Monday, December 25, 2006

Back To Business

I know that a ton of our readers won't even bother looking at this post when they return to their computers after break. If you do, you are very loyal.

It's pathetic, but not posting or even visiting the site for over a day made me yearn for The Pensblog. It's becoming part of me. It's either help run this site or get a girlfriend and have to play all kinds of stupid relationship games. Pass.

It's been a nice Christmas day, and I've been drinking.

NHL News

After making out with my computer because I didn't see it for over a day, I started checking out some links that we've missed.

Post-Gazette has a little miscellaneous article about some things.

----- For the entire All-Star weekend in Dallas, the NHL is going to position the goal judges above the nets, rather than behind them. The article mentioned an Edmonton scenario where the judges were placed directly above the nets, but the article insinuates that the judges will be in the press box.
They're messing with some fine tradition. Maybe they should just let Jesus be the goal judge.

Picture: Jesus points to center ice, signifying a goal.

----- Scoring is down so far this season, and everyone is throwing suggestions around. Bigger nets, making the goalie play without a stick, or the goalie using a regular stick as opposed to a goalie stick. Okay.

----- Another part of the article discussed the possible realignment ideas being thrown around by the NHL. As long as our Pens aren't in a Midwest Division next year, I could care less.


--- Toronto's Michael Peca will be out three months with a fractured tibia.

--- I wasted the muscles in my hands to link you to this Bob McKenzie article about Plan B.

If you thought this post was a waste of time, you are not alone.

The games that matter on Tuesday will be:

Pens @ New Jersey - 7:30
Rangers @ Islanders - 7:30


Joshua said...

(from pittsburgh)

we are loyal!
this place says what we all think.
Hell im doped up on vicodin right now and in a neck brace after a christmas morning accident and trip to the ER.
But im still posting damnit!

Adam said...

happy birthday Jesus

Anonymous said...

If they reallign, I hope that they go back to the Patrick Division!

It would be Bettman correcting one of his biggest mistakes, and that was changing the division names to make hockey less... well... hockey-like.

Harry said...

Pirate fans, come read my blog at

Adrienne said...

Holy shit.

As someone who played goalie, I would murder someone if they made me play without a stick, or with a regular one. I mean hell, they might as well just change the catching glove to another blocker; they'd get the same results.

Division names need to go back, but they shouldn't be changing the divisions like you posted the other day.

And looking at some of the games the NHL has seen, I don't see how scoring is down. Or maybe it's just because the teams I follow don't suck :p

Anonymous said...

I know that a ton of our readers won't even bother looking at this post when they return to their computers after break. If you do, you are very loyal.

Or stuck at work...

Goals are down .3 goals a game, which I don't think is THAT big of a deal. After all, hockey doesn't need scoring to be exciting, just offensive chances and flow, which I think the game has.

The main thing is there needs to be open enough for the skill players (Crosby, Ovechkin, Spezza, Kovalchuk, etc) to have room to operate without getting clutched/grabbed/hooked/slashed to oblivion. I still think the game is getting called relatively fairly and consistently.

So they don't need to make the nets bigger or change goalie equipment drastically to keep enforcing a fast-paced game. That's really all that matters. A lot of goals come from powerplays, and while I don't have the exact data, it sure seems like the refs are calling a lot of penalties.

pensblog chris said...

what they need is to kick the new jersey devils out of the league.....then the game would be more exciting

the devil's blow so bad.


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