Monday, October 2, 2006

Tonight, we give you the Eastern Conference preview. We'll have the Western Conference preview for you sometime tomorrow, and a nice Pens preview Wednesday, before the puck officially drops on the 2006-07 season.
We aren't qualified to do any of this. We don't have press passes and we aren't sports journalism majors (well, Derek is).
If you want extensive previews, click on some links we provide.
We simply are hockey fans. We are as qualified as any of you to do these, and not everyone has the same opinion. So, if you don't agree, don't get all gay on us.

Atlantic Division

  1. New York Rangers - The entire division structure will change if Jagr acquires herpes.
  2. New Jersey Devils - Defending Atlantic champs. Didn't do anything in the off-season to say they won't be in the hunt this year, either. Devils Blog
  3. Philadelphia Flyers - Forsberg is healthy to start the year. Only question mark is Nittymaki's injury and their horrid special teams. Flyers Blog Preview
  4. Pittsburgh Penguins - A modest one-place jump would be excellent. EXTENSIVE Pens preview on Wednesday.
  5. New York Islanders - They plan on getting in the playoffs sometime in the next 15 years.
Player to Watch:
Who else??

Northeast Division
  1. Ottawa Senators - They gave up the third least amount of goals in 05-06 while leading the NHL in goals scored with 314. We don't think losing defensive stalwarts Hasek and Chara are going to stop Ottawa from leading the league in goals scored again.
  2. Buffalo Sabres - Widely regarded as a sexy pick, and we're taking the bait.
  3. Montreal Canadiens - Don't forget, they were up two games to none in the first round of the playoffs last year against the eventual Cup champs. Hopefully, our boy Kovalev can get into the playoffs again.
  4. Toronto Maple Leafs - This may be wishful thinking because it's tough to watch the Maple Leafs in the basement. Blog
  5. Boston Bruins - Torn between the Bruins and Maple Leafs for the #4 and #5 spots. It won't matter; neither will make the playoffs.
Player to Watch:
All of a sudden, this is Daniel Briere's team. Look for 100 points from him this year.


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