Saturday, October 21, 2006

Shake your Malkin-maker

A couple quick Pens-related stuff before I pass out...

I'm telling you people...warm up to Sergei Gonchar...he's good, people.

Gonchar on having to be Malkin's translator..

"I can tell you one thing: If I'm only a translator, they're paying me way too much," Gonchar said, with a laugh, after practice yesterday. "I guess I'm the most well-paid translator in the world."

I wonder if Gonchar is tempted to say something that Malkin didn't even say. I would no question have fun with that.

Coach on Gonch:
"He's our leader with that defensive group," Penguins coach Michel Therrien said. "I really like the way that he's played the last two games. It's a good sign."

Does anyone feel like Michel Therrien is the happiest guy in the world right now? He has been positive all year so far, he almost cracked a smile, and he seems really into the Dan Potash pregame interview. I remember last year he looked like he wanted to kill someone when Potash was talking.

Good times right now.

Crosby defends himself against Ted "Mr. Rules" Nolan...

Sid was playing hard against the Islanders, and if anything, Crosby gets beat around more than anyone. If people would've done the things they do to Sid, to Big #99, people would've called the police.
Can't touch big Wayne, but it's OK, Sid's a baby because he gets punched in the face every night.

If we would've started this blog a while ago I would've made the hire Ted Nolan as coach and CEO of the IOC casino joke... but this comment will have to do.

By the way I think Shelly Anderson stole that story from

Minnesota Lost...

Buffalo is the remaining undefeated team...and they're losing to Boston on Saturday... mark it down

Good night and skate hard


loralei said...

You're right on with that. If Sid was Gretzky's protoge there would practically be a shield around him. He's Mario's, therefore he's a whiner. Some things never change.

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