Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Who am I? You sure you want to know? The story of my life is not for the faint of heart. If somebody said watching the NHL is a happy little tale...if somebody told you I was just your average ordinary fan, not a care in the world...somebody lied.

- Spiderman

While most of America was out voting...I was watching hockey.
And man, there were some good games tonight..

The Devils beat the Hurricanes in a shootout..
And I finally figured out what the Devils remind me of:

The band Nickelback

Before you exit the screen and ne'er return to the Pensblog, Listen.......
Frequent commenter and sporadic Pensblog contributor Andrew mentioned Nickelback in a comment and it's reminded me of the comparsion.

The Devils are the same team every year. And Nickelback has been singing the same song since 1995. It's not an in-depth comparison...but does it not make sense?

Every Nickelback song includes...(Deep voice)..."Why the hell are we so blah blah blah blah"

And on a completely different note, in the spirit of election night.. if I ever run for office, my main sticking point would be settling things with Casket/Steel cage/Hell in the Cell matches.
I wish there were a candidate like that.
If the world would just settle its problems by using a 1990s WWF mentality, we would all be better off.

It all comes full circle for us Pens fans when we recall that the most infamous Hell in the Cell match, with the Undertaker throwing Mankind off the top of the cell, took place in Mellon Arena.
Go down memory lane with Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler...and check out the Mellon Arena "East Igloo" sign in the back.

Almost forgot...there were more games..

The Habs win 3-2 in a shootout... Kovy ends it with a sweet goal...Guillaume Latendresse, the 19 year old star, scored for Montreal. He then had sex with 10 Canadien puck bunnies. This guy is gold in Canada...and he knows it.

The Kings basically ran the train on Jose Theodore and his entire family in the third period

And the Sharks beat the Wild in a potential Western Conference Finals preview 3-1.. no recap

Some other news around the NHL:

Blues introduce Al MacInnis as their new VP of Hockey Operations

MacInnis winding up for a slapshot could make a goaltender crap himself...

...even in NHL94 for Sega Genesis.

(The best part was naming this picture file 'macinnispoop.gif')

Ray Emery got hurt in practice today...which is huge because the Pens play the Sens on Friday.

And for those of you that like some good drama...
Dwayne Roloson, you should spend a little less time worrying about the NHLPA, and a little more time thinking about how you cost your team the Stanely Cup last year by getting hurt in the Finals...clown.

Big game tomorrow. We owe the Lightning for that 9-0 beat down in 2003-2004.
See you at center ice.


Anonymous said...

Oh man....Nickelback and the Devils.. you guys are incredible... I didn't think a post was coming tonight...

fuck the lightning!

John said...

Who am I? You sure you want to know? The story of my life is not for the faint of heart. If somebody said watching the NHL is a happy little tale...if somebody told you I was just your average ordinary fan, not a care in the world...somebody lied.
- Spiderman

I love how you so non-asummingly made this seem like spiderman said that..

Damn right we owe the lightning

erica said...



i luv waking up to u guys every morning.

wow, that sounds hot.

Derek said...


It was good for me too hahaha
go pens

Shorty said...

Wow, i didn't think they put the pooping goalie mode into the NHL series until '96....

And on the Emery note, wasn't Martin "baby food" Gerber would be the starter in Ottawa?

Steeltown Mike said...

Center ice? Aw, man. I'm in section C20...

ronnie said...

pensblog, first off, love the show.
first time commenter.

as i type this......i am still in tears over mcinnis making the goalie shit himself.

i came across your guys site this morning when i was googling for some pens info.
I've spent the last hour reading some of the posts on here. what an unbelevable site. you guys are awesome writers. hysterical.

erica said...

pensblog, u never call.


Anonymous said...

still have not forgotten the 9-0 slaughter.

Andrew said...

What the hell is on Gionta's head?!?

Adam said...

As always, we are humbled by your compliments. Thank you.

Gerber has two wins in eight games this year. We may not have been keeping up to date with the Sens, but it seemed like every Sens game I read about, Emery was in net.

C20...do you have season tickets?

Dennis said...

If we lose again this year like we did last year to a team where the temp. never drops below 75 degrees then..

I just might need to give someone the backhand.

...preferrably to one of those pink-jersey waering chicks.

Anonymous said...

i have that game for my old sega

Tawm said...

That's awesome, i was at that king of the ring

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