Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Pens certainly have the Flyers number this year. Five games...five wins against Philly this year. The Pens have now won three straight games after losing the previous four.
The Pens poured it on tonight while scoring more than Father Stanley at summer camp.

This game belonged to the Pens right from the beginning. We were discussing how much we liked Thorburn. Next thing you know, Ruutu brings it into the zone and feeds a drop-pass to Thorbie, and aided by a delicious screen by Jarrko, gets it past goalie Nittymaki to get the scoring off to a resounding start. 59 seconds later, The Sidney Crosby show began.

Sidney went down behind the net, came back out and just fed a backhand pass towards the goal. It ended up hitting of a Flyer's skate and in it went. 2-0 Pens. Yesss. This is going to be great. They're gonna blow them out and it's gon---Flyers score a fluke goal to make it 2-1.
Less than four minutes after that Philly goal, they end up scoring another one on a shot from in the slot to tie the game. It was really devastating at the time.
With about seven minutes left in the first, however, Sergei Gonchar (A: Crosby) scored a slap-shot powerplay goal after finally succumbing to the cascading shouts of "SHOOT" coming from Jurassic Park game warden Robert Muldoon in the F section.

"Shoot her! SHOOOOOOOT HER-R-R!"

The Pens went into the second period up 3-2 and never looked back. Six minutes into the second, Ryan the Magnificent finally got on the board (A: Crosby) this season with an Ouellet goal to make it 4-2. Not too long after, Crosby literally stole the puck from a Flyer in the neutral zone, swooped down into the zone, went behind the net and out the other side, and fed Gonchar in the slot. Gonchar wristed it past Nittymaki, and it was 5-2. That was it for Nittymaki. No, it wasn't. Yes, it was. No, it wasn't.
Backup goalie Houle came in to spell Nittymaki. While he was in net, he decided to join the club and let a puck get past him. Mark Recchi jobbed in a rebound (A: Crosby) to jump the lead up to 6-2.
Goalie Houle left, and Nittymaki came back in to close out the second period.

Maxime Talbot found time to play The Outfield's "Your Love" on air guitar in the third period.

If the third period was going to be interesting, the Flyers had to score early. And they did. On one of the best plays of the night, Kyle Calder took the puck from Umberger on a 2-on-1 and turned Fleury into a woman.
This upset the Pens. A minute later, Michel Ouellet received a pass near the goal line and beat Nittymaki to make it 7-3 (A: Crosby) .
Then two minutes after that, Mike Knuble scored for the Flyers to make it 7-4. After that Capitals game the other night, I didn't know what to think.
We threw the New Jersey Devil clamp onto the neutral zone, though, and ran out the rest of the clock. Well, a nice 7-3 victory over the Flyers.

Oh, wait. Jordan Staal grabs the puck, embarrasses a Flyers defenseman, walks in, and beats Nittymaki with 7 seconds left to score (shorthanded again) the most meaningless goal in the NHL since Larry Murphy scored the eighth goal against Jon Casey in 1991.

  • Crosby: 1 G, 5 A (Sole possession of first place in points)
  • Gonchar: 2 G, 3 A
  • Malone: 1 G, 3 A
  • Malkin: A puzzling zero points and 1 shot on goal
  • Shots: PHI (29) PENS (23)
  • Powerplay: PHI ( 0 for 3 ) PENS ( 3 for 9 )
  • Is it disturbing to anyone else that the Flyers' best scoring chances came when they were shorthanded?
  • Philly's Todd Fedoruk was everywhere tonight. He was starting scrums between the periods, he was scoring goals, and he was rocking the bantam hockey cage.
  • Brooks Orpik delivered the biggest hit Umberger has received since this one in the playoffs last year.
  • To silence us Pensblog commenters once and for all, FSN showed Recchi participating in the rally cap ritual.
  • What a night for the Ruutu-Talbot-Thorburn line.
  • I'm probably missing a few things, and that definitely leaves the door open for the commenters. I'm not putting pressure on you, but I know I missed some things.
For your viewing enjoyment....
A nice Pens win.
You're feeling good.
Look at this mullet.

These pictures were shot clandestinely on my school bus in 10th grade.



Teej said...

*re-enacting a scene from The Office, and in honor of Sid's alter ego*...DAR-RYL! DAR-RYL! DAR-RYL!

