Friday, November 24, 2006

We didn't catch the game, and homo CW isn't doing a replay tonight.
FSN would do it, but high school football kicks you in the pancreas if you turn it on Friday night.

Malkin's wrist shot was sick, and I haven't been able to see any of the Islanders goals.
Also read in the recap that Malkin left the ice after a shoulder-to-shoulder hit with an Islander player.
Early reports were that he simply got his bell rung, although he may have jumped on a plane back to mother Russia.

Saw some nice Thibault saves. He's really raising his trade value.
Him and Malone to Washington for Ovechkin. It's coming.

I'll be heading out to the Pens game tomorrow night against the Rangers. I'm saving my voice all day tomorrow so I can be in top Booing form.

NEXT GAME: Saturday 11.25
vs. NY Rangers - 7:30
The CW


Anonymous said...

hey guys, just wanted to let you know that the malkin stats you have at the top of the page aren't adding up. 11+10 is 21, not 19. Just thought I'd bring it to your attention. Love the blog... GO PENS

Adrienne said...

Sather needs to give us Straka back damnit. I'll be there with that sign.

Adam said...

we did that stat thing on purpose just to see who was paying attention......

not really, we suck and aren't focused during the holiday. thanks for pointing that out.

If you'll seriously be there, I'll be looking for it.

bwzimmerman said...

i actually watched the game at hi-tops, since it seems every other bar in the city only has Direct TV and doesn't get the CW. the experience was sad, annoying, expensive, and unfulfilling. the game bummed me out too.

Adam said...

We're thinking about watching a game at Slapshots, that hockey bar on West Liberty Avenue in Dormont.

Get some people there on a Saturday night game or something.

emdubs said...

I have to agree about how depressing it is to go out to watch a hockey game at a sports bar in this town. Twice this year we have ventured out..... once to watch a game at Fox 'n the Hound in the North Hills. The Pens were playing at the same time as Pitt football and were relegated to some tiny TVs along the bar until the Pitt game ended. Then, this past Wednesday, we went to Sports Rock Cafe and they didn't even bother putting the Pens on! The Butler-Tennessee college basketball game was on all the TVs. How is it that a college game with two teams not even from Pgh outranked a Pgh professional sports team? Ridiculous. To Sports Rock's credit, they did put the Pens on the big screen when we asked.


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