Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Slow night in the NHL game-wise, lots of news to catch up on though.

When Malkin scored last night to make it 3-2, with two minutes left..

In the midst of the jubilation, Chris said, "Hey, is that..."

Anyone who has played in HockeyTown at Cecil Park knows that is Godfrey Version 3.0 on the right.

Speaking of Malkin, tomorrow November 15th is his court date

Pensblog has already acquired the rights to it:

You want the Pass? You want the Pass? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE PASS

But honestly. the court date is tomorrow:

Russia vs. The NHL, United States, Pittsburgh Penguins and Bull from Night Court.

Bull: The Steve McKenna of bailiffs

...Click here if you want to read Malkin's court documents, courtesy of LetsGoPens.com
...Click here to read a Russian news article that obviously says that LetsGoPens.com is the source for all of your Malkin trial questions.
...Click here to read a stirring NHL.com article of Evgeni Malkin's escape from Magnitogorsk.

It's no Magnitogorsk Redemption, but good nonetheless.


Patrick Roy and Herb Brooks headlined the Hall of Fame Inductions this past weekend.

We can't say anything that hasn't already been said about former Penguins coach and team USA miracle worker Herb Brooks.

Patrick Roy is fair game, though.
Didn't he leave Montreal because the coach didn't take him out of a game after he had given up 8 goals? I think he gave up goals on 3 straight shots, and then he made a save, and the crowd in Montreal cheered like the Canadiens had just scored a goal. Roy even played to the crowd, giving them a little wave. Later, he skates to the bench and tells the owner sitting behind the bench that he wanted to be traded.
Get him some Maxi-Pads, too.
Hey I am a jerk, but I also came up with the best slam ever.
Greatest quote ever.



One game for us to cover tonight.

The Rangers help out the world by beating the Devils in regulation.
The Devils were looking good going into the third, but the Rangers scored 3 goals in 90 seconds in the final period and ended up winning 3-2.

Oh, and Minnesota was up 1-0 on Phoenix before the game even started.

Pens are 11th in TSN.ca Power Rankings.

Thanks to Canaan for going beyond the call of Pensblog Duty today with links and the like.
Hello to everyone coming from LetsGoPens.com...
We knew we'd get some of you guys sooner or later.


Anonymous said...

you guys never let me down

Washington85 said...

hope the hearing goes well tommrow...adn the Roy comment was great

Shorty said...

good luck to Malkin and the NHL in the hearing today. Hopefully Russia gets it's head outta it's ass and sign the transfer agreement some day.

Also the Nightcourt comment was hilarious, i always kinda envisioned Bull as a Francois Leroux though...LOL

dogwithshftyeyes said...

Bull was more of a Steve McKenna i think....

Brian said...

heh, I just looked on the TSN.ca power rankings; they mention the penguins' "Five straight losses" and "been shorthanded 27 times in the last four games" but they don't have Eaton listed as a key injury.

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