Derek said...

The priest thing punched our ticket to hell... what a difference a week makes, eh?

CDY said...

Holy crap that was a nice goal by Staal! Sid's reaction on the bench was priceless. You can just tell he loves beating the Flyers.

Anonymous said...

MT's reaction was great too. I dont think the world has seen him that happy before.

Baker said...


Washington85 said...

great game I missed period one, first thing i saw was Fedoruk grab Talbot and go for the punch. I just said, "woah watching the rest." and of course we got a new penalty in the NHL now made up by Staggy and that is a 2 minute minor for stupidity...

chris said...

fedoruk needed a rod shoved up his ass....hes a piece of crap

go pens

seth said...

great game by sid and the bunch

fleury could step it up. i remember staggy or errey mentioning is .850 save % in the past few games. if it werent for the offense tonight, the game goes to philly

Anonymous said...

that mullet is awesome.

this blog is great.
first time i've posted a comment.

the mullet could not go without some love.

Anonymous said...

Caldwell, It's Stacko. The Mullet lives on.

PittCheMBA said...

Where was Malkin?

Brett said...

I loved how Errey made fun of Fedoruk for his helmet every time he was on the ice... He basically called him my favorite part of the female anatomy in so many words.

Elly said...

That Calder goal was hard to swallow, I'm still not sure where Fleury was going on that one. That train wreck he was in later was pretty amazing, and I'm just happy that the Flyers didn't score while one of them was laying all over our goalie.

So glad to see Jordan get a goal,even if it was with about 2 seconds left. He's been too quiet lately.

Greg said...

I watched this game on TSN tonight through (I go to school in VA, so I can't catch FSN Pittsburgh), and all the announcers talked about the entire gmae is how Croz is the best player in the league (except one dude kept saying Iginla over and over), and how he should win the Hart as well as the Art Ross this year. It's always refreshing to hear other announcers compliment Sid and the Pens so much, especially when it's not the crappy VS announcers. And by the way: they said the Pens WILL make the playoffs this year! (although one dude, probably the Iginla dude, kept saying they needed to add Brian Leetch to get over the hump)... and although it's only 30 games into the season and the announcers are not omniscient, that still got me pumped. GO PENS!

Andrew said...

For those of you who TIVO'd the game, at 8:51 (o' clock) they show Crosby on the bench after they made the score 5-2, on a goal where the Flyers' Matt Ellison was out of position. Crosby clearly says, "I beat the fuck out of Ellison in Juniors."


Anonymous said...

also, after staals goal, they showed crosby and i swear he said "holy fuck" when he was turning to the other player next to him.

also, they refered to fedoruk's helmet as a "pee-wee helmet". nice


Anonymous said...

jay, i def saw that too...crosby was pumped tonite, i can't wait to see what happens when this team hits their peak

Andrew said...

I saw a post-game interview with Crosby on a head this kid has on his shoulders... All he could talk about after the game was how he loved how much heart the team had and it was important for the team to keep growing and learning; that playoffs would be a great bonus, but it's not a "must." We're incredibly lucky as Pens fans...

Dennis said...

Nothing beats knocking Philly down like this. It's a beautiful thing....just like these three wins in a row we have now.

And Lange Will Lead Us said...

Yeah Croz apparently has a mouth that could make a truck driver blush. In the Capitals game I saw him say "Are you fucking blind?" to the ref, and then I hit instant replay on the TiVo to enjoy seeing him say it again.

Someone should keep track of this thing and see how his dropping the F-bomb correlates to his performance. I suspect it can only help.

Or rather, it can only fucking help.

Jon said...

Hey Sidney...saw Art Ross over the weekend...he said things are well...he's been seeing different parts of the country...but thing is, he told me he really misses Pittsburgh. You think you can help him out with that?

wes said...

should i be a mark and stop by the mall @ robinson on the way home from work tonight (since I work 2 minutes from it) and act like a giddy school girl for the tv tapings? i could make up signs that say various things, such as:

- "Mark Eaton is my sugar daddy"
- "Malone can Mal-own me"
- "I <3 Steigy... j/k LOL"
- "There may be 3 U's in RUUTU, but there are many more L's coming for PHILLLLLY"

And finally...

- "Why is the Evgeni Malkin Slide Puzzle in the Fan Center section of so f'n hard?!?"

