Thursday, November 9, 2006

Nice amount of games tonight..

But some news from the Pens nation we missed yesterday
John Tortorella sings "Where'd you go" by Fort Minor to Andre Roy.
... Hey John, you can have him.
Brooks Orpik is feeling better if he could play as well as he feels.
Some Penguins Columns:
Mike Prisuta writes a pretty decent column about the Pens new attitude
Ron Cook writes the most generic column ever..
I guess we should just be happy the Pens are getting some play. But really is Ron Cook telling us anything? Is he really speaking to us?
He actually went a whole column without mentioning the Stee......oh wait.
"This time of year, we're usually looking forward to the next Steelers' game.
Now, we have the Penguins' home game against Ottawa tomorrow night.
Progress, indeed. "

PLEASE SPEAK FOR YOURSELF! Is it not possible for people to look forward to both?

Ron Cook used the generic hockey template on windows XP to write his latest column.... tool

Anyway lets go around the NHL:

The Flyers in a game that they had to win.. lost...They actually failed to come out for a face-off at one point.
Lets face it. There is a better chance of me performing oral sex on Rosie O'Donnell on Thanksgiving than the Flyers making the playoffs.

I'm afraid I am fresh out of funny comments about hefty lesbian's vaginas, I'll have to work on that for ya

The Devils beat the lifeless Blackhawks in a shootout..2-1 thriller.......or not.
The Hurricanes trashed the Caps 5-0.... My dog Joey even scored in this one.

Joey the dog scored at the 17:54 mark of the second period. He celebrated in my Mom's dining room, by licking himself.

The Blue Jackets beat the Blues 4-2.. you only watched this game if you were fan of either team.. or a degenerate gambler.
Dallas shuts out the Coyotes..... what happen Wayne? 13 shots...ouch
The Ducks=money in the bank
... NHL record 16th game without a loss in regulation... maybe if the Canucks GM would be more concerned about his team, than always complaining, they would show up in their own building.
Les Bleu with the win over Bruins
... Travis Roy was sitting on his hands for this one.

"Why don't you use this joke a little more...ha-ha-ha laugh at the kid in the wheelchair...faggots"

In the final game of the night... the Sharks get a hat trick from Patrick Marleau and win 7-3 over the Kings

We'll see ya tomorrow night...Go Pens.

And on a completely random note... the new trailer for Spiderman 3 is out...and yes I am still single


Mark said...

Loyal reader here,I never have commented before. But The Rosie thing... I laughed out loud.. I showed my roomate and he was in cracking up.

Great Job tonight!

Derek said...


Thanks man...I have been meaning to blast BIG FAT ROSIE for a while
thanks for reading.

ritchie said...

watching SC this morning.

their covering the rutgers game for half the show and we get 4 minutes of nhl coverage.


biggest game of the sseason tonight.

Anonymous said...

using the travis roy picture again in the next month, while keeping the comedic value, would be nothin short of a miracle.

super site, guys.
been reading for about two weeks, first comment.

erica said...


that dog is so cute

rebecca said...

pensblog, words cannot express what u do to my day.

Anonymous said...

dave molinari is the writer of the penguins.

ron cook and shelly anderson, fuck off.


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