Wednesday, October 25, 2006

You, Me, and the NHL

I just don't want to go to bed tonight...

Some pretty light but good action around the NHL tonight.

Before we get to that, does anyone else kinda not mind the Versus pre-game, intermission reports, and post-game show?
Tonight was the first night I actually really paid attention.
And while I hate Keith Jones, Brian Engblom kinda looks like Joey Gladstone, so that makes me laugh.

Joey lived in San Francisco with 3 little girls, and his "man friends" make the assumptions.

But, in all honestly, I thought the Versus team did a good job tonight. Not to mention Eddie O was there, which I am sure was pretty uncomfortable for everyone in the studio. Poor Eddie O...this has to be like divorcing your wife...and then she loses thirty pounds and hits the Powerball.

Anyways, if anyone saw the Versus guys' picks for rookie of the year, there were some studs that we didn't even know too much about.

This guy from the LA Kings is sick...his name is Anze Kopitar. He is from some crazy country that I won't even try to spell. I wish I could watch some more west coast games.

Also, Versus houses the intellect of Bill Clement.
Bill Clement without Gary Thorne is like Balki being without the Jobber on Perfect Strangers.
I'd be lying to you if I said I didn't tear up when Balki and the Jobber end up letting women mess their show up.
In case you forgot, the two got married to their girlfriends and the final season was a huge mess. The last episode had them up in a hot-air balloon, trying to induce Jennifer, the jobber's wife, into labor.
Yes I am still single

I was searching for this picture, and I was stunned to see that Perfect Strangers is on DVD.

So...yea to the games...

Les Bleu wins big... did anyone see Patrick Eaves get wasted by Darcy Tucker?

Big Number 99 better lace them skates up because his team sucks....could Wayne's job be in trouble?

Other tidbits:

The Penguins were the third story on FSN Sports tonight, behind Big Ben...and the Brown coordinator being fired...
hmm sounds like someone needs prank called again.

And lastly, Malkin's trial date has been set for November 9.

Look for the Pensblog preview of said trial.

Good night and remember...don't be ridiculous.


Andrew said...

Aw man...Corsen Larry is not a jobber...

Anonymous said...

wow, 2 80s tv references in one post.

u guys are getting ahead of yourselves hahaa.

excellent job with this blog keep it up.

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