Shorty said...

How bout Shero saying the LeClair thing could be takin care of

Also Fedoruk looked like he grave robbed Tommy Sodderstrom's old locker for that helmet..LOL

And didn't Thibault get the win 2nite?

Anonymous said...

First off we should have put 10 on philly!!! I hate those basterds, they are slowly becomming the Cleveland of hockey to me.

Anyone else of the opionin that we need a goon, someone to protect Sid and Malkin? I mean we have one playing for pittsburgh too, I heard a rumor that Leroux was playing for the charity team this year!!! But seriously we need someone to kick someone like Fedoruk's butt. By the way nice helmet, are the Flyers that strapped for cash they are stealing little kids equipment?

Love the site,


Adam said...

oh my. a tommy soderstrom reference. HAHHAHA

Anonymous said...

Secondly we need a mullet on this team. Mario was the god above all gods when he had his mullet. Then he cut it and proceeded to have back problems because the balance wasn't right.

Then Jagr had a mullet and was awesome, finally cut his, and now he's a jagoff!

Solution RALLY MULLETS!!!!

Butler PA

Adam said...

Therrien's reaction on the bench was Staal scored was awesome.

eh jeh said...

Ryan Malone hugging Dan Potash during the between periods interview was truly another Postashtic moment in sports journalism. Dan looked scared.

and hey Fedoruk, last time I saw a face that ugly behind a cage, I fed it some bananas.

Go Pens!

Anonymous said...

wes, im sure you know what the goal is..................

it took me about 7minutes to do it.


Anonymous said...

bob grove said after the game on radio that fedoruk hit sid at the end of period 1, while sid was skating over to do an interview. he said "apparently the message hasnt made it to todd fedoruk in the flyers locker room that the last thing you wanna do is agitate sidney crosby"
just imagine if he didnt miss 3 games with that injury......he could have a 10 point lead over jagr

Anonymous said...

Great Pens win tonight.
8-0 vs the Philly this year?

I gotta get one thing off my chest though. One thing that bothers me about a couple of posts and Bob Errey's comments is that you are making fun of someone for wearing the proper equipment. I mean seriously, is it not time for face shields to be mandatory? One 105Mph puck to the temple or eye and that’s it. It’s going to happen eventually. When it does, the same hard guys that make fun of someone for wearing a face shield are going to act like a big some tragedy. Plan and simple, if you are at least not wearing a visor you’re an idiot and get what you deserve. I mean if I owned a team and I was investing 4 million a year in a player I would want them wearing a shield so they don't miss 4 weeks down the end of the season stretch do to a totally avoidable injury. Fedoruk is the smartest guy on the ice!

Shorty said...

He was actually wearing it b/c he had reconstructive face surgery from fighting too much. And for as much of an ass he is it shows the true charecter and passion that hockey players show above all other sport athletes. Hockey players will play w/ fractured jaws, sprains, broken bones etc. Other pros will sit out just for way less and get paid much more for it. i mean come on...turf toe?

Andrew said...

I think one of the reasons Errey was getting on Fedoruk so much is that he was taking advantage of the fact that he is wearing the mask. Because the mask is on because of an injury...if someone were to knock it off in a fight, there would be a fine and possibly a suspension. Fedoruk knew this and was using it to his advantage by agitating and cheap shotting the whole game.

That seems like why to me.

Also, no way in the forseeable future are full cages made mandatory. They aren't even making visors mandatory yet.

Rico Fatastic said...

1st: love the blog.
2d: did anyone else hear the "MVP" chants for Sid at game's end last night? badass.
3d: everything to be said about the game has already been said better than i can, so i'll get random -- was anyone else at the game? how cool was the "24"-style jumbotron opening? if anyone out there knows of ANYWHERE to download it, please help me out.

Anonymous said...

My favorite part from the game last night was that the Pens "snowmanned" the Flyers. Since no one else has mentioned it, it seems as if it is just something my old hockey buddies were in to. In other words, scoring 8 on an opponent was the ultimate in humiliation and caused great celebration in that we gave them a snowman, or an 8.

Gaundi said...

GET RECCHI OFF THE POINT!!! He has no slapshot, passes like a little girl and is incapable of playing defense if someone gets around him!

Anonymous said...

totally off topic but i enjoy the different pictures in the title of the pensblog


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