Saturday, December 16, 2006

In the spirit of the pens visit to Montréal we are going to throw more francais around then Muzzy. (Click here to translate it if you want)

Huge game tonight. Pensblog
a garanti la victoire. I'd back out, but I don't own Blackberry:


This whole Jim Ball-Silly thing has left everyone just stunned.
Eklund chimes in with this is debating it.
I am on the verge of a mental breakdown. You cannot make this stuff up anymore.
This soap opera has more ups and downs than the Thunderbolt on a warm summer night.

The most underrated roller coaster in America.

Anyway.. sur au jeu ce soir à Montréal..

Tons of Pens returning to canada: Fluery, Bing Croz, Talbot, Staal, Ouellet, Armstrong, Thibault, Moore, Christensen. But guess who else is returning:

Lord Therrien coached the Habs for 3 years his record was (77-77-15)

The Pens won a thrilling game last year in Montreal, and we expect the Pens will be just as jacked up to play today. Should be a good one.


Anonymous said...

just a thought:

we all knew balsille really didnt want to keep the penguins in pittsburgh, he wanted them to move to canada.

well, now with the slots thing coming up, maybe isle of capri has the upperhand. which means the penguins stay in pittsburgh, which is something basille really didnt want. so, instead of wasting his 175million on a team that he really didnt want to keep in pittsburgh, he said im gonna back out now because they are staying in pittsburgh.

just a thought.


Joe said...

i was thinking the same thing -- maybe he had some 'inside' information on to the process and where the committee was in terms of who got the license...and he finds out IOC has the inside track and realizes that his hopes of moving the team would be dashed if IOC won....

..and rather than look like a total ass and rescind the offer AFTER IOC won, he just looks like a partial ass and leaves now...

all speculation, but fun speculation

Adam said...

i totally agree with you guys

Anonymous said...

Hi guys...

Being from Quebec...I can tell you that you're french isn't so bad!

Keep up the good work!

Julie in Saint-Jérôme, Québec!

loralei said...

Coaches Corner...

FYI Don Cherry LOVES Jordan Staal. (And, still hates Europeans.) Not one mention of Sidney or Evgeni or Marc Andre. He's all about Jordan. (wait there are other players on the team besides Sidney? I had no idea.) He opened Hockey Night in Canada tonight by saying that "we were going to see the best young player in the league tonight.. (pause) Jordan Staal." Then we saw some Jordan Staal clips. Oh and Coach was rockin the "Grinch" tie like only he could.

Oh and if you get a chance, you have to check out Kasper's goal in the Rangers/Toronto game. He was in front of the net facing the wrong way and put the puck in on a backhand. It was classic. I love it when he thinks he's Bobby Orr.

Adam said...


those French classes that we failed in high school turned out to help us out a little bit.

i love when Kaspar thinks he's Orr, too.

it's priceless.


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