Sunday, November 12, 2006

Loralei's Analysis

Frequent commenter Loralei spent some time to give us a detailed analysis in the comment section of the Saturday night game in Carolina. We liked it a lot.


That was like the worst called game EVER. Honestly. How is every penalty against the Penguins? 2 guys pull Malkin down along the boards-nothing. What about that call on Colby that gave them a 5-3. They call Colby for whatever but then dont call the guy for retalliating? Are you kidding me? Bob Errey couldnt believe it either. His eyes lied to him.

Thibault played awesome until he let in that bad goal. Then he looked a little iffy, but still a thousand times better than the Thibault we saw last year.

Colby's getting his job done. He's not putting up points, but him and Talbot are aces on the Penalty kill and 5 on 5 he's one of our best forecheckers and he was backchecking like a mother. He was getting in lanes and breaking up passes. He's doing the little things right now that most people dont notice. He's still working hard. Ryan Malone has never done any of these things. He'll find his scoring touch.

Why didnt Talbot or Welch make the team? I'm puzzled. I think Welch is playing awesome right now. He's had a few hickups but he's aggressive and not afriad to jump in the play. I like that.

Seriously Talbot is awesome. I dont think anyone else on that team has as much energy as he does. You can see him give 100% on every shift. Love this guy.

I dont understand why everyone's all over Ryan Whitney? Granted he's had a few give aways but the guy is like ALWAYS on the ice. He's a +3. Michel Therrien isnt the shy type. If he thought Whitney sucked I dont think he would be logging so much ice time.

Just wanted to get people all riled up on a Sunday morning. Have a great one guys. GO STEELERS!


Brett said...

Adam put it best... love/hate relationship with that a-hole Whitney . And I mean that in the most loving way possible

loralei said...

Awww thanks guys! Its amazing what i can do when i dont want to do homework. Finals are coming up so there could be more where this came from.

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