Thursday, December 7, 2006

Career Path: Teen-bop sex classy lady.

Derek will be taking this post to the finish line, but I saw his title for the post and remembered seeing Christina Aguilera on SNL a little bit ago. The only reason I downloaded the song was because of how she owned the performance I saw.
You can watch it here.

Penguins off-day. Figured we could throw something entertaining your way.
All right, that's it from me.

Slow night in Pensblog Land, as evidenced by a Christina Aguilera reference from Adam.
And what better time to catch up...and get back to some nice little game recaps and links from around the NHL.

Before we start with that, we must rewind a couple days and recognize the controversy surrounding Wheatley-gate.
Thank you to everyone for the feedback on the Jake Wheatley letter. Crazy stuff.
The Pensblog makes no apologies for the letter, but we no question could have done the letter a little more tastefully.
But maturity isn't one of our better traits...actually, it's not even one of our traits, period.
Mr. Wheatley and the Nation of Domination did respond to us....check it out in the comments section of that post: here.(scroll down in the comment section of post:titled "pensblog burning" We didn't want to post the whole thing because we were not sure if it was a form letter or not.)

Brett "The Hit Man" Commenter hooked us up with this pic of Representative Wheatley in his younger days.

So, now the ball is in our court. The e-mail has the automated-response feel to it, but the generic message title in our inbox told us otherwise. We're not sure. But instead of writing back too quickly, leave us some comments and some advice on what to say back to Mr. Wheatley, and we will all work together to get it done. What is it going to accomplish? Probably nothing, but hey, we have nothing to lose. (or do)

Speaking of Isle of Capri, I am sick of it. Look at these 3 things.
Tony from the Confluence Blog goes nuts on Dreger.
Can't say I blame him.
It is a miracle that Pens fans aren't completely despondent. Should we trust Jim Balsillie? Should we trust the politicians? Should we trust Mario? Should we trust each other?

All this and more will be answered on the next episode of My So-Called Life:

If you don't think this show was about the Penguins quest to get a new arena, you're wrong. Dead wrong.


In other news, I called Mark Madden today at about 6:15 and asked him about Therrien getting fired...
Madden said he thought his job was in question going into the Florida game, but referenced a caller earlier in the show that said the Pens shouldn't fire him because that would be too much like Edzo.

Tough call on this subject. Pens Message Board Nation seems split on this, too. I would be stunned if they fire MT. One reason they won't fire him? I think he would go Schwarzenegger on Pittsburgh.
Get to the Hill District!


So, let's go around the NHL...

---After watching last night's game, Florida's Joe Nieuwendyk was bored into retirement. Documented proof that such a thing can happen.

We lose yet another player from the NHL '93 team rosters.
They're dropping like flies.


On to some games:

The Coyotes get shutout by Marty Turco 3-0.....Phoenix hasn't scored against Dallas in 196 minutes, 11 seconds. Janet Gretzky had the under.

Janet Gretzky...hahah

Devils win again... beating the Habs 2-1 in OT

Close your five hole, dude

The Capitals get a huge win against the Senators.
Hopefully Dany Heatley doesn't drive the team bus home.

"Hey it's me -- Dany Heatley. Least I didn't kill anyone this time."

Some late games of note...
A rematch of the Stanley Cup Finals has the Oilers winning 3-1 late in the third.
The Ducks are up 2-0 in the second over the Predators...(what is this, a predator blog?)

That's all, folks...

Huge game in the World's Most Famous Arena Thursday night.


Anonymous said...

hey guys, where is the link to read the letter?


Adam said...

in the comments section of that wheatley post

Gavin said...

I'm still pretty amazed how fired up people got about the letter, yet nobody says a word when you make a Dany Heatley driving joke (hysterical in a "I'm going to hell sort of way"). I thought the letter was very much in the spirit of this blog, which is clearly the only reason I read it.

wes said...

Yesterday I replied to the thread and stated how it seemed like the Pens were tired. I was in a discussion with my brother last night when I thought of a possible reason why. I would be interested in knowing how many of the Pens have attended the optional skates lately versus the beginning of the season. The way the papers reported it, almost everyone was participating. Now, we don't hear too much about it. This could lead to two interesting scenarios.

1. The Pens went to all of these optional skates and are now dog tired.
2. The Pens lost interest in the optional skates and, perhaps, the lack of extra workout is hurting their on-ice speed.


Anonymous said...

in regards to the ej hradek article... The man is a joke. It is indicative of the lack of want or care espn has for the nhl... what a meaningless person in my opinion


Anonymous said...

What a terrible comment!!!!!! And how insensitive. What are you people made of? Very disgusting. Sure hope that you will never have to experience a tragedy like that.

Adam said...

I guess drunk driving should be looked at as a good thing.

Ray Lewis of hockey gets no love here.

Anonymous said...

Wow buddy your real funny. making fun of Heatley because he was in an accident Wow im impressed. How can you Joke about someone dieing. Heatley is scoring a Hattrick and the sens Will WIN then who will be laughing.


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