Friday, November 24, 2006

Yea we said we were taking a break, but I also said I wasn't going to eat all of my grandma's jello salad.
And well let's just say I made Bill Cosby happy today.

"Jello salad? Jello salad? I am talking bout Jello Pops..."
Ghost Dad was a great movie.

Moving on, not a whole lot going on around the NHL..
Something I forgot to do was get a comparison picture of last night.
Head Coach of the Bruins Dave Lewis and Hitler

I would make a joke, but there is nothing really funny about some dude killing like 4 million Jews...
one thing, though:

Shouldn't someone nudge Dave Lewis and say, "Hey man you look like Hitler, shave the stash." I mean come on.


Ken Hitchcock is back in the NHL, he was named the Blue Jackets coach last week, he had his first practice today.

Hitchcock then went on to eat his weight in stuffing balls, even John Goodman was horrified

John Goodman and Ken Hitchcock, the race to see which ones hearts explodes first, continues, next on.. CBS


One game in the NHL tonight.. and by the way did you know Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving over a three day span..

Anyways the Predators smoked the Canucks 6-0...Thomas Vokoun got hurt, if you care to know.

Huge suspensions for Atlanta and Washington.......after this brawl.. got to love Hedberg and Olie the goalie getting into it

That's it folks...2:00 game tomorrow afternoon, which is horrible. I am going to be sweating it out at work.

Go Pens.


Anonymous said...

hahaha I hate bill cosby

aj said...

chocolate puddin in the puddin and the kids 'n the puddin

Washington85 said...

haha great post wanna see Hedberg get into a fight would be awesome

gayuh said...

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