Sunday, November 19, 2006

ESPN Game Recap

This first game that I didn't watch may have been the best overall game for the Pens this season. I have absolutely nothing to base that on, but reading recaps and game stories, the Pens seemed to be pretty solid.

First of all, why didn't I watch the game? The entire casa de Pensblog, sans Derek, were at Wal-Mart at 6:00 AM to embark in an incredible 18-hour odyssey to get our hands on a Nintendo Wii. Anybody who is going to argue and say Wii is better than PS3, or PS3 is better than Wii, just shut up. Everyone does their own thing, the end.
We weren't first in line because Harry, a huge Pens fan whose family had had season tickets since he can remember, showed up to claim the first spot in line at 4 AM. Dedication.
We'll have another post about our Wal-Mart Wii Experience. But, it must be said that when you go to the electronics department in Wal-Mart to buy a radio in order to listen to the Pens game, that's honorable.

I would love it if someone wished to either e-mail, or leave in the comments, a semi-detailed recap of last night's game. It was fun listening to Mike Lange call the game, but we have no clue how the Pens looked.

  • Crosby: 2 A
  • Recchi: 2 G
  • Gonchar: 2 A
  • Jagr: 3 shots
  • Shots: NYR (24) PENS (25)
  • Powerplay: NYR (0 for 6) PENS (2 for 11)
  • John LeClair was a healthy scratch so that Ronny Petrovicky could get himself into the lineup last night. How did he look???? Right-handed shot, that is good.
  • My dad called me Sunday morning to tell me about a Sidney Crosby play where he literally spun 360 degrees in the air to avoid a poke-check or trip attempt, then proceeded to hit the ice and not skip a beat.
  • From how he described it, it sound like Crosby may have resembled Scott Hamilton performing a triple salchow in the '84 Sarajevo Olympics in Yugoslavia...minus the gayness.
Next Game: Monday 11.20
@ Philadelphia - 7:00 PM


Anonymous said...

if you want to see the crosby spin move, watch the players post game interviews. its at the very end.

Anonymous said...

where is the video?

Adam said...

where is that video???

zach said...

was at the game, notes:
petrovicky looked good, few nice hits
crosby's spin move is also on the game highlights on tsn
as expected jagr got booed on every touch
the kid sitting in front of me chose the small box an got an autographed sid jersey
whoever ran the jumbo tron tonight was fucking up left and right
did they say what the 15 minute intermission was for with 56 secs left in the game?

Dennis said...

I don't know for sure what that long break was with a minute left but I think it was deciding if there was 55 or 57 seconds left.

loralei said...

A couple of things about last night....

Do the Rangers announcers even like the Rangers? All they did was talk about how great the Penguins young stars were. And they got quite a kick out of Jaromir getting booed everytime he touched the puck. Oh and they loved the Sid 360 move. That was pretty awesome.

Did anyone else yell "oh shit" out loud when Shannahan snagged that puck out of the air and suddenly kicked it up 3 speeds? You have to admit that was a sweet shot. Just like you dont feed the Mogui after midnight, you dont give Shannahan the puck and a wide open look at the net at the top of the circle.

How much did you love Mark Recchi's little roll over backwards after he scored that goal. Granted it wasnt volutary but it still amused me nontheless.

I find myself now feeling bad for Colby Armstrong and yelling at him like he is my little brother (when my brother was little i'd go to his games at the Penguins former practice facility and somehow thought that all 10 year olds should skate like Pavel Bure). Granted he is still a great forechecker and great on the penalty kill, but those Ranger announcers got to me when they semi-mocked him for being on a line w/ Sid and not scoring. At that point I decided that Colby needed to have a hat trick and then to go up in the booth and punch the play by play guy in the nose. I was on my feet when Colby broke in the zone w/ the puck, carried it to the net and then tried to shoot. Then at the end of the game, when the Rangers pulled Lundqvist, I kept yelling at him to score, then he got the puck and iced the damn thing. Then, I called him an idiot. Sorry Colby.

Kaspar was scratched last night. Wha?? I was hurt by this. I still have mad love for Kaspar, Ranger or not, and i have to admit that i was secretly waiting to see what kind of antics he had up his sleeve for Sid & Co. It is mutiny yes, but the dude is hilarious. If anyone lays a pinky on him, his arms go flailing through the air and he grabs his face and falls to the ice. Then me & my dad laugh really hard. My favorite has to be the "what did I do" shrug. A guy falls down on the other side of the ice and he puts his arms up to indicate to the ref that it wasnt him. Then the ref puts him in the box anyway, just because he's Kaspar. Ahh those were the days...

All right, back to my paper. I'm stuck watching the Pats & Green Bay (the Pats are kicking their ass) so i HOPE that the Steelers are doing OK...

loralei said...

Go to the Pens website and to the multimedia stuff. The Audio/Video section. They have post game interviews. The spin move is at the very end.

The Ranger guys said that the Penguins were arguing about the clock. More time (like 25 seconds) should have ticked off of it, so instead of their being 57 sec left there should have only been like 30.

Adam said...

i just saw it.

not bad

"i wish malkin would've did it"


PittCheMBA said...

I do not have cable TV, so I listen to the game on the radio. Mike Lange and Phil Bourque are fantastic. If the game is broadcast on the CW (channel 19), I watch the TV on mute and turn on the stereo. The Crosby spin move was incredible.

Josh said...

Dudes just finshed you folks enoying the Wii? Im going to france so I can marry mine.

Sincerly, No.2

Anonymous said...

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