Friday, November 10, 2006

Repeating the message up top:

We need e-mail confirmations for the January 13th Philadelphia road trip game by November 20th. After that, we need cash or checks ( $45 ) by December 1st. People that e-mail us will receive a mailing address on November 21st. No exceptions, guys. We don't want to get jobbed.
Don't feel bad if you're scratchin' for the money, because we are too. I've been spending some lonely nights on Forbes Avenue trying to raise funds.
As of November 9, we have eleven people. A few more wouldn't hurt. Thank you.

...The battle of the Ens tonight is the first of four meetings this season. They won't play again until March 6. Wow, where will the Pens season be on March 6...

...Given the expectations, Ottawa is probably the biggest disappointment in the NHL this year. 5-8-1 is good enough for 4th place in the Northeast division, and even the Steelers offense has a better chance of scoring than Ottawa's 8.9% powerplay unit...

...Pens are no. 7 in the Power Rankings...

...They are no. 11 in the Power Rankings...but who cares? TSN is the only one that counts...

...Scroll down and check out last night's NHL recap...

...Take some time and check out some other Penguin blogs...

Igloo Dreams: The first Penguin blog I found when I was researching for Pensblog.
The Confluence Blog: Covers all Pittsburgh sports, but great Pens coverage.
The IceBurgh: Sporadic Pens coverage. Always a good read.

"The division is there for us to win."

- Mark Recchi



Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say great job on the blog, i dunno how you guys do it, im in school too and i can barely take a piss with my free time, nice work


Dennis said...

Is there a limit on the amount of people that can go?

I'd love to go, I'm trying to wrok around a few things first (including a possible trip that same weekend to Toronto).

gayuh said...

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