Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Like a Rolling Puck

Tons of games tonight and hello to Big C and Rocky out in Claysville...

But, first, put those "Free Malkin" signs away...The courts have denied Russia from taking Malkin away.
This news is excellent.

Next up: December 20.
Slots License.
Mark your calendars.

Malkin celebrates after hearing the verdict.

This injunction getting held up had the same chance of me sitting in front of Pee Wee Herman in a movie theater.

"I know you are, but what am I?"

A pervert?

Other links before we knock out a recap:

YouTube and NHL teaming up to provide highlights of games...

...Vote or Die. 2007 NHL All-Star Game. Malkin. Crosby. Cairns.

...Finally, a newspaper talks about the enormous effect that losing Eaton has caused...

...Look for Pensblog 'Heroes'. Coming Friday...


Carolina is back to playing every night again. They helped out the Atlantic with a 2-1 victory of the Rangers tonight. Pens have the Rangers on Saturday.

The Islanders go into Dallas...and shut them out. We kid you not. A 3-0 final score down in a state where people break into each other's house and just sit around, without stealing anything.

Ottawa pisses off Buffalo just in time for our Friday Night Showdown with them up on Lake Erie.

Latendresse continues his run for Mayor of Canada by scoring for Montreal tonight in their 3-1 victory of the Lightning.

Anyone care that Nashville and Columbus played a professional hockey game tonight?

Vanilla Ice, stunned that no one cares about Blue Jackets Hockey anymore
( This caption sucks, but the picture is gold)
Boston beats the Caps in a shootout....AO, remember him? Isn't he Russian?
The Sharks over the reeling Av's...Joe Thorton is sick
One other late game
The Flyers and the Ducks in a West Coast shootout....Flyers lead 5-3...
Goodnight and good luck


Washington85 said...

and Malkin is now a Penguin for good!!! best news of the day...I have a proposition too for the man who will save the pens young players....the unstopable..Matthew Barnaby

Anonymous said...

hahaahahahahahahaah Pee Wee Herman...

Barnaby is a scumbag

Zarley Zalapski is my homeboy said...

Barnaby and Jagr tried to get my sister's friend to go up to their hotel room with them back in the late 90s when they both played for the Penguins.

She didn't... which is surprising because the girl is, how they say, "loose".

Troy Loney Jr. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Troy Loney Jr. said...

cheechoo hurt is leg tonight, hopefully he gets myositis ossificans, fuckin bitch

go ahead make my day

Shorty said...

Vanilla ice wants to know: HOW THE HELL DID PHILLY BEAT THE DUCKS!

Adam said...

myositis huh

Andrew said...

I, much like V-Ice, would like to know how Philly went into Anaheim and destroyed them. How did they score 5 goals on 11 shots against Giguere? This makes about as much sense as the aforementioned 'Nilla's attempt at a nu-metal album, including the "rock" version of "Ice, Ice Baby."

dogwithshftyeyes said...

isnt the rock version of ice ice baby just "under pressure"?

Andrew said...

You would think that...except you can't tell through all the distortion...

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