Wednesday, November 8, 2006

ESPN Game Recap

Uh-oh. The Pens are starting to lose one-goal games again. This one wasn't AWFUL awful. We came back from a 2-0 deficit and held the lead for a while. Lecavalier and St. Louis are a great duo, and it would've been a fun game to go to.

The first period began with the Lightning in our zone for pretty much the first eight minutes of the period. We starting to blindly clear the puck again...right to the opposing players' stick. Such was the case on the Lightning's first goal. Joltin' Joe Melichar cleared the puck around the boards to no one, and Lightning player Nikita Alexeev grabbed it and got it towards the net. Dmitry Afanasenkov was right in front of Fleury and deflected it in. Other than that, nothing really happening in the first period.

The second period was pretty stagnant until Tampa Bay scored on a powerplay...with PK-specialist Dominic Moore in the box. It was 2-0 and it wasn't lookin' good.
But with five minutes remaining in the second period, The Nils Ekman Show stole the stage.

The Pens pulled Fleury on a delayed penalty call and scored on a goal where they GOT IT TO THE NET. Mark Recchi was smacked with a high-stick at the end of the play, so the Pens still had a powerplay coming. Ekman reloaded his six-shooter and scored again on the ensuing powerplay. All of a was tied.

Hey Sid, I hope all these bitches brought their hats.

And to close out the third period scoring, The Ekman went to the net where Crosby, after making a sweet play to give himself more room, found him for a quick redirection...and a 3-2 lead going into the third. At the end of the second, it felt like we had just won the game. I almost started the recap.

It took the Lightning all of five minutes to tie it in the third, though. The Pens let Eric Perrin come pretty much right down the slot, where some Lightning jobber fed him the puck that he one-timed past Fleury. The rest of the third period saw both teams have a couple chances, and the Pens exhibit their weakest powerplay of the season. The Pens get a point as we go to overtime again.

I, and hopefully all of Pensblog Nation, felt pretty good going into overtime. The Lightning hadn't really controlled the game since the first period, and we were getting some rushes.
But then Ryan Whitney reminded us why we have a love/hate relationship with him. In the middle of an excellent shift, he tries to get a shot through three Lightning players. It hits a player's leg and bounces to the boards. I saw what was coming in slow motion. I saw Lecavalier breaking; St. Louis getting the puck on the boards; St. Louis springing him on a breakaway with an unbelievable pass and Vinny undressing Fleury like he was an altar boy at a Catholic priest weekend retreat. Game.

  • Ekman: Hat trick. Fastest three goals by one player in Pens history. Mario Lemyoo?
  • Crosby: 2 A
  • Gonchar: 2 A
  • St. Louis: 2 A
  • Shots: TB (31) PENS (20)
  • Powerplay: TB (1 for 5) TB (1 for 4)
  • Crosby-Ekman-Armstrong looks solid
  • Malkin-Recchi-Staal will be dominating within the next two games
  • Pens did an OK job staying out of the box tonight
  • You gotta love Ekman smiling on the bench after scoring his third goal
  • If you didn't stand up in your living room as soon as Lecavalier got that puck in OT, you're not a hockey fan.
Things We Learned Tonight
  • If you watched the post-game show, how bout the media whoring Nils Ekman. He just wants to go home and have sex with his wife, but he has to stand there and answer questions that my 5-year-old cousin knows the answer to.
  • In that post-game show, Malkin looked pissed when he was sitting there with his translator.
  • Apparently, when a hat trick is can throw a hat or even a Mario Lemieux Collector's Coin. Hell, I'd throw my Ice Time magazine. doesn't bother spelling Ekman's name right

...or even coming close.

Next Game: Friday 11.10
vs. Ottawa Senators - 7:30


Derek said...

On the Radio tonight they were talking about 4 goal scorers in one game by pens players.

Mike Lange nailed Randy Cunneyworth.

Other off the top of my head they said..

Stevens,Mario, Jagr ( does anyone remember against who?), there were a few more.. but i can't remember.

Tough loss tonight.. the team looked dead tired... stupid west coast..

But hey I will take that point

Adam said...

joe mullen did it two games in a row one year.

and ron francis did it on the night we held the candlelight vigil for Bob Johnson in November 1991.

Off the top of my head...sick stuff. It's just there, no idea why I retain it.

Sens on Friday

Anonymous said...

i didnt stand up for that ot breakaway...i just sat there knowing the game was over. vinny is awsome.

Brett said...

F the 'Ning

Anonymous said...

