Tuesday, December 19, 2006

We have been up.
We have been down.
Our stomachs in knots.
Our heads throbbing.
Our hearts pounding.

And here we are. All from different walks. All with different opinions. But one thing we stand united in: Keep the Pens in Pittsburgh. We have our shot, and here is one last plea to the gaming board:

Select the Isle of Capri Casino application for:

  • Mario Lemieux, who has saved the Pens more times then we can count, so that his legacy will never be tarnished.
  • For Mellon Arena. The only home Pens fans have ever known. Let it rest in peace, and let its memories live forever.
  • For the past. For the two cups. For Badger Bob high in the sky, and even Scotty Bowman, for Herb Brooks, Ivan Hlinka. For Stevie Latin and Skip Trainer. For ol' Craig Patrick, and hell even Howard Baldwin. For Mike Lange, the voice of the Pens forever, and yea Steigy too. For all the players: Tommy Barasso, Kevin Stevens, Ronny Francis, Bob Errey, Phil Borque, Gordie Roberts, and the immortal Jim Paek. For Larry Murphy and his dump. For Paul Stanton, Mark Reechi, John Cullen, Paul Coffey and good old Ulfie. For Bryan Trottier, Randy Gillen, Grant Jennings. For slippery rock Joe Mullen and Jiri Hrdinia. For Kovy, Straka and Lang. And number 68.
  • Pass it for the memories. Watching Jaromir Jagr dance through the Blackhawks in 1992, and his heroic performance in 1999 against the Devils. For the Flying Nedved's goal in 4ots, and Frankie Peterangelos "Save" against the Devils. For Mario's trip through Ray Borque, his move against the North Stars, and his shot heard round the world in 1992 against the Black Hawks. For Marty Straka's game winner against the Sabres in 2001, and for remembering excatly what you were doing when Kaspar the ghost scored the goal in Game 7.
  • For our Fathers and Mothers who got us into the Pens, and let us stay up way late to watch them.
  • For the Future. For Crosby and Malkin, so that we own the friggin Flyers for years to come.
  • For the friends we have and the ones we lost along the way.
  • For all the Pens fans who don't want to become Sabres fans.
  • For the Pensblog Staff. If the Pens leave, we shut down the blog and become alcoholics.
  • For Jon Barbero...the voice of Mellon Arena.
  • For Iceburgh and the T-shirts he shoots out of the shirt-gun.
  • For PAT Bus 61C "Downtown via Oakland".
  • For Oh, Canada and the Star Spangled Banner, sung by Jeff Jimmerson, at NHL games. The best scene in sports.
  • For fans, all throughout the world. The bandwagoners and fairweathers. The ones who sat and watched through years of bad hockey.
  • For the fans that high five the strangers, and jump on each other when someone scores a huge goal.
  • For Grandma and her bingo game.
  • For our dogs, who when the Pens score, go nuts because we're screaming.
  • For all the message boards, Letsgopens.com and Pittsburgh Penguins.com, where the battles are ongoing.
  • For the Hill District, so they don't regret it.
  • For Bob O'Conner who will never live to see it.
  • For Luke Ravenstal who will need it.
  • For easy Ed Rendall, so he can shove it.
  • For the Pirate fans, so they can watch how its done.
  • For the Steeler fans, so they know our nation is just as strong.
  • For everyone that has ever watched, or cared.
  • And for our Generation. So we never have to worry about our team leaving, and we can finally sit back and enjoy the team we love. The Pittsburgh Penguins.



Doug said...

Brilliantly said. I think it's time to watch "Against the Odds" and "One from the Heart"

wes said...

Let's GO Pens...?

How about Let's STAY Pens!


Gavin said...

And don't forget, for Jeff Jimerson so that he will perpetually have a job as "designated National Anthem singer" in the new building.

wes said...

Don't forget Sophie "Scratch my back with a hacksaw" Masloff!

Arlow said...

Thank you for that. If I wasn't at work, I'd be crying like a 2-year-old right now. Ahhh....I'm just gonna cry anyways.

Adam said...

Beautifully put, but I wouldn't say the Pensnation is as strong as the Steeler nation. I'd say more loyal, better looking, etc. Steeler nation is like that hog on the football team that no one likes, bu hes strong. Pensnation is the QB. Attractive, intelligent, loyal, etc.

Tee said...

How about for the rented mule that has suffered endlessly through the years of Mario, Jagr, and Crosby.

Elly said...

Brillant. Touching. Uplifting.


Go Pens!

Colcloughs Hands said...

well said

Rico Fatastic said...

Beautiful, just beautiful.

If i may add, how about for all the little kids from or Aspinwall, to Zelionople, or anywhere in between, that watched his first game the other night, saw Ryan Malone score a Hat Trick in front of his hometown, and then asked Santa for skates for Christmas.

Baker said...

For FPH, CPHL and Hockeytown...For Godfrey's basement in 2001...For the Iceoplex and all the other rinks in town that Mario built, for Caldwell's bloody nose, Steve Brown's Blackhawks jersey, Rich Godfrey's garage doors, MARIO signs hanging on your front door and for every schmuck this side of the Ohio River who ever picked up a hockey stick and put on a Mario jersey in his driveway

eh jeh said...

For Peter Puck who taught me the rules of hockey (Google that one kids)

For the Wendy's Chili Goal.

For the old blue and white jerseys.

For getting rid of those awful mid 90's ugly logo jerseys.

Great job guys!

Anonymous said...

Very well put!

Except, I still think starting a "war" between Pens fans and Steeler fans is pretty retarded. We're mostly THE SAME FUCKING PEOPLE! Shouldn't we war with SPORTS fans from other cities instead?!

Kristin said...

Wonderfully put :)

Adam said...

thanks guys.

i know there's so many more things we could have put on here.

as far as the Steelers thing goes, we have always had a running joke about how big the Steelers are in Pittsburgh.

we care about the Steelers as much as anyone anywhere.

Go Pens, though.

nicholas richter said...

and for the Cotton Candy guy!

Teej said...

...and for the old days when the JAWS theme would precede every Pens power play.

Joshua said...

For the free wiper fluid power plays!

And the woo-hoo song that followed every goal in the late 90's

Adam said...



Joshua said...

That cotton candy guy harassed me ALL GAME. Prevented anyone from hearing my Ryan Whitney remarks.

Tee said...

I'm pretty sure the cotton candy guy was working a pirates game I went to 2 summers ago too, and he was at the Bassmasters classic weigh in.. that guy is a Mellon Arena Icon.

seth said...

if a new arena is built, the cotton candy guy has to stay

Teej said...

Only thing is, would he be "Cotton Candy Guy," or "Lemonade Man?" I have also seen him at a Pirates game in the 2005 season, but he was selling lemonade...


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