Monday, November 20, 2006

Role Players. PENS WIN.

First and foremost, Sid the Kid is injured. At the time of this recap, we have no word on his injury. Please discuss in the comments section when the news comes out.

As we hoped, the Pens caught the Flyers in their first game after the West Coast trip. Not surprisingly, the Pens jumped out to a 1-0 lead on a John LeClair powerplay goal. Three minutes later, Crosby makes an unbelievable move to set up Dominic Moore on what was basically a shorthanded goal. Then, with 9 second left in the first, Ryan Whitney threw it into the net after a scramble. 3-0, end of the first. Doing this to the Flyers is really starting to feel good.

If Armstrong was on Heroes, his power would be the ability to not score a goal.

The second period was a pretty exciting period. Simon Gagne scored for the Flyers on a deflection in front of Fleury. Less than a minute later, the Pens executed the tic-tac-toe, on-the-fly goal with perfection...with Crosby finishing it off. That's basically the last we saw of Crosby, too.
The Flyers scored another goal in the second on a pretty sweet play, with Geoff Sanderson ending it by going top-shelf on Fleury. 4-2 was making me nervous for a two minutes. Gonchar wristed a shot past Nittymaki to bump the score back up to a three-goal lead. That ended the second.

The third period was okay. I got to be honest. It was only given attention during Heroes commercial breaks. I ended up seeing the Flyers score the textbook definition of a jobber goal with three seconds left. Pens improve to 4-0 against the Jagoffs...and 8-1 vs. the Atlantic.
6 of our next 9 are against the Atlantic.

  • Crosby: 1 G, 1 A
  • Malkin: 2 A
  • Whitney: 1 G, 2 A
  • Shots: PHI (24) PENS (35)
  • Powerplay: PHI (3 for 8) PENS (2 for 8)
  • Steigerwald mentioned the term "role player" a record 94 times during this game.
  • How dare FSN let Keith Primeau into the booth to converse during a Penguins game. Doesn't anyone remember 2000?
  • WHERE WAS DANNY P-TASH? You don't respect how well of a job he does until third-line center Marshall Harris jumps in.
  • That Malkin goal: If he loses the rookie points race by one point, it will be another reason to hate Derian Hatcher.
  • First time I've seen Petrovicky (Petrohicky?) and I love him. We've been missing that kind of player.
  • Malone, LeClair, Petrovicky...something's got to give in the next few weeks. That sound you hear is the rumor mill starting to churn. Or maybe it's your girlfriend farting in the other room.

Next Game: Wednesday, 11.22
vs. Boston Bruins - 7:30

Pensblog Will Be Off For Thanksgiving.

Have A Nice Holiday Everyone

And Tell Your Alcoholic Uncle About The Pensblog


Anonymous said...

Shoot it!!! I know its off point. But please, pittsburgh fans. Let them setup the 5 on 3. I was at the game on saturday, the amount of people screaming shoot it on the 5-3 was amazing. Gonchar can't shoot it through the penality killer's shin pads. Come on pittsburgh, show some hockey smarts. Is anyone else with me here?

P.S. Looks like crosby just pulled his groin. Hopefully he is back for wendsday.

Anonymous said...

a few things that pissed me off:
armstrongs breakaway. send him back down to the baby pens where he can get his game back. also, almost getting in the way of whitneys goal. though he did set it up nicely, he almost fucked it up too.

bob errey saying every damn minute that malkins goal was not a goal after we saw the replay. listen fucker, we understand its not a goal. we saw the net was off its mouring. idiot

the camera shot of malkins disallowed goal. what the hell, lets keep the camera on the player five seconds after he passes it
TO THE FUCKIN NET. 9 out of 10 chances when some one passed the puck to the net, it might go in.
idiots once again.

derrien hatcher is a bitch.
enough said

other than that, the flyers are the penguins bitches


Tippy said...

Sid was just shown in a post-game interview during Versus highlights saying that something is "strained" and it's "not like a bruise that you could play on." He said he'll feel better taking a couple days off.

Derek said...

To confirm Tippys report it is a groin pull..

lets hope its not the Kevin Stevens "groin pull"...only Adam can tell that story

Adam said...

I agree with the sentiments about the 5-on-3 SHOOT IT!!!

You have to set up the perfect play there. Why do you think Lemieux was so deadly on a 5-on-3.

HAHHA. The camera crew keeping the camera on Whitney after he passes it. Stupid Stupid.

wes said...

to add to the "shoot it" talk, I have been highly critical of people at the games this year screaming this. most of them, fairweather fans albeit, have NO concept of patience. additionally, these people were in diapers when Lemieux would hold the puck for 1:55 of a 2:00 power play only to shoot one of his infamous impossible angle shots from behind the net and somehow get it in. i am a huge advocate of setting up the play and taking shots that have substance. let's go pens!

chris said...

I agree Wes...some people think that just because you shoot it, it going to make it straight to the net. I guess they think that the team on defense doesn't know what the hell they're doing. HELLO, they are trained to get in the shooting lanes. I always tell these people to shut up when I'm at the game.

For those of you reading this who are the ones harsh feelings, but really, you can't just shoot the puck every second. If you constantly try and get off whatever shot you will be a short-handed breakaway the other direction.

Go Pens

Tippy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
aj said...

good point...the 99% of SH goals happen when a shot from the point goes right into someone's shin gaurds and next thing you know its a breakaway going the other can't ALWAYS shoot the puck.

Tony said...

Boy it's gonna look I was copycatting you today Adam. Check out my comments today, and you'll see similar comments on Marshall Harris and Petrovicky. We're on the same Pens wavelength bro...


Anonymous said...

Just want to comment on the first comment... sounds weird, i know. Anywho, the dude/lady's got a point. The guys on the ice know what they're doing. If they don't shoot, its for good reason: no shooting lane or a better pass. Let up a little


Adam said...

Zubov was the KING of not shooting the puck, though.

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