Sunday, November 12, 2006

We have a rule here at The Pensblog:
Don't get too high. Don't get to low. Just try to say the course.
Well, I am low tonight.

For those of you that didn't catch the game, consider yourself lucky as balls.
The 6-2 score is no indication of what went down.

Knowing that I had to do to the recap with Adam off tonight, I even waited a while to calm down. But I am still angry.

Things started as usual for our for the sixth straight game they gave up the first goal. Justin Williams scored an easy rebound goal when Penguins killer Rob Brind'Amour went to the net and the puck deflected right to Williams. Ryan Whitney was there but he decided it wasn't important to play defense tonight.

Credit Ryan Whitney with an assist.

It would get worse for the Pens as Ray Whitney from the Hurricanes worked hard and was repayed when he was left wide open in front of the net and buried a shot past goalie Jocelyn Thibault. I thought the Pens actually came out and played a good first period, but for anyone who watched the game tonight, they were in the box so much that it didn't matter.

In the second, more bad news, as another Penguins penalty let Eric Staal (Jordan's brother in case anyone forgot) find a wide open Rod "The Bod" Brind'Amour open in the slot. He redirected the puck behind Thibault.

Thilbault was unreal the rest of the night, keeping the Pens in the game until...

JOHN LECLAIR (not a typ0) scored quite possibily the cheapest goal in the NHL this year, barely touching a Jarkko Ruutu pass and squeezing it past Cam Ward. But at that point no one cared, we just needed a goal.

Oh wow, I guess John LeClair DID score.

As Thibault contuined to be solid, the Pens chipped away. Mark Recchi culminated the work with a roof job on Cam Ward. Then smiled at Ward on his way back to the bench. (weird)

The third period was a meltdown. It looked like it was going to be good when Sergei Gonchar went coast to coast on a powerplay, and as the puck slid under Ward, Nils Ekman looked to have swiped it past ward and into the net for the HUGE game tying goal. Or...not.
I am still stunned. Listening to Mike Lange, he even said it was in. How many calls does Mike Lange miss?

The play continued until the game stopped on yet another penalty. The refs then went upstairs to review the Gonchar/Ekman goal and decided the replays weren't conclusive. But the puck went it....simple as that. You can tell by how irate Ekman was on the bench. He never gets worked up like that.

The Pens, clearly let down, just fell apart. It didn't help that the refs called everything...

Number 11, White. Two minutes for breathing.

Now there were some legit calls, but they were outweighed by the horrible calls.
Mike Lange restrained himself from crapping on the referees on the air.

Carolina poured it on and the Pens are now winless in 5 straight.

  • Crosby: Coughed twice
  • Rod Brind'Amour: 1 G, 1 A
  • Shots: CAR (30) PIT (20)
  • Powerplay: CAR (2 for 14) PIT (0 for 7)
  • The Carolina fans booed Brooks Orpik everytime he touched the puck, and loudly. They trailed off late in the third, no word if they are saving their voices for the big NASCAR race tomorrow...hicks.
  • Chris Thorburn had a nice fight with Mike Commodore.
  • The defense is melting down before our very eyes. No coincidence that it's been happening since Eaton went down.
  • Ryan Whitney needs to be removed from the evolution commerical.
  • Jordan Staals stick broke in half on a late breakaway... summing up the game nicely
  • Colby Armstrong is filling in for Ryan Malone as magician this month. Catch his dissappearing act weeknights and on saturday nights.
  • Thibault looks like a solid backup
Next Game: Monday, 11.13
vs. Philadelphia - 7:30


Anonymous said...


Brian said...

Good call on Ryan Whitney, I don't see him 'evolving' either. It would be nice if started playing half as hard as Talbot is. Btw, excellent diving play by Talbot on the PK.

Derek said...

I agree. I am stil stunned Talbot didn't make the team out of camp..he is a solid player..

I am not sure if anyone is as made as me. but the no goal call is huge.. I just read the post gazette recap slight mention.. The AP story has no mention of..I had the same feeling when Po had is interception over turned in indy last year. Puzzling.

Andrew said...

Seriously...I have not seen a game officiated this poorly in a long time, maybe ever. That was a doubt about it. All you need to do was use a little geometry and fucking common sense. You see the puck in front of the line, then it goes behind the post and you don't see it...what does that mean? Goal. It's a fucking goal.

And all of the Just wow. Some were legit...others were the refs saying "hey, you guys broke a players neck and put another in a pool of his own, yeah, we're givin it to them...they deserve it!"

Such an infuriating loss...

Dennis said...

So we either win on Monday vs. Philly or go into a long break with a huge losing streak.

This is just super.

loralei said...

That was like the worst called game EVER. Honestly. How is every penalty against the Penguins? 2 guys pull Malkin down along the boards-nothing. What about that call on Colby that gave them a 5-3. They call Colby for whatever but then dont call the guy for retalliating? Are you kidding me? Bob Errey couldnt believe it either. His eyes lied to him.

Thibault played awesome until he let in that bad goal. Then he looked a little iffy, but still a thousand times better than the Thibault we saw last year.

Colby's getting his job done. He's not putting up points, but him and Talbot are aces on the Penalty kill and 5 on 5 he's one of our best forecheckers and he was backchecking like a mother. He was getting in lanes and breaking up passes. He's doing the little things right now that most people dont notice. He's still working hard. Ryan Malone has never done any of these things. He'll find his scoring touch.

Why didnt Talbot or Welch make the team? I'm puzzled. I think Welch is playing awesome right now. He's had a few hickups but he's aggressive and not afriad to jump in the play. I like that.

Seriously Talbot is awesome. I dont think anyone else on that team has as much energy as he does. You can see him give 100% on every shift. Love this guy.

I dont understand why everyone's all over Ryan Whitney? Granted he's had a few give aways but the guy is like ALWAYS on the ice. He's a +3. Michel Therrien isnt the shy type. If he thought Whitney sucked I dont think he would be logging so much ice time.

Just wanted to get people all riled up on a Sunday morning. Have a great one guys. GO STEELERS!

Brian said...

I can't find a highlight of the Gonch-Ekman goal. But, even if the puck did not cross the line there was another penguin standing right on the crease (maybe welch) who could have burried the rebound right infront of him, but he threw his hands up in celebration because he saw the puck cross the line. I'm not saying he shouldn't have celebrated, if it was a goal, but if it wasn't a goal the pens could have easily put in the rebound.

Washington85 said...

it has been a tough streach since Eaton went down...I know myself I went to the game vs Ottawa and the Pens did the same thing stayed in for 2 periods then the 3rd period meltdown....and the refs give NO CALLS to the young Penguins(e.i. Crosby, Malkin, Stall,etc.) it is relavent every game

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