Friday, November 3, 2006

Some Housekeeping

The author of Mondesi's House sent us an e-mail, saying that Mark Madden mentioned the Pensblog on Thursday during the 4 o'clock hour of his show on ESPN Radio 1250. If anyone heard this, please leave something in the comments about it. I've talked to two people who I thought listened to him every day, and yesterday was the first day in two years that neither listened to the show.

We have two Facebook groups that need your help (last ones, we swear):

The Pensblog Facebook Group
Keep The Penguins In Pittsburgh

Thanks everyone.


We're going to make it more well-known in the coming weeks, but we are planning to get a group of Pens fans to travel to Philadelphia for the Saturday, January 13th game on NBC. All four of us here at the blog are going, and if anyone else truly wants to go, we're going to mention it again in a couple weeks.


I dare you to try reading this Terry Frei article about shoot-outs. I managed to get to the fourth paragraph before my brain told me that it was the most boring article ever written.

Linda Cohn writes another article on the Patriots of the NHL (Anaheim). The terms of media performing fellatio on them.

Harold and ex-Islanders co-owner Sanjay Kumar go to White Castle. White Castle is apparently slang for 'prison'... has an article about Steagle Colbeagle the Eagle.

All of a sudden, the top of the Atlantic Division is crowded. The Pens, Rangers and Islanders all have 14 points, and the Devils have 13. The Pens have only played ten games (NHL low), so their winning percentage breaks the tie....I think.


Shorty said...

Just a note...i was looking through my SI NHL preview issue and noticed in the team summaries that Nils Ekman was not noted as a key loss for the Sharks or a key addition for the Pens...hmmmm

Oh well, though he hasn't done too much, yet, lets hope he burns his ex team Saturday for a few pts.

And also how sweet would it be to be the 1st team to knock the Ducks off in regulation?

chris said...

slow day today...sorry for those disappointed...adam has to sleep sometimes :)

CDY said...

There was a nice article about the Pens in today's San Fran Chronicle...
talking about how Sharks fans should get their lazy butts to the game Saturday night because they'll never see a team as exciting as the Pens again for 3 years.

And I got my tix for Pens @ Dallas today! January 26 can't come fast enough for us Pens fans in Texas (assuming I'm not the only one...)

Adam said...

that's the first game after the all-star game, which is in dallas.

that's gonna be a crazy week.

hopefully, you'll stay in touch with the blog and maybe get some pics up from dallas.

thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Yep, I heard double M mention Pensblog the other day!

Adam said...

Don't humor us just for the sake of humoring us...haha.

If you did, thanks for mentioning it.


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