Saturday, November 4, 2006

Can't Find A Better NHL

Quick links then the recap:

...Shelly Anderson throws her laptop against a wall and comes up with a couple articles for the Post-Gazette...

...Happy 43rd Birthday, Penguin coach Michel Therrien...

...A couple nice reads in the Trib's Pens Notebook...


We watched the Thrashers-Capitals game on Yahoo tonight. Atlanta ended up winning 4-3. It fueled the talk about how the top and bottom of the Southeast Division is seperated by one goal. No, not really.
By the way, Alexander Ovechkin has been disturbingly quiet so far this season. We were watching Ovechkin the entire time he was on the ice tonight. He looks miserable. Your heart really has to go out to the guy. No one can get him the puck and he was visibly angry at the end of the game when Washington pulled their goalie and still couldn't even get him the puck.
I just hope he makes the all-star team this year, so the Eastern Conference can sport the Crosby-Ovechkin-Malkin line.

Another Oscar the Grouch moment happened tonight in Edmonton.
Referee Mick McGeough thought he saw a hand-pass and blew the whistle a second before Edmonton tied the game with 4 seconds left. Replays show the hand-pass never occurred.
"It was a ridiculous call. I had no idea what he had called. Nobody saw the hand pass on the play because quite clearly there wasn't one. It's beyond reason. He should be suspended."
- Oilers Head Coach Craig Mactavish

The Stars won 3-2, but you should definitely read the quick game re-cap.

Blue Jackets and Flames go 11 rounds in a shootout, with Columbus eventually winning.

Anaheim throws Phoenix in the toilet...and now they sit and wait for the Pens to come to town on Monday.
Anaheim has gotten at least one point ( 10 - 0 - 4 ) in every game this season. Our Pens could send some shock waves through the NHL with a regulation win.


ex-pat Pittsburgh girl said...

It's really refreshing after all of these years to see that McGeogh still excels at officiating. Let's go Pens!

Anonymous said...

checked out the mr. magoo thing on sports center. wow.
what a blown call

Adam said...

Oh yeah, what a horrible call.

I may be wrong, but can't linesmen call handpasses, too?

The linesman who dropped the puck for the faceoff was looking right at it, two feet away.

Speaking of referees, I kinda miss the hatred for referees like we had in the 90s.
We had a love/hate relationship with Kerry Fraser and we hated Ron Hogarth like it was our job.
Paul Stewart, too.

uh oh...a referee post is brewing.

EmDubs said...

Sorry if I reignite trouble by bringing this up again, but I just had to let you know that I am 100% behind the movement to ban trendy girls from all sporting events. All I wanted for my birthday was a women's replica Pens' jersey because well, men's jerseys are boxy and heavy and they choke me. You would think that would be an easy task, but NOOOOOO..... trendy hockey girls across the nation have ruined it for me by allowing and encouraging a ridiculous trend. The only women's hockey jerseys made are freakin' PINK. I'm going to start my own movement where any time I spot a girl wearing a pink jersey to a Pittsburgh sporting event I throw buckets of black and gold paint on her. Maybe someone could start a new Facebook page gathering support for the anti-pink movement.

By the way, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to point out that I apparently share a birthday with Coach Therrien..... AND to top it off, we also share this day with none other than P. Diddy..... don't ask why I know that.

Anonymous said...

lets make a post on how the pens NEVER sick of it


Derek said...

I agree with that.... to many off days

dennis said...

The frozen moemnt on the NHL site is Ovechkin getting stuffed right in front of the net.

I dont think I'll ever forgive him after he took Crosby's ROY last year when it should have been his 2nd year. It wasn't even his fault, I'm just still mad about it.

Anonymous said...

i want the penguins to come back home for one reason:

so i do not have to read those pathetic shelly anderson articles.

sweet jesus


Adam said...

Amen Jay.

and happy birthday emdubs and p. diddy

Anonymous said...


ex-pat Pittsburgh girl said...

emdubs --

You might want to try the youth replica sizes -- youth L/XL is pretty close to a women's Large interms of sizing, and the measurements work pretty well. One of the most gawd-awful trends is the "pastelization" of team gear thrown at women fans. It was a frightening sight to see all of the white with pastel yellow, pink and purple (that's right, purple) "Steelers" jerseys at the Chargers-Steelers game.

Also, Happy Birthday.

EmDubs said...

I tried on a child's XL jersey and thought my husband was going to die of laughter. I'm pretty tall so I looked pretty ridiculous. I've always hated the pastel trend, but now I hate more than ever. I just settled for a men's medium black practice jersey. I'm swimming in it, but at least it isn't pink and I still have my dignity.

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