Thursday, December 21, 2006

If you didn't catch our Isle of Capri recap, it's the next post down.

"...Drove up to Mellon Arena sometime after 2am to talk a little while about the year."

..."And it's been a long December, and there's reason to believe..."

As a Penguin nation is still reeling, all we can do is hope. Everyone is tired of it already. But get ready, folks. The worst is yet to come.

Lets go around the links that you have most likely read in disbelief aready:

6 man race for the Pens.. according the Trib thanks to commenter CDY for the heads up.

More Stomach Punch, Relocation talk....
Commentor Gaundi helps us with this though:

"If the Pens leave, Pittsburgh will lose so much money and community support that the population decrease could skyrocket within the next year or two. A loss as massive as this could drive the city into the deepest hole it has ever been in. One that it may never clime from. The city could lose everything that a city needs (money and people) yet it could gain the same by builing an arena (for the penguins and a lot more)."

Shelley Anderson tells us Mario is stunned....

There's a part of that article that makes you throw up:

"Let's just say it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas," Brenda Tinnen, general manager of Kansas City's new Sprint Center, told the Kansas City Star.

Hey it's me -- Kansas City. Our baseball team sucks, and our football team is 9-7.
I have taken better dumps than Kansas City...
It's beginning to look like your city is gay.
Lamar Hunt got out of there when he could.


Well that's enough of that crap. There is a huge game tonight.

Geno Malkin talks about some rookie hiccups

After the game tonight, the Pens get their biggest lay-off since late October. We don't play again until Tuesday at New Jersey.


" Well, then. I guess there is only one thing left to do... "

" ... Win the f$@kin' thing. "

Keep your chin up today and punch anyone who even hints at taunting you today.


Anonymous said...

"our baseball team sucks and our football team is 9-7"

man that sounds familiar...

Anonymous said...

"Let's just say it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas," Brenda Tinnen, general manager of Kansas City's new Sprint Center, told the Kansas City Star."

I'd greatly approve if Ms. Tinnen ate Budd Dwyer's last lunch.

EmDubs said...

This city/state is unbelievable. All I ever hear about is how "We've got to figure out a way to keep our young people here."

Well, myself and my husband were both born here and were committed to staying here. I grew up here, went to college at Duquense, and now I am in graduate school at Pitt. I've listened as they continuously say how they want us to stay here and yet tax/drive out everything we like to do.

Idiot #1: "Let's try to get people to come into the city and shop." Idiot #2: "OK, I have some ideas: let's increase the parking tax and not redevelop the 5th/Forbes corridor!" Idiot #1: "Great idea!"

Idiot #1: "Let's give young people entertainment options in the city!" Idiot #2: "Well, here's a fantastic idea! Let's increase the poured alcohol tax! That should do it."

and the list goes on and on and on..... failed Maglev, lack of decent housing within city limits, failure to shoo vagrants and bums off the streets, ridiculous property taxes and then of course, what happened yesterday....

So, the one sports franchise in this city that actually would have benefitted from the casino was denied that opportunity, and the two who vocally voiced their opposition to its location near them were ignored.

People keep trying to defend Ravenstahl and Onorato and say they had nothing to do with it. They could've stood up and vocally campaigned and pushed for the plan that they felt was best for their region. Ravenstahl let his voice be heard once, but backed down once he was actually in a position to do something about it. They chose not to take a stand. And the politicians who came before them stood idly by and watched as one of their sports franchises threatened to leave and let them get involved with a gambling organization. Now suddenly yesterday there is "absolutely no doubt" we'll get a new arena. Where has all that commitment and capital been while the Penguins' owners begged for your help for the past decade?

I didn't want gambling here, but if it had to happen, I would've liked to have seen it be used in a beneficial fashion for the region.

And that leads me back to where I am today. Finally committed to leaving this city after I graduate. And not just over the Penguins but over all the other failed projects and promises on top of it. How is it that this city can continuously say it wants to keep its youth here and yet succeed in driving out someone who was solidly committed to staying here?

Anonymous said...

If I were Mario I'd say 'you're cool' to the Pens fans, F you to the politicians, sell the team for a lot of money and wash my hands of the whole thing.

As frustrated/disappointed as we are, I couldn't even imagine how much more so he'd be.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell me why the PITG thing makes more sense? I must be missing something. The Pirates are against it, the Steelers are against it, the Pens are. It just seems to me that there is more to lose than gain. So why this decision? I must be missing something

Anonymous said...

emdubs, I'm one of those "young people" who left Pittsburgh for the sad reason that I just couldn't find anything there to do. I'm now living in the DC area with thousands of other displaced Pittsburghers. I know the numbers are sky-high due to the amount of Steelers fans I see every Sunday at the bar and the way the Pens fans take over the Verizon Center everytime they play down here. I've said for the last year plus that someday I want to come back. I want to raise my family in the city I call home, and I want to take my kids to Penguins games, the way my dad took me when I was young, introducing me to a game that I'm now so passionate about. I just hope that someday that time comes, I can find a job back home, and the city gets back on its feet, and I can someday tell my kids how I saw Sidney Crosby hoist the Cup in our new arena. Hey, it's my Christmas wish, ok?

Joshua said...


