Saturday, November 4, 2006

We are trying to get a group of 20 or so people to travel to Philadelphia when the Pens play them on Saturday, January 13. It's a 2 o'clock game, televised nationally on NBC.

We talked to James Darlington of the Wachovia Center Box Office on November 4th and we can relay some details:

The Wachovia Center considers the game to be a second-half game; meaning it's in the second-half of the season. It also means that they do not have a ticket inventory for the game, as they have to account for the visiting team requesting tickets, NHL officials getting tickets, etc. James and common sense both told me that the game WILL be sold out. He didn't guarantee anything, but he did ask if I wished to purchase the tickets today...meaning that the tickets are available as recent as November 4th.
He mentioned that our best bet would be to purchase the tickets by early December. This gives us one month to organize this.

  • It takes 6 hours and 9 minutes to get to Philly.
  • Traveling arrangements would have to be discussed later, but a convoy of five or six cars would seem feasible.
  • Tickets will be $45 each.
  • I was reassured twice that they are 'excellent' seats.
  • The seats would be in the top ring of sections in the arena. Check them out here.
  • It is a nationally televised game. We will have bright yellow Pens shirts for the group to wear...and NBC cameras would not be able to ignore us.
  • Christmas is coming, so ask whoever you ask for 45 dollars in cash as an early present...or just don't pay your cell phone bill.

The four or five of us that run the blog will go; no matter what.

We need e-mail confirmations by November 20.
We need cash or checks in our hand by December 1.

If we can't get a big group, we're gonna buy single tickets for ourselves. Anyone else could buy single tickets, too, but we all wouldn't sit together. We would end up playing that by ear, though.
Basically, if you want to go as a group and get the discount, do what you can to find enough people to fill the group.

We wanted to give advance notice for this road trip because we would need checks or cash for the tickets by Dec. 1



dennis said...

Just wondering...Would we be going up that morning and coming back that same night?

Adam said...

yea, leaving sat. morning and be back by sat. night.

Anonymous said...

this sounds badass.

Jonathan said...

If someone wants to pony up the flight money from Louisiana to Philly, I'll gladly pay the $45 to go to the game. :)

Rave said...

Sounds like a great idea. I would love to tag along and go.

Teej said...

I live in State College, PA, so if I were to go I'd probably leave here and stay overnight somewhere in Pittsburgh, but hell this sounds like a kickass trip - I definitely am interested!

BTW I'm Tim (TJ or Teej), been checking out the blog for a few weeks, great content!


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