Wednesday, December 13, 2006

We missed our deadline by an hour. Never listen to us.

Huge night in the NHL tonight, but as usual, here are some links to ponder.

Saw this on Mondesi's House today:
Mellon Arena ranked 8th worst arena in sports by Maxim Magazine

As you can imagine, we have a huge problem with this. We won't get that upset, though, because taking Maxim Magazine's opinion on anything but half-naked women is like taking flying lessons from John Denver.

"No thanks, John. We'll sit this one out."

Moving on:

Some jobber for ESPN writes about the pink sports fashion trend...

Thanks ESPN...should've did it last month when it was still fresh.

Big ups to our boys from the Pittsburgh Sports Insider blog for some linkage..


On to the games:

The Ducks win again...when do playoff tickets go on sale?

Senators beat the Red Wings: Ray Emery made an unreal save in this game; if I wasn't so lazy, I'd link you to it.

Dany Heatley didn't score tonight. Hope everyone is buckled up in the Ottawa Area.

The Blackhawks beat the St. Louis Blues. We know nothing about this game or these teams. We spent way too much time thinking of something to put here. So, we're putting nothing.

Watched the highlights of this game; very good hockey. Paul Kariya with your game-winner.

The Blue Jackets are on fire -- 6-3-0 since Ken "Earthquake" Hitchcock took over...

Picture: Ken Hitchcock imposing his will on a security guard at Nationwide Arena in Columbus

The Flames win 5-2 over the wild.
Calgary's favorite sons have won 10 straight at home.

The New Jersey Devils got New Jersey Deviled by the Buffalo Sabres tonight. Buffalo had the lead and systematically shut the Devils down. It felt great watching that. The final score was 3-2...with the Devils scoring jobber goals in the last two minutes of the game.

Good news and bad news, then good news again: The Flyers played tonight, which means Wendesday night's game against the Pens will be the second game of a back-to-back. The bad news is that the Rangers won 3-1 tonight. The other good news is that Derian Hatcher leveled Jaromir Jagr with a forearm shiver in tonight's game.

Up north, in the land of Terrence and Philip, Toronto beat Tampa Bay 5-4 by coming back from a 3-1 deficit.
Also, the Habs beat the Bruins 4-3.

They finally make an appearance on The Pensblog.

In the late games, Vancouver is defecating on the Coyotes, leading 5-1 in the second period.
...San Jose is up 1-0 on Los Angeles in a game that only bloggers who are up till one 1:00 in the morning care about.

And in some related news, thanks to Wes for this...( well not thanks because it got me all worked up)

Isle of Capri extends Olive Branch to Hill..

Jake Wheatley your thoughts:

  • "The Isle of Capri is using this as nothing more than a smoke-screen, a facade," said Mr. Wheatley
  • "I see this as another sign of being disrespectful of the Hill and as another slap in the face of Hill residents," said Mr. Wheatley.

Of course I want the Arena for the Pens, but running a close second in the reasoning department is that I want to see Jake Wheatley flip out.

FSN - 7:30


wes said...

did anyone see the PG this morning?

"Isle of Capri said it would work with Hill District organizations, clergy and city officials to form a Hill District Entertainment Services District, which would 'focus resources that will address the impact of a casino/entertainment venue to ensure the actions of visitors do not negatively affect the quality of life for community residents and businesses.'"

So how does Wheatley respond?

"The Isle of Capri is using this as nothing more than a smoke-screen, a facade.... I see this as another sign of being disrespectful of the Hill and as another slap in the face of Hill residents."

Is this guy on crack?

If any of you read my comment the other day... you will know what I am talking about when I say this guy, along with the other clergy and officials on the Hill, are LAZY!

Elly said...

Interesting commentary article by ESPN on the pink trend. She goes through the perspectives of most female fans out there, although there is a lot of garbage in between. This quote,'"I'm not one to stereotype -- OK, maybe I am -- but a pink jersey shows the world that you are not actually a fan, since you either don't know your team's colors, or worse, you just don't understand the importance of wearing them."' from her friend, sums up how a lot of women feel...and how we are viewed as sports fans, even if they happen to be a part of the 1% of fans that ARE fans and just really like pink clothing.

The comment from her male friend on the subject, ''I know absolutely nothing about football (or any sport), but I like dudes and I have loose morals. Please buy me a drink.'' is even worse. It is an awful stereotype, and just because these women have the misfortune to wear horrid jerseys, doesn't make them loose.

And here I thought the Penguins cutting board and dining set were over the top. Penguins pink underwear set next?

The picture of the pink Pens jersey in your post makes me want to cry. Please tell me that the girls in Pittsburgh don't actually wear those things.

All that aside, it gave me a little jump in my step to wake up today and realize that the Pens have 31 points. I'm looking forward to the moral booster that will be tonight's game. Go Pens!

Derek said...


I saw this last night, and was about to put it in, but I just could not do it. I am incapable of discussing this issue, especially when Jake Wheatley is involved. I just don't understand, I thought it was a nice gesture by the Isle of Capri to offer that. A simple no thanks by Big Jake would of be suffice. But he goes nuts! He sees it as another sign of disrespect of the hill? Isn't he the one that said that you can't have a casino in the hill because low income people would gamble too much... I hate this guy... this is going into the recap, I actually just got that worked up.

scott said...

Whay are we still talking about Jake Wheatley? His opinion has NOTHING to do with who gets the slots license. He is completely irrelevant. Let him score some points with his constituents and stop worrying about him.

I'm surprised the Mellon Arena only came in at #8 on the list of worst sports arenas. If it had been #1, that would give us more ammo to say that we need to replace it.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha omg John Denver, hahaha nothing is sacred here, i love it :-D

EmDubs said...

You guys need to make a banner using Terrance and Phillip where Terrance's T shirt stands for "The" and Phillip's P shirt stands for "Pensblog."

Anonymous said...

now i am not for those pink jerseys, but, what if all the proceeds went to the breast cancer fund?

if they did, would people still rip on them as bad as they are now?


Elly said...

If the pink jerseys stood for something, such as breast cancer research, I think they would be more widely accepted. All they represent now are a fashion choice and a stereotype.

Anonymous said...

i love reading this blog but i never post anything, until now.This pisses me off and i am glad i'm not the only one. I don't understand how this is a "slap in the face".

As for the pink clothing: I wouldn't wear pink jersys but I can't help to think that most guys would love to see girlfriends in pens underwear.

EmDubs said...

Here's a story saying that even if Isle of Capri doesn't get the slots' license that Balsillie will at least consider Plan B:

Adam said...

If things were getting hot and heavy and I see the girl has pink Penguins underwear on...

I would tell her about the Pensblog.
Then resume making out with her.

Anonymous said...

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