Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hittin the Links....

Real quick, if you want to remain pumped about Ohio State-Michigan, don't watch Sportscenter or any ESPN show until 3:30 on Saturday. They will suck the life out of you with endless comparisons and predictions that won't even matter in two days.

...NHL and Reebok have joined forces to start bringing licensed retail stores to the public. Reebok already has a monopoly on goaltending equipment, jerseys, jockstraps, etc.

...Coming up on Monday, Versus is debuting the "Rail Cam" during the Colorado-Dallas game. I thought it was referring to the camera I set up in my room when I make out with girls, but it's actually a camera that is on the top of the boards and can slide to both ends of the ice. Versus, 8PM, Monday...

...Alex Ovechkin fired his agent. His mom will take over the role. No comment.

...Chris Thorburn getting some play in the Post Gazette.


Olli Jokinen pulls a rabbit out of his hat in Florida's 5-1 win over Montreal tonight.

We're gonna say this right now, and we may be wrong...but watch out for Boston. They stopped Toronto's five-game winning streak tonight with a 2-1 overtime win.

This Nashville-Minnesota game went to a shootout, and the wild win, but I was too busy playing Michael Jackson's Moonwalker for Sega Genesis.

The object of each level is to "rescue" little girls who have been kidnapped.
We wouldn't lie to you.

Some other jobber scores that don't deserve links.. Oilers over the Blues....St. Louis sucks.

And big Wayne's team beats the hapless Blackhawks. Normally we'd have a picture depicting something hapless, like an old person. But just imagine if you walked in on your girlfriend and the starting 5 of the Miami Heat ... thats how the blackhawks feel.

I banged your girlfriend cracker..

Philadelphia is in Los Angeles tonight. Best thing about Philly's exhausting road trip is that they come back just in time to play the Pens on Monday. Life is sweet

Big game in Buffalo tomorrow night

Go Pens


Anonymous said...

anybody else click out of the post gazette penguins hockey articles when they see it was written by shelly anderson?

i do

Anonymous said...


rebecca said...


dogwithshftyeyes said...

dude, the best part about michael jackson moonwalker was doing "the lean" and killing a bunch of people at once

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