"If you didn't stand up in your living room as soon as Lecavalier got that puck in OT, you're not a hockey fan."

i just gave a "oh shit its over", stood up, watched the backhand, saw the light, and turned off my TV.


chris said...

i too, have the sudden urge to try and stop the bleeding quickly after an OT loss by shutting the tv off as quickly as possible...

ps, i agree with brett, F the 'Ning

Anonymous said...

eh we just gotta remember that its early and there are gonna be loses like that, the pens are young and are still grouping as a team, and are no where near their peak, hopefully that wont hit early to mid january when they'll need it the most


Joshua said...

Ya know, if Fluery wasn't his typical stellar self, we might be avenging another 9-0 loss. He looked damn good for getting shelled tonight.

Also, does anyone have any sort of media on the candle light vigil for Badger Bob?


Adam said...

Fleury looked pretty good tonight. Breakaways aren't his fault...but I bet there are a couple NHL goalies out there who make that OT save on Lacavalier.

That Bob Johnson vigil is in the 1992 Against The Odds Pens video yearbook.

Anonymous said...

i was really disappointed again with the defense tonight. We failed to get the puck out of the zone and once again got shelled. The tying goal should've never happened if someone would've picked Eric Perrin. In my opinion, should've been 3-2 pens.

Also.. where was Malkin tonight? To me he was invisible and looked slow and sluggish at times. Could use some more work in the defensive zone.

Kudos to crosby! He played an excepetional overall game. Gave us a lot of scoring chances and i think one of his best defensive games of his young career.


Joshua said...

Malkin simply lost the puck most of the time he had it. I think he just had a bad game from getting rubbed out of the play, but he did have some sweet chances. And Fluery NEARLY had that breakaway. If i remember the tape right it went above-below his glove by an inch...but thats all you need in this game.

BTW- That against all odds video is 30 bucks on amazon for a VHS. Worth every penny I bet, but anyone have a link to a youtube-goggle video feed?

wes said...

did anyone else take notice to the fact that stall has been having a very difficult time handling the puck lately?

wes said...

i spelled his name wrong. staal. i need coffee.

EmDubs said...

Nisse is actually a nickname for Nils in Swedish

caucasianinvasion said...

3 goals in 4 minutes, and "Nisse" only gets the third star? Did Slava find a cure for cancer and fix the national deficit during one of the intermissions?

Nick (Bake) said...

Malkin is going to face his knocks. He's going to have his rough patches. That's why Therien split him and Crosby up tonight. With Malkin being shadowed and rubbed out of the play all night long, it didn't make sense for Sid to only have one other forward in the play with him. Therien recognizes it, puts Ekman in his place and get in the fast lane grandma, the bingo game is ready to roll. Awesome coaching call. In addition, another game, another point. That's 12 points from the last 8 games. We keep that pace up, its 102 points to add onto the 16 we already have. 118 points. Not saying that's how it's going to end up, but if this team keeps picking up points, we'll be in the hunt come spring time.

Adam said...

Yea, I just looked it up. It is interchangeable with Nils. Not that I didn't believe you guys.

Malkin was only gonna survive for so long as a winger. He's adapting to smaller rinks...and then he has to learn a new position. I bet it's tough.

I really like the potential of the recchi-malkin-staal line.

and F the 'Ning.

erica said...

i luv that caption of the sid-nils pic.

tough loss, but we will bounce back..

go Pens!

Adrienne said...

I student rushed the game last night with my brother (a huge tampa fan) and proceeded to get boo'd by about 2,000 kids in the student rush line. Should have taped it.

Lecavalier is a lot bigger this season, and alongside St. Louis, makes for an amazing player. But keep in mind, at least this time Vinny didn't break Noah Welch's ankles. That's always a plus.

It's a shame that people are all about Ekman now though. Is he really that great of a player, or did he just happen to be in the right place, all three times? While it was a great game, and he played well- I wouldn't jump into it too fast.

On a final note... Did you know Brad Richard's family are lobster fishermen?

Dennis said...

I think we're trying to do too much fancy stuff...very frustrating.

Adam said...

That's terrible that your brother got booed in the student rush line.

however, i am craving for the fan reaction when we show up in droves for the january 13 game in philly. i have dreams about it.

Adrienne said...

Oh I wasnt worried. We thought it was great. I flew specifically to SPTF to get him the jersey that subsequently got him boo'd.


Enjoy the Flyers game. They'll lose++

Adam said...

oh wait, who's gonna lose? pens or flyers.

there's only one answer lady

wayward said...




Adrienne said...

Pens > Flyers

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