I just looked on the penguins website and there's a statement from Mario (and I just nearly cried):

Recent developments, including yesterday’s decision by the PGCB, and the recent termination of the purchase agreement by Jim Balsillie have convinced us that it is time to take control of our own destiny. Accordingly, starting today, the team is off the market, and we will begin to explore relocation options in cities outside Pennsylvania. After seven years of trying to work out a new arena deal exclusively in Pittsburgh, we need to take into consideration the long-term viability of the team and begin discussions with other cities that may be interested in NHL teams.

As soon as we are no longer restricted by our agreement with Isle of Capri from negotiating an arena deal here, in the next few weeks, we will also begin discussions with local leaders about a viable Pittsburgh arena plan.

We will have no further comment at this time.

Said it aint so Mario :(

i cant describe what i feel now

Gavin said...

Harsh man, just unbelievably harsh. I'm in physical pain after reading that one.

EmDubs said...

Good for you, Mario. I was saying yesterday that I wouldn't blame Mario one bit if he went down and took a piss on City Hall and said "I'm out of here and I'm taking my team with me." That's pretty much exactly what he said, just maybe with a touch more class. But then again, he's always been a classy guy.

Rico Fatastic said...

Obviously, Mario's just using the first page of the "Use every piece of leverage that you have" playbook, there, but what happens when KC or Hamilton or Hartford comes up with the proverbial "Offer he can't refuse"?

December 20, 2006: A Day that Will Live in Infamy

Anonymous said...

Im upset that the Pens could probably be leaving. But I must say I Do Not blame Mario one bit. He has done everything in his power to keep the team here, yet the city and state continue to laugh and slap him in the face. Take the Team and run Mario. Ill be sure to follow

Colcloughs Hands said...

start worrying when they say plan B isnt viable........marios dealt with politicians long enough to know how to play their game......hes read hardball 101, and hes using it.......theyre finally gonna sit down and do what they should have been doing for years now, and he just has a little leverage

Colcloughs Hands said...

i mean, seriously, what did you want him to say? "oh, you've fucked us for 7 years now, and since our deal didnt win, we'll just bend over and take it in the pooper" youd be a lot more concerned had he said "we're putting the team on ebay, let whoever wins the auction negotiate"
come on guys lighten up

Adrienne said...

The city really just told Lemieux to take all his work over the last decade, and to shove it.

While I can't blame him for his decision on the whole matter, it pains me to know I better start looking for a new hockey city for grad school. Tampa is looking nice...

I just sit here and hold my breath, hoping that all of Lemieux's talk is just taking advantage of the front page to gain publicity and support.

wes said...

Better run now and purchase tickets for the last ever Pittsburgh Penguins game on April 7, 2007. It will truly be the day when Elvis leaves the building (forever).

Anonymous said...

What about the Stanley Cup playoffs, Wes? ;)

Anonymous said...

"Last year, a federal appeals court ruled Barden's casino in Mississippi committed reverse discrimination by firing a white human resources director and replacing him with a less-experienced black employee.

In 1996, Detroit newspapers reported that a federal elections commission investigation determined that Barden co-signed an illegal loan for $50,000 to a Detroit congresswoman. No charges were ever filed against Barden.

In Gary, city officials expressed anger earlier this year when they learned that Barden negotiated a deal with the outgoing mayor to cut his casino's monthly payments to the city. Following those negotiations, former Gary Mayor Scott King went to work for Barden.

It doesn't appear that Barden has made any contributions to Pennsylvania politicians, though he is friendly with Bill DeWeese, the new Speaker of the House in Harrisburg. DeWeese reportedly was Barden's guest at the Super Bowl in Detroit in February."

I know I certainly would hitch the hopes of the renaissance of this city to that guy! Sounds fantastic! I can hardly wait to see how that works out!

Scott said...

As ur pic caption and i said yesterday...lets win the whole fuckin thing

Adam said...

damn it, scott. i meant to credit you for that. we posted that this morning when i was still half asleep.


I totally agree with what Colclough's Hands said in regards to HardBall 101.

And we shouldn't be worried until Plan B is officially scrapped.

I don't blame Mario one bit for anything he is saying.

Adrienne is right about him fighting tooth and nail for the last ten years, and bringing attention to this city for the last 22 years.

The article about the reverse-discrimination is a great find, whoever did that.

Jon said...

I am irrevocably devestated like everyone in Penguin land. I'm stationed out here in Cali (I saw us play the Ducks in November, good game) and my Christmas morning of the 20th quickly turned into shitsville. I'm glad this blog exists, kinda helple ease the pain, and i'm going to make a point of not stepping foot in that casino if they do end up leaving...I hope no fans patronize that place if it happens. I'll probably consider not even moving back there if they leave after I get out of the Navy...Effing politicians.

Anonymous said...

Could not have said it better myself...

CDY said...

If anyone is interested in an out-of-towner/lifelong Pens fan's point of view:

Jas said...

Wow... as much as this situation sucks, it's gotta be great for the Pensblog. This is pretty much THE place to come and see how other Pens die-hards are feeling... love the blog, keep up the good work...

Adrienne said...

The concern about this all is that everyone should be worried about Plan B, as it isn't a sound plan. Plan B is like, Plan A^-109287459.

I don't care about reverse discrimination so much as I care about the man's record. Honestly, someone as suspect as that was seen as the "best" option for the casino? And where is his prime location for it? Next to a damn childrens museum.

This whole thing makes my head hurt.

Michael Krahn said...


I just put the second of 5 parts about Counting Crows up on my blog.

Found you through Google blog search because you mentioned Adam.

Check it out:

***personally I hope the Pens move to Winnipeg.


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