Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Shel-shock Anderson

Here's the thing.

I read the Post Gazette yesterday, and I thought they did a wonderful job.
Hey we dish out enough criticism of the media...why not give a little credit?
Ron Cook even wrote a column about the Penguins. Great stuff in the preview, nice little break down of every player. Good times.

And then...we read this...

(Read carefully)
"California dreaming: Defenseman Chris Pronger, days after helping Edmonton reach the Stanley Cup final, asked for a trade, citing personal reasons, and ended up in Los Angeles.
The Kings get one of the game's best blue liners, and Pronger gets to distance himself from ugly rumors about his reason for wanting out of Edmonton."

Chris Pronger to the Kings?
Look, we all make mistakes. But then again, we all don't get to cover sports for a living. Maybe in Shelly Anderson's NHL 2007 seasons on PlayStation, but not in real life.

Pronger went to the Anaheim Ducks. Do they edit stuff there anymore? I hope they catch it before it prints, because that is a bigger mistake than Whitney Houston's career choices since Super Bowl 25 (goosebumps city)

(Whitney Houston should have tried Crystal Meth, at least this all would've been over sooner.)

But seriously why does Anderson write anymore? Its about as pointless as her other hobby, trying to catch the hamburglar.

Anderson, like Grimace, has seen better days.

But for real...the rest of the links:

The Trib has their hockey preview.

And how about this Bullcrap from the Devils... Lou Lamoriello sucks. That is huge that they got under the cap without having to cut anyone.
Also have to plug XM radio. The Home Ice channel is amazing. It is a must for any hockey fan.
And, of course, don't miss our Pens Preview tomorrow night, along with news around the NHL opening night.

Thank God hockey is back.

Goodnight, and shoot high


Nate said...

Why don't you provide a link to Cool breaking down the players.


Derek said...


Sorry forgot to include that, its up now

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