ".

...We might have to fight for those naming rights, though.

-- Our friends at the Dear Trendy Hockey Fan Girls -- Die Facebook group have found a sworn enemy in the RYAN MALONE IS A SEXY BEAST Facebook group. We're definitely gonna keep our eye on that as it unfolds.


The NHL is slower than John Leclair tonight; only two games.

Versus had the Jackets and Wings... and it wasn't a bad game...Blue Jackets win 4-3
Sergei Fedorov went nuts on his old team. Columbus is 7-4-2 under Ken Hitchcock, but word has it Hitchcock has taken over the post-game buffet:

Ken Hitchcock is known in many circles as the "Buffet Killer".

The Flames and Ducks are up late on the West Coast. Its 1-1 early in the second, but the Ducks will most likely win.

VERSUS - 7:00 PM


Derek said...

You guys have no idea what we were working on, the nhl screwed us though by only scheduling 2 games...huge week 1 more day

Teej said...

I honestly had trouble sleeping last night, just anticipating tomorrow's verdict... might as well not even try going to bed tonight... sleep is overrated.

EmDubs said...

I'm surprised there's no Pittsburgh First rally before or after the game tonight. Oh well, I'm sure the decision has already been made and all anyone can really do now is wait.

seth said...

anyone happen to know what time it'll be announced tomorrow?

Stoosh said...

Meeting begins at 10:00, but they've got a lot of other stuff to vote on as well. Check the article in the Tribune-Review...Andy Conte and Rob Rossi give a pretty good rundown of what to expect.

CaucasianInvasion said...

Bucci is from Steubenville? Is he aware it's the Burb of the Burgh? Would someone like to inform him of this matter?

ciscoblog said...

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