Saturday, November 11, 2006

Carolina on my Mind

The immortal Mick Jagger said it best:

"You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need."

...And folks, the Pens "NEED" a point tonight.

To put Mick Jagger's career into perspective, he started the Rolling Stones before the Penguins franchise even existed.

There seems to be some sentiment on the Pens Message Board Nation that this is a must-win game tonight.

And I am about 50/50 on the subject.

Here's a few points why:

Why this is a must win game
  • No wins in 4 straight for the Pens
  • Last night's loss against the Sens was a major letdown; have to respond with a great effort
  • You don't want to give away 2 points to another Eastern Conference team
  • The Penguins are going to be tested physically tonight (more on this later), and they must respond to this challenge

Why this isn't a must win game
  • There is some serious back story to this game. Therefore, Carolina is going to be jacked up, so you might, in a sense, be losing this one before you even step on the ice.
  • It's November
  • We cannot forget that the Penguin team is the second youngest in the league. Going into this season, we would have gladly taken .500 hockey at this point in the season.

Either way, I think we all just want to see a better effort than last night...

Moving on, here is why I know this game tonight, is going to be one of those "scream at your TV like an idiot" games.

Erik Cole vs. Brooks Orpik... This game reminds me of the game when Cam Neely came back for the Bruins and tried to fight Ulf Samuelsson. Everyone in Boston was all worked up.... in fact I think it sets the standard to call a game like this an "Ulf" game. A game where another player is trying to act some sort of revenge out, and jacks everyone up. Look at what Peter Laviolette said:

"No, I'm not sending my team out to fight Brooks Orpik. I hope we go out and play a real physical game, and I hope that we're tough on him and tough on the rest of the Penguins physically.I hope we win the hockey game and continue to climb out of the hole that we were in at the beginning of the season. And ... I hope Erik Cole is the best player on the ice... "

Seems like Peter was watching the Magnitogorsk Redemption last night...

Remember Peter. Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane..

It's on the tip of my tongue.
Who Does Peter Laviolette look like?

7:00 - The CW


jake l. said...

he kinda looks like jon leclair.

Derek said...

I had the comparions picture up with Peter Gallanger.. but Adam said no dice

Anonymous said...

tell adam that he's a jobber

Dennis said...

On one hand Carolina could be too focused on beating people's heads in and not playing hockey but on the other hand they could be totally focused on actually playing.

Lets hope it's the first choice.

Derek said...

Dennis very good points.

I think we are going to know very early in this one

Brett said...

I think he looks like Dr. Rey from Dr. 90210

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