Wednesday, November 22, 2006

We finally get to see a shoot-out, and Sid's too busy drinking bottled water to play.

Sidney's out, so the Pens had no chance tonight...right?

It was certainly looking that way.

Excellent game to watch tonight. The first period had some pretty good hockey. The play went back and forth while the Penguins refused to capitalize on some powerplays, a disturbing and recurring theme tonight. We all thought the game would go into the first intermission tied, but Mark Recchi came down the wing and fired a one-legged wrist shot past Finley/Thomas ala the game-winning goal in Game 6 of the 1991 Eastern Conference against these very same Bruins that catapulted the Pens into the Stanley Cup Finals. I will, to this day, argue with anyone alive that that goal in game 6 is one of the top three goals in Pittsburgh Penguins history.
First period ended, the Pens up 1-0.

The second period was a bigger disaster than Michael Richards at a NAACP meeting.

Hey Cosmo!!! You're a racist!

The first ten minutes of the second were fine. It was the next five minutes that made me wish Kelly Ripa was here just so I could punch her in the face. First, Stanislav Chistov ouelleted the puck into the net on a powerplay. About a minute later, Marco Sturm scored one a two-on-one that deflated the Mellon Arena. Not to be outdone, The Giant Gonzalez retires from the WWF and somehow scores on a slapper from the point...on a four-minute powerplay that resulted from Ruutu running around like a maniac. It was really depressing going into that second intermission down 3-1.

Zdeno Chara chloroformed The Undertaker at the 1994 WWF Wrestlemania at Caesar's Palace.

About five minutes into the third period, we finally really missed Sidney Crosby. Marc-Andre Fleury was making great save after great save, keeping the Pens in the game. The Pens started to get some pressure, but Malkin takes one of the most obvious penalties I've ever seen. The Pens kill that penalty, and a heads-up play by Maxime Talbot makes our omnipresent dream come true: Malkin on a lead pass coming out of the box. Malkin has to maneuver around the linesman and a Bruins defenseman, but gets his way into the zone and wrists it past Byron Dafoe. 3-2. Money.
A tense third period ensued, with Fleury continuing to keep us in it. A questionable penalty late in the game sets the Pens on the powerplay. It takes Therrien a while to do it, but pulls the goalie to get a 6-on-4. The Pens try to set up Malkin with his Flyers-game one-timer, but the play breaks down. Before you can finish cussing out whoever didn't put the pass on Malkin's tape, Recchi backhands the puck into a gaping net. Tied. Going to overtime.

Erik Christensen played so well tonight that if you looked right at him, you would go blind.

Nothing much in the overtime, except for Malkin getting a nice chance in front of the net. He gets a "shot" off, but at least Crosby didn't have it, or else he would have passed it back to the point.

The shootout lineup for the Pens was Ouellet (who got three shots on goal...err, I mean the glass), Malkin, and Recc----nope, Gonchar.
The Bruins brought out Sturm and Patrice "my first name is Patrice" Bergeron. Sturm scores on the Bruins first shot, and that's all that was needed. Game.

  • Malkin: 1 G, 1 A
  • Recchi: 2 G
  • Fleury: 28 saves
  • Shots: BOS (31) PENS (25)
  • Powerplay: BOS (2 for 6) PENS ( 1 for 26 )
  • A year of playing has paid off for Christensen; he played a great game. The diving call on him in the first was garbage. His one-time pass to Ouellet on the powerplay stands out in my mind. Add Christensen's faceoff abilities, and the already overcrowded Pens roster sees another player added into the mix.
  • Nils Ekman was flying the first period.
  • Bruins coach Dave Lewis looks like Hitler.
  • Get your hands out of your pants, Heath Miller.
  • Can we get a penalty for Too Many Too Many Men On The Ice? I love the genius who came up with the name for that penalty.
  • Andy Moog played the puck in the non-trapezoid area for a penalty. First one I've seen in a Pens game.
  • Chara elbows Armstrong in the face. That's gotta hurt. Wow, it just hit me that I have no disdain for Armstrong. You know he's trying, I think that's what consoles me.
  • Malkin took over the game in third period. Simple as that.

Next Game: Friday, 11.24
@ NY Islanders - 2:00
The CW


Chris said...

Bruins coach Dave Lewis looks like Hitler.

He sure does.

onesizewill said...

John Buccigross does a column every week on ESPN, and he gives a picture that you can write in a comment about that is funny. If that Erik Christensen picture is in there, can i steal your line?

Anonymous said...

Giant Gonzalez fought Undertaker at the 1994 Wrestlemania, not Summerslam

Adam said...

you can use that line.

i was on dial-up and couldn't properly research the giant gonzalez.
it has been changed.

Anonymous said...

i was wondering if anyone else saw heath miller playing with his giblets, but then again, as obvious as it was, EVERYBODY WATCHING saw that kid dig at his nuts.
"hey mom watch the game, i might be on tv"
she must be so proud

Adam said...

we put the heath miller thing in the miscellaneous things.

how hilarious was that.

a million bucks he got a call right after that from like 10 people.

Anonymous said...

i like the connection between dave lewis and hitler. i was wathing the game with some buddies and i pointed that out as well

also, kudos to making fun of tim thomas's age. he's pretty old


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