Thursday, November 9, 2006

Short and Sweet

In the spirit of Malkin's post-game interview tonight, (officially the funniest thing going on with the Penguins. I was waiting for Malkin to go Ryan Leaf on someone, but in crazy Russian), there's only a short recap of other games in the NHL.

Atlanta stuns Ottawa.... great. Ottawa is going to be even more pissed off when we play them on Friday.

Slava Kozlov: "Hey Gerber. Go eat some baby food. Yea, that's right."

Coach Tom Renny your thoughts:
"We really don't mind going into a shootout," said Rangers coach Tom Renney. "We feel like we have an advantage with our shooters."

Dude get over your team. Please.

In the only Western Conference game tonight:
The Red Wings shutout the Oilers 3-0...16 shots for the Oilers tonight... way to mail it in.

That's it for me. Tough loss to Tampa... but least we got a point.
And if you're a little down about the loss... it could be worse...

You could be this guy:


Anonymous said...

hahahahahahaha... you guys never cease to amaze me

Anonymous said...

Dunno if you guys have touched on this yet or not... sound familiar?

caucasianinvasion said...

I'm pretty sure Federline is going to clear waivers.

Adam said...

That's eerily familiar.

Except, the notion of Pittsburgh getting the winter olympics made me have to pee.

Brett said...

In that picture, K-Fed looks like the leading actor in Sudden Death. Damn hes sexy.

Anonymous said...

haha, i didnt see the post game malkin thing.

what did he do?


Anonymous said...

Buy this cool penguins neon light!

Julie said...

Where is it possible to see Malkin's post-game interview?

Adam said...

the malkin thing was just on the jobber post-game show. i don't think it's online anywhere.

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